October 30, 2006

What a Week!

Deary me! I’ve finally got some restbite and a chance to write a blog entry! Woo Hoo!

Today I finally hand in my Analysis III and Algebra I assignments which seem to have been getting on my nerves all week due to a couple of quite tricky questions which have kind of been getting me down a little bit as I’ve been struggling with them. Thankfully, I do now have some answers which seem correct, so that’s one worry behind me at last! I now get to enjoy a whole early afternoon with no compulsory assignments to do until we get the next Vector Analysis one in the lecture this afternoon. At least it should be (as I understand it) the only one in for next Monday, and I’m just hoping it isn’t a bitch!

Last monday saw The Reckless Moment in Leam, featuring, amongst others, the sick but awesome Gary Delaney, the weird Pete the Meat, Prince and MC Tom Hughes (who even bought me a drink – wasn’t that nice of him!). I even got to try a sweet which tasted of soap! But then I got a Cadbury’s finger afterwards too! Anyway, if you’ve never been, I strongly reccommend giving it a try, and if you’re a Comedy Society member, you get discounted admission! PLUG PLUG PLUG!

Also, I went to Go Society for the first time to give it a try. I played two games and lost miserably in both. I attribute this to two factors:_

1) I hadn’t played for 4 months, so I was a little rusty.
2) I’m crap anyway.

Nevertheless, it was good fun, and I’ll probably go again at some point.

And in yet another first, I went paintballing on Saturday with some friends. I a little confused about what was going on at first, but it turned out to be pretty good fun. The highlight was probably the end game of Trenches, with something like 180 people on two teams shooting at each other in one tiny little arena. Bloody brilliant. I got shot twice in that game, plus twice from other games, one leacing a rather lovely bruise on my arm. And I killed someone in one game as well. From quite a distabce away too! I was pretty impressed by that!

And finally, it was Cooler Comedy last night, with MC Al Pitcher (who I didn’t like that much, possibly because he picked on me a little), Rob Rouse, who was pretty good, Julian Deane, who was good, and a musical double act whose name eascapes me at the moment who were OK, although with a few pretty good songs!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little catch up on my week. This week should see the return of the internet in my room with my new computer ready. I was seduced by the offer in the shop at the bottom of our street, so decided to plump for it. No more Maths computer room!

Adios for now!

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