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April 30, 2006

Some Odd Things Happening….

Firstly, this morning saw me reach a whole new stage in not being fully awake and concentrating when I was in the kitchen. I got my bowl and my glass out for breakfast, then got my Weetos out of the cupboard. However I then proceeded to pour my Weetos into my glass! Its odd however that this was after having a lie in. Still, its not as bad as the morning when I got up and poured orange juice on my Shreddies….

Also, my room is a little less tidy than usual, mainly due to having work all over the place in some weird, vain attempt to keep everything seperate. My analysis file, for example, has been in exactly the same place in the middle of my floor for about 3 days now. Not that I've actually read anything out of it – its just easier than putting the thing away!

On the revision side of things, I've done something of everything now, so now I have an idea of what I need to concentrate on. Although, I've still got 3 and a half weeks until my first exam, so no panic. Just yet at least!

April 27, 2006

What a lovely evening!

It was such a nice evening that after my tea tonight I decided it would be a waste to just sit in my room until bedtime, so I took a walk around campus.

Starting at Claycroft, I went around the back of the sports centre, through Tocil, Arthur Vick, Jack Martin, Rootes, Cryfield, around Lakeside (which I had no idea was so huge!), past University House, along Kirby Corner Road, down past Tesco and back to Claycroft. Out for nearly an hour in total, so I got plenty of exercise!

Then, back in our kitchen I noticed the sunset, which looked lovely, and I considered taking a picture, but didn't, although I wish I had done now!

One of the things I'll miss when living off campus next year (apart from the astonishing convenience of EVERYTHING!) is the campus itself, which is lovely in some places.

Oh well, best get back to Number Theory. Then again…..

April 26, 2006

How to keep an idiot busy

Writing about web page

(For a couple of minutes at least!)

April 23, 2006

Feeder NEC Video

Johns just pointed out this video on myspace of the Feeder gig at the NEC. It was taken from almost exactly our perspective! The song is Just The Way I'm Feeling

April 21, 2006

Mechanics A, oh dear….

Well, lets just say I'm very glad that it's now behind me forever!

The first question I think I'll be lucky if I get just one section right, although the second question was pretty easy, so I did OK on that. Oh well, never mind eh?

Apart from that, I've had a pretty awesome (by my standards!) first week back. I'm determined to be less anti-social this term as I was last term, starting tomorrow with a lovely shopping trip with my good friend John to Birmingham. I'm going to get a new pair of pants, seeing as I spilt vegetable oil down one of my existing pairs, giving them permanent 'just pissed in' look about them. Serves me right for not stacking stuff in my cupboard properly I suppose! Also I've also got a £10 HMV gift card to spend too, plus anything else that takes my fancy with my newly paid in student loan!

April 19, 2006

My Birthday

Yes, in case you didn't notice the subtle hint in yesterday's post, it was my birthday today! I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I'm now 19 – it just seems wrong how old I am now. Only one more year of being a teenager, as my school friend Nick pointed out in his happy birthday text at 7:25 this morning!

I've had a pretty good day too, and been pleasantly surprised by the number people who sent cards/presents/texts/Facebook wall posts/whatever to me today. And, don't worry if you're reading this and you forgot, I forgive you (I know I'm equally as useless remembering other peoples' birthdays)!

The only down side was the slight pain-in-the-arse of an experimental maths session this afternoon with about 13 questions, some of which quite confusing….

Oh well, got a free day tomorrow, which'll have to be used for revision for Mechanics on Friday morning which (thankfully) everyone else (well, 2 people at least!!) seems to be having pretty much the same trouble I am!

April 18, 2006

Yes I'm Back

And thus, 5 weeks are over in the blink of an eye! And forward to another 8 weeks or so of being surrounded by southern accents….

Not that there's anything wrong with southern accents (I hastily add)... Moving swiftly on….

I'm kind of glad to be back in a way, cos it's good to see everyone again and I was steadily losing the will to live on the deli at Tesco. (My last day yesterday didn't help, as the first thing I was asked to do was to clean the worktop/slicer area, which frankly looked like it had been vomited over.) Having said that, I do have the oh so lovely Mechanics A exam on Friday. But then I don't have an awful lot for a few weeks until my other 7 exams, so plenty of time for swatting up and 'procrastination' (which seems to be the word of the moment, particularly on these blogs and Facebook – just like 'Random' and 'Legend' have been in the recent past, but that's another story..)

I've also got my first experimental maths sesh tomorrow – Symmetry Breaking – Just the birthday present I want -and I've just managed to cobble together some answers for the peliminary work we have to do.

Anyway, it's about time I had a shower – Carrying 3 full bags all the way from Bolton on the train makes you work up a sweat you know….

April 14, 2006

Interesting Statistic

Today at work I noticed that the results of this year's Viewpoint survey (basically a 'What do you think of Tesco' survey for their employees), and noticed amongst the list of 'What's Good':

68.7% Feel like they are respected at work.

The percentage may not be exactly right, but it was around that area. But anyway, to me that doesn't seem that good. To me, that says that over 3 in 10 people don't feel respected in the store, which basically means that 3 in 10 are made to feel either feel like they are bullied, under appreciated or unimportant in the company. Which surely isn't good.

And trust me, that has happened to me in my time, although thankfully the 2 (by far the) worst culprites for it (out of not very many, to be fair – no names named) left last year.

Back to the grind soon

I can't believe the 5 and a bit weeks of Easter are nearly up, and it's back to Uni on Tuesday. Just done a 9–6 at Tesco today, which for some reason absolutely flew by, probably because the store was quite busy and I spent most of the day slicing stuff. Terribly exciting I know. Plus today I didn't have any irritating customers for a change (although someone else did!). On Tuesday a guy threw a big strop at me cos I threw a little strop due to him being flipping arrogant and awkward (you know, those type of guys that deliberately try and act big and cocky in front of their wives). However, that is about the only time I have lost patience with a customer in that way! My whole Tesco motivation seems to be rapidly slipping away, although I've only got one more shift on Monday (time and a half, wahey!!) then I'm done until Summer, by which time I may have regained some motivation!

Going out for a birthday meal tomorrow night in Bolton with some of my school friends, which should be fun. My birthday's not until Wednesday (make a note in your diaries….), but it's such a pain to start back on my birthday, although it does mean my I get my student loan paid on that day….

Oh, and Happy Easter to everyone too!

April 02, 2006

Owt excitin' happened lately?

Well no, not particularly. Survived (just) my four days at work last week, although for some reason by the end of my shift on Wednesday I was absolutely knackered. Thankfully, I had a day off on Thursday, without which I think I may otherwise have collapsed. I know the Deli isn't the most physically demanding of departments to work on, but I suppose all that lifting of slices of meet and cutting cheese takes its toll….

OK that was abit of sarcasm, except in the case of parmesan cheese, which IS bloody hard to cut through! I kept a customer waiting a good 5 minutes trying to get through the last centimetre of the stuff. At least it wasn't like on a previous occasion, when I pulled the wire bit clean off. Thankfully it was easy to reattach! This was also on the same day as nearly trashing the blade of the meat slicer by forgetting the lid of the tin was still stuck to the end of the block of corned beef I put in, and then proceeding to slice it…. The blade was OK (just a bent a little out of shape for a second!) Anyway, touchwood, I'm getting the hang of all this deli malarkey, particularly as last week was devoid of scrrew-ups of this nature!

In other news, my revision is starting to come along quite nicely now. I've been concentrating on Mechanics A revision, which I have during the first week back, and it's slowly starting to make a little more sense, so, touching wood once more, by the time the exam comes around, I should be OK. Not brilliant, just OK, OK? Regardless of what the eventual outcome is, I have decided it will be the first and last Physics module I take at this university!

Also, all my other (non-Warwick) friends finally get round to finishing at their Unis for Easter this weekend, so hopefully we should all be meeting up this week sometime and doing whatever. Apparently we may be going for a meal, and for a change, I'm not organising it! Plus I get to see my wonderful girlfriend again, whom I haven't seen since 1am on Christmas Day, so I can't wait to meet up with her again!

Anyway, thats all for now. Hope everyone is still enjoying their Easter holiday!

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