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March 13, 2007

Calm down dear, it's a blog entry!

Wow. For about the first time since January I have both a) The time to write a proper blog entry, and b) The energy to write a proper blog entry. So here we go!

Firstly, I just cannot believe how fast this term has gone. One minute it was January, then I recall blinking, and now its almost the middle of March! Maths has been getting steadily more and more depressing all term, and I’ve had an ever increasing backlog of non-assessed assignment sheets to be getting on with (which over the last few weeks I’ve simply not had the time or energy to actually do), and the assessed ones haven’t exactly been fantasic fun either, cough*algebra*cough, excuse me. I survived (just) my essay presentation two weeks back, although I’m fairly sure that I was pretty much completely incomprehensible to everyone else in the room. But I survived, that’s all that matters, and my essay is very close to completion too (just a few tweaks to go then done!). I’m pleasantly surprised how easily the essay flowed out in the end, seeing I was dreading even choosing a topic and fearful of not having the foggiest where to start!

Over the easter ‘holiday’ I’ve got plenty to do, including finish my essay (although I aim to have this done by Friday), do my MNN assignment and revise for 3 exams the first week back. Lovely. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s back to the wonderful world of Tesco too!

Away from Maths, I’m starting to have a pretty good time at Uni. I’ve just had a very fun weekend, with two pub trips, going to Metropolis and the Reckless Moment last night. And I now actually have some decent photos of myself on Facebook!

I’m looking forward to going home now though, if only for a rest, as I REALLY need a change of scenery for a while to get away from Uni and all the stress associated with it, although I think I’ll miss my friends more this holiday than ever before. This is simply because it feels like over the last term, I’ve developed my friendships substantially more than in the past, particularly with my housemates and a few other close friends, and I feel that I’ve come out of my shell a little and become a more outgoing and interesting (to others) person, and I hope people have maybe discovered more about me too.

Anyway, I’m just enjoying a bit of a wind-down at the moment and not going too overboard with work for a while (although I want to get as much MNN and essay done before the holidays as possible), so hopefully I’ll be refreshed slightly once the holidays start and I can get some good revision done for my April exams.

That’s the plan at least! And hopefully I’ll be back soon with another entry. The key word being ‘hopefully’!

March 10, 2007

God bless ignorance!

A quote that I heard from a guy I passed outside Coventry station earlier today:

“Virgin Trains are shit, they crash all the time”

Now let us recall the history of accidents involving Virgin Trains:

  • Winsford, 23rd June 1999 – Driver of First North Western Class 142 passes signal at danger, coming to a stop in the path of a Virgin Class 87 heading from London to Glasgow. Accident caused by SPAD by 142 and lack of catch points that would have prevented it running into the path of the 87, not by any fault of Virgin’s.
  • Copmanthorpe, 25th September 2006 – Class 221 collides with car on level crossing, killing the car driver. Caused by driver of car obstructing path of train, not by any fault of Virgin’s.
(and the one the guy was without doubt actually referring to)
  • Grayrigg, 23rd February 2007 – Class 390 derails due to components missing from set of points, no fault of Virgin.

Yep, not one actually caused through any fault of Virgin. Why do people say such ridiculous statements based on incomplete facts? Is it just because they can’t be bothered to be fully informed, so it’s just easier to attach blame to the most prominent individual/company involved (i.e. the company whose train derailed two weeks ago)?


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