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January 29, 2006


Am I the only person who is absolutely sick to the back teeth of endless spin-offs and rip-offs of Strictly Come Dancing? OK, well done to the BBC for making Strictly Come Dancing a popular and successful series, but is there really any need to create as many spin-offs as humanly possible from it?

How long will it before we see Strictly Breakdancing? Or Strictly Just Prancing (about)?

Or is it neccessary to end one series, only for it to be replaced just a few weeks later by another one? Before long, there'll probably be nothing else but Strictly Come Dancing on the TV! Actually, true, that would be a bit of an extreme scenario…

And this strange phenomenon that exists where the format of Strictly Come Dancing needs to be copied almost exactly by other programmes (i.e. Strictly Dance Fever (arrrrghhh, that's even got 'Strictly' in the title, possibly making it the least subtle rip-off of anything ever, with the possible exception of a restaurant in Bolton town centre called 'Kingburger') and ITV's new 'Dancing on Ice'.) Just take the following ingredients:-

1. Charismatic male host in suit
2. Female host who only exists just to interview the contestants and smile alot (and be subject to the flirtations and humour of the male host)
3. 4 (or 5) judges with egos bigger than their bank balances.
4. At least one 'relationship' between dance partners.
5. Split the vote 50:50 between judges and people at home who enjoy dialling premium rate phone lines/texting premium rate numbers, and casting insignificant, useless votes.
6. Male dancers who like showing off their chests

Mix all these well, and you've got your generic dancing-related gameshow.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the moral of this entry is 'I don't like SCD or any of its rip/spin offs.' And that's enough ranting on this for one lifetime on this subject.


January 28, 2006

The End of an Era…
8th October 2003 – 28th January 2006

Yes, sad I know, but is no more. Try not to cry will you, please, no matter how hard it may be to take….

Anyway, I managed to forget to take it down on Friday night (the stupid thing was that it wasn't like I was doing anything better), so it stayed up an extra day until about 23:40 tonight. It's life ended 843 days after it was born, and the final hit total stood at 4095, which works out at 4.86 hits per day, or a hit every 4 hours and 56 minutes. OK, I suppose when you put it in the latter form, it doesn't sound quite so impressive…

Nonetheless, I'm pleased with those figures, and, once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has visited and supported the site from its creation to its demise.


January 25, 2006

New House

Woo Hoo!

We've finally sorted our new house for next year. It's on Broomfield Road in the Earlsdon area of Coventry. After seeing it last night, we were all pretty impressed with it, with the exception of the narrow kitchen, which we eventually decided we would be able to live with. All the bedrooms were of a pretty decent size, the lounge was nice, and the garden was sooo long! Plus as an added bonus, my barbers is just round the corner – unbelievable convenience!

I agreed to have the smallest room (which I'm not remotely bothered about – and I do also save £3 per week, which works out at over £120 over the course of the letting period!).

I'm really excitied about next year now, as living with Matt, Cass, Lauren and John should be brilliant fun. Can't wait till September now (its only 8 months and multiple exams away!). And I've never lived in a three-storey house before!

To keep you entertained for the next 4 seconds, you can even view a picture of it here



January 24, 2006

How cool is this?

Writing about web page

I've just found this really cool page which can show you (or well at least estimate) the location of every DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train in the Dublin area.

How does it work you ask? Basically, it takes real time running information from the Irish Rail website, and converts this info into an XML (which is not a kind of data storage) format. This data is then used to plot the train icon in the appropriate place. Pretty neat eh?

I reckon a similar thing would also be possible with Britain's railways, using the national rail live departure boards – how amazing would that be? But probably quite complicated too…


January 23, 2006

New Photo Gallery

Writing about web page

I have created a new photo gallery for all my photos. The link to it is here . Hope you enjoy browsing the collection, the photos at the moment mainly being from around the end of my time at Canon Slade (sorry to make it sound like some sort of prison!). Hopefully, more photos should be added as time goes by as I, well, take some.


Let's get it started!

Hello! Welcome to my brand new blog, the phoenix rising from the ashes of (Well, if websites could burn down that is!)

Anyway, in this blog I intend to let you know about the exciting and not-so exciting stuff that happens in my life, highlight things that I find funny, and maybe force-feed you some of my opinions, if you're lucky!

Anyway, one plus of having a blog is that it's sooo much less hassle to update than faffing about with HTML, and it's free as well!

Anyway, I'll aim to keep this more updated than was (although more than likely that vow will go out of the window after a bit!)


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