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February 26, 2006

Afternoon in the Workroom

Just spent this afternoon going over some assignment qustions in the Maths undergraduate workroom. This is the photo John insisted in taking of me after my half of the proof. It was originally censored to avoid other people copying it (and thus keeping me out of trouble!).

Me and my proof

Doesn't time fly?

I can't believe that we've now only got 2 weeks left until the Easter holidays. Seriously, where has this term gone? Only seems 2 minutes ago that I stepped off the train at Coventry station carrying half the contents of my room!

I'll be especially glad for a break now, seeing as our assignments seem to be getting steadily worse, and ever increasing in number! Just realised that next weekend, we'll have assignments for Geometry and Motion, Linear Algebra, Analysis and Maths by Computer, and, as if that wasn't enough, we'll have to be swatting for the mini-probability B test we have a week on Wednesday. Us poor mathematicians get no rest, it seems….

However, Easter holidays means one thing – exams soon – and I was informed that in the first week back we have our Mechanics A exam, which is scary seeing as bits of it were complete gibberish to me, despite the fact that Dave Wood told us all it was easy! That's the last time I take such advice from him!

Anyway, looks like next week is going to be one fun filled week!

February 15, 2006

Open Day

Just had my first experience of acting as a open day tour guide. Today, with a guy called Steven (I think, sorry if I'm wrong!) and I took a group of applicant's parents around the campus, taking in exciting places such as the library, the chaplaincy, the arts centre, Rootes, the Students Union, the health centre and the sports centre. The best bit is that I should be getting paid a tenner for doing it!

The scary thing is that it only seems like last week that I was one of the people being taken on the tours, and thinking how brilliant the University looked. Now we're doing the tours ourselves! Seriously, where does the time go?

Answers on a postcard please….

February 12, 2006

Strictly Come Ski Jumping, anyone?

Follow-up to Strictly–Come–Ice–Skating–Fever? from Ian Henderson's Warwick Blogs Adventure

Just had an idea for a Strictly Come Dancing spin-off, with a little inspiration from the winter olympics. How about Strictly Come Ski Jumping? Award marks based on 'style' (i.e. things such as good landings and what have you – just as they do in the real winter olympics) and also on the distance jumped.

Come on, it'd be so easy and brainless to do, and I'm sure it wouldn't be so easy to find 4 big-headed ski jumpers to judge and voice their opinions. And get Sue Barker and Roger Black or someone like that to host it.

Remember – you heard it here first, and if the BBC or anyone else comes up with this, I'll assume they stole my idea….

February 08, 2006

G103 – Something a little bit different…

This afternoon saw me being involved in filming of part of 'G103' – a short film about life in the University Maths Department. Well, not exactly like it is, as you will see when the film is released (it involves swords and people dressed as Harry Potter)...

Anyway, I was in a lecture scene (looking from the lecturer's perspective, on the left hand side of the middle block, 4 rows back), and some general lecture style shots were taken, with bits with Mario Micallef (our Geometry and Motion lecturer) speaking, a scene with two of the main charcters speaking at the end of the lecture, plus a scene where we all had to stand up, to cheer/applaud/whistle the main character when he successfully completed a proof, and a couple of other scenes too.

Filming ended up taking nearly two hours (the lecture was used to go through a couple of past G&M exam questions), which I didn't mind as it was pretty good fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

In the meantime, the unofficial site for G103 (including a trailer) is here and the official site, with the script and scene breakdown is here .

Also check out Maths Club, a similar short film done in 2003, just before the Maths Department moved from Gibbet Hill to its current building.

The link to the site, which includes a trailer and the full movie, plus posters and other stuff is here

Have fun!

February 06, 2006

Probability Test

Had a probability test on Wednesday, and it was possibly the easiest test I'll ever take at this Uni. (Not had a test that easy since the days of SATS!). Two questions, which only required a basic knowledge of probability, made up the test, and I finished with ages to spare!

Not complaining of course…

That's all for now. Gotta go and put my laundry in the dryer, and I vowed to get my Linear Algebra assignment sheet out of the way tonight. And read some lecture notes.

Oh, the exciting life I lead…

Guestbook Spam

Just recieved this post into my old Geocities guestbook, copied and pasted for your enjoyment:

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I just love reading these. Why do websites think that by getting some computer program to enter meaningless rubbish into guestbooks, forums and so on, think that they are going to gain extra customers to their websites? All it does is annoy people by intruding on their personal websites. Also, these posts from 'Zabba' and 'Baksi' are taken from Darkerlink's Thoughts Index :

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Interesting that these are in the section of the forum entitled 'Who is your Favourite Tales of Symphonia Character.' Mind you, its probably going just about as off topic as the rest of the forum does (read it to see what I mean!)

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