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June 22, 2006

A Joke

This is one I made up the other day…..
(apologies if in fact I haven't really made it up, just copied it without realising!)

I was walking through a field the other day when I came across a line of dolls waiting to be given food. I wondered what was happening, so I asked one of them what was going on. She replied, "We're having a Barbie–queue"

Maybe I should be a comedian?
Then again…...

Why myspace annoys me….

myspace e-mails


And the fruit of my labour this year is…..

A First! Woohoo!

73.83% overall, which I'm pretty darn pleased with!

Just need to keep it up now…..

June 17, 2006

Who are they protecting again?!

Just thought I'd share this little amusing scene that happened earlier today…

So, I'm sat on a bench, eating my Subway Melt (mmmmmm…), and on another bench nearby there are sat a woman sat with (I assume) her son, and a (I assume again) friend. Over by a nearby tree is (I assume once more) her younger son, crying and throwing a tantrum, and the mother and friend is ignoring him. Anyway, her older son stands up and, for whatever reason, kicks his brother (quite, but not very, hard) in the back. This causes a woman stood nearby to shout at the older child–

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?"

followed after a brief pause by this classic –

"If you do that again I'll report you to the RSPCA!"

(I know, the RSPCA and NSPCC are SO easily confusable…...)

Cue the mother and friend bursting into laughter despite being worn out seconds ago and a woman shouting at her son. I admit, I nearly choked on my Melt on overhearing it…..

June 16, 2006

Chavs 'Sleeping' on Trains

Right, maybe its just me, but has anyone else noticed that, at the slightest hint of any tiredness on any form of Public Transport, Chavs always rest their heads in this exact position? (That's me by the way, doing a demonstration, not a chav).

Chavs Slepping on Trains

It's something I've been noticing for a while, but when I was on a train earlier today, two of the species got on, sat opposite each other, and within minutes were both obviously so knackered that they needed to go to sleep, which, being a Mathematician I found interesting, as they were in almost exact symmetry with one another!

I don't think that they're actually able to sleep in any other position besides this one – if you do see one doing something different, let me know! Good old Chavs, who need to copy each other to the extent that they sleep in the same position as each other…..

Oh, one more things thats intriguing me at the moment – what's with this other Chav fad of walking round with your phone in your hand (or even worse, round your neck) playing out loud (minus headphones) the latest faddy, crap dance/R 'n' B song at a volume loud enough for the entire street/shop/bus/train/town to hear? It's never any good music either! I assume it's just all a part of this Chav culture of showing you like all the same stuff as all of your friends, regardless of whether it's actually any good…

Anyway, that's enough over–use of the word 'Chav' for one blog entry!

June 12, 2006

London Photos

London photos are now available here.


June 10, 2006

My first free week

Well, that's my first week free of exam/work worries for a long time! I'm glad the weather's been nice (not chucking it down like it did as soon as I'd finished my A–Levels!), and I've had a really nice chilling out week, which I was probably in need of (and have been for quite some time now, methinks!).

Anyway, been off on a few spontaneous jaunts this week, such as Birmingham and Milton Keynes (on the grounds I've not been to the latter before), and just today went to London with John.

We had a really nice day, starting off with a trip on the London Eye (which I never realised was quite as high as it is – with an excellent view thanks to the clear weather. I even called my Mum from the very top!). Then after that (and a drink, as the capsules were like mini greenhouses!) we continued to the Tower of London and walked across Tower Bridge, then along the Thames to the Millennium Bridge (we couldn't not after the Differential Equations worksheet question about it!). Then we went over to the Diana memorial in Hyde Park, where we sat and refreshed our feet in the lovely cold water, before continuing over to Marble Arch and down Oxford Street, stopping in a few shops along the way, including the HMV where Feeder played, and the Topshop featured on the Apprentice! After this we headed back to Victoria to have some tea (I had a Subway Melt with 'double meat' – which is ALOT of meat!), then get the bus back. Anyway, when I get the photos from John, I'll upload them to my Fotopic site. It was absolutely sweltering in London though, and any excuse for shade/refreshment was taken!

Also, on Thursday evening, I had a very pleasant game of Go with Nikki on the grass behind Claycroft 2 (in a nice shaded area). Apparently I'm getting better, although I've still yet to beat her (although I'm determined that I will do it one day!). Nevertheless, playing Go on a proper board with proper stones outside in the summer time beats attempting to play it on a scrap of paper in a Mechanics lecture as we originally did!

Anyway, I'm knackared after todays expedition, so I may go to bed fairly soon.

Bye for now!

June 05, 2006

J'ai fini!!!!!

And lo, the first year of my degree is over! My last exam (Number Theory) was this morning, and that'll be the last time I'll have to think about 'serious' Mathematics until the beginning of October. I'll just have to hope I don't forget too much by then! I suppose it can't be as bad as last summer, when, come starting here in September, I couldn't even remember some basic integration/differentiation!

I'd say that all of my exams went a least OK, and, touchwood, I have hopefully passed them all. There's none I'm particularly worried about anyway.

Anyway, I'm not going home until the very end of term, so between now and then all be doing some travelling (including going to London on Saturday with John on the wonderful Megabus ), some shopping trips to spend what money I have left (OK, not that frivolously!), plus the end of term comedy event. Oh, and lets not forget consuming the remains of our flat's alcohol supply…..

I can't believe that the first year is over already! It seems moments ago that we were all arriving for the first time, getting to know all these new people, and of course our lovely week 1 test! Next thing I know we'll be graduating!

June 01, 2006

So how's it goin' Ian?

Not too bad now you ask. So far I've had Probability, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Analysis and Geometry and Motion. I'd say that Differential Equations and Linear Algebra went pretty well, whilst Analysis, Probability and G&M went OK. At least all of my nastiest exams are over now, and I've got Introduction to Geometry tomorrow and Number Theory on Monday, both of which shouldn't be too bad. I'm just enjoying the (excuse the cliche) 'Light at the end of the tunnel' feeling, which is only superseded by the 'Out of the tunnel and enjoying the start of my summer holidays' feeling!

The first year's so very nearly over, sniff….

Heck I may even get round to tidying the papers up in my room!

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