October 16, 2006

Things that irritate me about students on buses…

Right, after having put up with all of these annoying things on the 12/U1 for over a year, I feel its about time I vented all my frustration via a blog entry. I know some of these things are probably fairly trivial, but here we go anyway…

  • Queue-jumping. This is particularly bad at the Arts Centre, Sports Centre and Train Station bus stops. People who arrive last at the bus stop, then just waltz straight onto the bus in front of everyone else as if they are somehow more important. Just yesterday for example, when waiting for the bus in Earlsdon, I arrived with two girls there before me, and another arrived after me. Lo and behold, the person who was last to arrive decides to get on first, and I (being polite and all) let the two people who were there before me get on, which did seem to confuse them slightly, as clearly someone being polite in such a way is a rare occurence on the number 12.
  • People who press the bell for a bus stop when it’s already been pressed. Once I counted 5 seperate presses for one stop. It’s unnecessary and, well, I just find it irritating.
  • People who are sat at the back of the top deck and only get up for their stop when the bus stops, then wonder why the driver drives off before they can get off.
  • People who clearly have never had to regularly use buses in the past, and haven’t a clue about general politeness, such as giving up seats for the elderly/pregnant, playing music at an unnecessary volume (admittedly more of a chav-realted problem), being patronising towards bus drivers, and never saying thank-you etc to drivers. Politeness doesn’t cost much.
  • People who, when standing, don’t move down the bus. Use a bit of bloody common sense, please!
  • People who get on before everyone has got off, getting in their way in the process. More common sense, please!
  • People who shout abuse at bus drivers for driving off when they themselves haven’t got to the stop in time. Drivers are only permitted to pick up/drop off at the designated stops for the service for insurance reasons. They would be in the shit if you were to have an accident (and would probably lose their jobs).

Rant over.

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  1. The rest of it I agree with, but this one:

    People who are sat at the back of the top deck and only get up for their stop when the bus stops, then wonder why the driver drives off before they can get off.

    ...I think is common sense. Trying to stagger along the top deck of a Travel Coventry bus (often carrying bags) in a hurry, tripping over other people and their bags, is quite dangerous especially considering the speed at which some of those Travel Coventry drivers drive. If the brakes were applied suddenly, there is nothing to stop whoever is staggering along for falling flat on their face and possibly cracking a jaw or tooth on a seat, or even worse going flying down the bus and straight out of the front windscreen. I personally always wait until the bus has almost come to a stop before I stand up, and if it drove off before I had chance to get to the door I’d just give the driver a few choice words for not waiting. I’ve fortunately never had that problem – most of them wait long enough for you to get downstairs.

    16 Oct 2006, 13:58

  2. OK, you have a good point on that one. When it was wet a couple of weeks ago and I was trying to get down the stairs carrying two bags I slipped down two steps and nearly had a nasty accident thanks to some erratic bus driving. Maybe I’m just too impatient!

    16 Oct 2006, 14:27

  3. Hero

    Drivers who coast gently in to stops, but when near to the stop bounce on the brakes causing a series of lurches designed to swing your bag round and hit someone in the face, whilst you lose your footing spin round the bar you are holding onto and face-butt the girl in front of you who previously thought you were quite cool.


    16 Oct 2006, 15:10

  4. Petekins

    The main thing that annoys me about students on buses:
    1. the ones who think themselves posher and are clearly from London somehow forget to use buses in the way they would in London, and start lounging around pretending not to notice that there are loads of people getting on who could use the half seat you have their stupid designer boots on.
    2. Ones like the above who get on a busy bus as a group and all take a double seat each talking over the rapidly filling aisles who then puff like sulky kevin-the-teenagers just because they have to move their bony asses a half-an-inch for the next people to sit down, and who then sulk for the rest of the journey because someone sat between them and their friend – If you didn’t want your conversation interrupted you should have sat together dimwit!

    16 Oct 2006, 15:16

  5. I get particularly irritated by the folks who form their own queue on the other side of the stop because they don’t want to go to the back to the huge queue that’s already there. Especially in a morning when they know there’s not a hope in hell that the bus will be empty enough to accomodate everyone waiting at that stop, potentially making polite me late. GRR!

    And don’t get me started on those who have their legs so wide open that a big kick in the balls would render them impotent… GAH stupid buses.

    You’ve made me very angsty now with this rant :(

    16 Oct 2006, 17:01

  6. I agree with your ammended comments there Ian (ie I agree with all except for the top deck ones because I have almost fallen down those steps a few times thanks to erratic driving).. but one thing I dont agree with is “Politness doesn’t cost much”. In fact, it costs nothing. Rude users (both from passengers and drivers) and lack of ettiquette really really makes my blood crawl.

    16 Oct 2006, 19:02

  7. ‘Petekins’: Oh yes – that’s one I forgot. People who think they have an automatic right to take up two seats just for themselves, or for some reason want to talk to their friends bus don’t want to sit next to them. Sometimes I deliberately do that to teach them a lesson and kill their conversation. Evil me :)

    Luna: When I said ‘Politeness doesn’t cost much’ I did mean to imply that it cost nothing – it just came out better in my head than it did on the page it seems! And I agree rude/sarcastic bus drivers (particularly when dealing with those not familiar with using that route/public transport in general) are annoying. And I wish Travel Coventry drivers didn’t look so bloody miserable all the time!

    17 Oct 2006, 11:27

  8. Especially as they’re among the best paid bus drivers in the country. I’ll try and drag up the website the evidence for that was given on.

    17 Oct 2006, 11:38

  9. According to
    they now get paid £7.50 per hour, which isn’t too bad, although (as a random other example after some brief brousing across some company websites) Stagecoach Manchester drivers get paid £8.20 per hour after 12 months. Independents sometimes pay even more. There’s a company in Bolton called Tattersalls who were a one-bus operation, and once were looking for a part-time driver for a whopping £10 an hour!

    17 Oct 2006, 11:48

  10. Jakki

    What I hate is

    1. When the bus pulls up casually right in front of you and there is a whole load of moany duffers behind who somehow expect you to not get on because they think they are first, when actually turning round and walking against the tide is the least useful thing to do!

    2. People who think they are first before you trying to intimidate you by standing really close to you and digging their bag into you.

    3. People who regardless of whether they are first or not still shuffle forward trying to get in front of you like blind stupid old ladies, then pretend they were doing nothing of the sort when you tell them to stop pushing

    4. People who stand out of social embarrasment at not sitting next to someone, when there are seats available, and block people behind them from getting on the seats

    5. People who smell and don’t wash – especially those who think that spraying lynx over the top will hide it

    6. People who can’t decide what to do and end up sitting on the stairs and then try to get out of the way by squeezing into the wall (a technique that works when you are five but now just causes the same block a little bit to the side

    7. Women who moan the whole journey about everything, making you wonder why they are alive.

    8. Girls with long hair who trail it over the back of the seat and give you evils when you get all caught up in it as if its your fault that they can’t make it to the barbers

    9. People who get half-way up the bus before going back for the ticket in a big tide of people who don’t give a chuff about their lost ticket

    10. People who slam the window shut above your head without asking if you think their view that the bus is better sweaty, smelly and out of oxygen is appropriate

    11. People who notice you reading over their shoulder

    12. People who get laptops out on the bus (as if to say ‘look how important I am’) and then play games

    13. Stupid sportos who have bags big enough for a whole team’s kit, who put them in the aisle and expect you to step over them.

    14 especially when you see them go into those bags later and see that half is empty and the rest is all fleece – for gods sake you only need shorts, trainers a t-shirt and towel!

    15. The above when the bag has five different items from the lynx range in it, and you know they are not going to shower after ‘games’

    16. Lacrosse sticks – for fucks sake!

    17. People who listen to ‘dumbcore’ that just goes tsst ti ti tsst ti ti tsst for the whole journey

    18. Groups of boys who get on and say things like ‘huh, like you like, like, like are like a cat, like yeah’

    19 Groups of boys who get on and call each other stupid names for the whole journey

    20. Girls who are dressed like thruppenny whores in an ‘ironic’ way but look scared and stupid rather than sexy and intimidating, right until they are at the top of gibbet hill road when they start to be ‘sassy’

    21. People who push against your arm trying to get more space, but still pretend they are not doing it even though you know that if you moved your arm they would end up punching you in the stomach

    22. Ugly, sporty boys who think that because you are sitting and they are standing that a part of you would quite like their cock in your face

    23. People who talk to the driver all the journey and then thank you when you get off as if they bloody work there!

    17 Oct 2006, 13:37

  11. Ed

    But other than that, you quite like your bus journeys?

    17 Oct 2006, 14:14

  12. Wow, that’s a long list. Personally, I just slipped to everyone else’s level and accepted that this is what happens on Uni buses.
    Re: Queue jumping. I never really noticed a queue form. It was just a crush like at the bar when you order drinks… hence getting on a bus was practice in being assertive.
    Re: Pressing the dinger repeatedly, this is irritating if it is the same person over and over… but its never irritated me but I can just image the driver.
    Re: Giving up seats to the elderly. 1, the X12\U1 from leam are frickkin Uni buses what are elderly ladies doing going to uni for a 9 o’clock lecture anyhow? 2, I always went upstairs as this avoids having to give up my hard earned seat for anyone.
    Re: People who are sat at the back of the bus and don’t manage to get off. This doesn’t make me upset as it is usually very funny. Point and laugh at there stupidity… make you feel much superior.
    Re: People who get on before people have got off. Most buses have on and off bits. It annoying when people use both to get on and you can’t get passed… but usually I was carrying my cornet when this happens and its very good at inflicting shin wounds after i’ve asked people to shift out of my way and they have ignored me so have to barge through.
    Re: People that shout at the bus driver when they haven’t made it to the stop in time. Again… just laugh at them
    Re: Jakki… So let me see… you are moaning about people moaning, you push in front of people and expect them not to push… you don’t like lynx, or shower gel but prefer people to be washed… you don’t like people who are standing because the person on the seat smells… you don’t like having to listen to people moan on the buses or the people that have choose not to listen to people moaning by bringing a personal stereo… you don’t like people with bad language skills but like using bad language… is this supposed to be ironic? Is this sarcasm? Blogs really need sarcasm tags as I can never tell!

    17 Oct 2006, 14:37

  13. Equally disgraceful is when you give up your seat for some old cunt and they don’t say thanks.
    I don’t think any of those points are specific to students, though.
    Multiple bell ringers piss m,e off big time. As if they think there needs to be a special bell ring just for them.
    Comment 10 was genius.
    I don’t think saying thanks to the driver is a necessity. It’s a rural thing.

    17 Oct 2006, 21:10

  14. Jakki

    Andrew should really be called ‘angry’. After all in your twisted rage, you have made up most of what I have said!

    I don’t push in front of people.. I think that there are more boys showergels than Lynx (mind you most boys don’t realise this of course – being so easily influenced by adverts.. case in point, lots of boys now think that drinking cider that is so awful it can onlyt be safely drunk with ice is some kind of Irish tradition.. er a tradition that was launched last year!).. I don;t like people who stand because they are embarrassed to sit next to someone at all…. you don’t have to listen to dumbcore at high volume to not hear gossip.. I don’t like, like the word like, used like twenty times a like sentence.. if just grates…

    As for you not understanding.. its a longer list than just sarcasm you dolt!

    18 Oct 2006, 09:32

  15. Andrew: Your comment that the U1 is only for students is a load of rubbish – it is registered as a local bus service as for any other service, so anyone is entitled to use it. Especially considering it and the 12 are the only service to some roads in Sydenham.

    18 Oct 2006, 11:31

  16. Robert

    Well what annoys me more is the practice of buses not giving intermediate stops due respect.

    I have a stop outside my house that is perhaps two minutes journey from the next (big) busstop. If I go out ten minutes before the bus is due at the next one, often the bus is sitting merrily at the next one and has been there for some time, meaning that if I wait at my stop I will be wating for the next again one.

    This also happens on campus – I have given up getting the bus from the Humanities/Sports centre stop after gym classes, because the 7.40 bus has often got to the arts centre stop by 7.30 and I have already missed it even if I am there before half-past, despite reasonably expecting it to arrive at the stop about 5 minutes before the next one/

    This adds to the bunching up of people waiting at the Arts centre ,and certainly doesn’t help me if I am injured/disabled.. if I used the nearest stop every time I would lose around 40 minutes in the day and over an hour a day in the evenings, which over the three terms is a shed load of wasted time!

    18 Oct 2006, 11:40

  17. kim

    If there is a queue people shoulld get to the back of it, but when you get to stops such as the main campus stop, and the top of the parade, and you’re faced with a mush of people just casually hanging around it’s difficult to know who was there first.

    I hatre people getting on before everyone’s off. There might be a divided section of the bus door, but there are no lanes on the bus itself – what’s the point in getting on, only to block people getting down from the top deck. Just wait!!!

    I also dislike it when the bus is late, and someone spends twenty minutes ranting to the driver about it (as this morning, the twenty to eight U1 which actually was on time anyway!!) Yes, late buses are annoying, but chances are it’s not the driver’s fault, and ranting is only making it later!!! Complain through the proper non-delay-increasing channels please!

    18 Oct 2006, 13:51

  18. Godfrey

    Hello all!

    I think that the most annoying thing about students is their insistence on talking loudly – sometimes the bus sounds like a bar or restaurant, and whilst I approve of networking and information sharing, somtimes its about whick stockings look cool or how stupid a buy is and this can get very wearing.

    Also if I am on my own and there are conversations flying about me like fish running from a whale I feel constantly stressed as to whether I should join in, and suffer the twisted ‘eergh weirdo’ faces, or whether I should shut up and allow the people arouind me to whitter inanities that I could easily correct.

    Also its hard to sleep in these situations.

    18 Oct 2006, 16:19

  19. Robert: It is for operational reasons as to why buses appear to wait at certain bus stops longer than others. If they are running ahead of time, the drivers need to wait for a few minutes until they are on time again. The target ‘window’ for bus timings is to run 95% of services between 1 minute early and 5 minutes late – hence the waiting times.

    The dead time you describe at the arts centre bus stop is put into many journeys to allow for any possible delay for inbound journey to campus, and buses must wait at the Arts Centre as there is no layby at the Sports Centre, so staying there would cause an obstruction to traffic (and buses can technically be issued parking tickets for spending more time than necessary to pick up/drop off passengers parked at bus stops, which is enforced in cities like Birmingham).

    Godfrey: That’s another one I left out – conversations of what I like to call the ‘Random generation’.

    18 Oct 2006, 17:29

  20. For the record, yes the U1 is a general service and not a student only one, but the changes at the start of last academic year to those buses (calling it unibus which is it’s real name, not U1, painting it hideous pink, introducing radios blaring crap) were designed to dissuade non students from using them. This was in response to the large number of south Leam/Sydenham residents who were getting on the bus at the end of town and riding to the top of Parade, making it impossible for Kelseys/Parish Church/mid Parade students to get on at peak times. There’s a fairly good reference for this at this Warwick Boar article.

    Obviously when they realised that drivers hated the radios, they let them be turned off.

    19 Oct 2006, 00:06

  21. ““Politness doesn’t cost much”. In fact, it costs nothing”
    Problem is, if you’re the one polite one in a “queue” of rude pushy students, you’re the one that doesn’t get a seat or possibly even doesn’t get on the bus at all.

    “10. People who slam the window shut above your head without asking if you think their view that the bus is better sweaty, smelly and out of oxygen is appropriate”
    Actually this is somewhat reasonable. See the problem with buses is that they move forwards at speed hence the air rushes in at a simmilar speed. The people sitting directly under a window are not really effected by whether it’s open or not, it’s the people sat three rows back on the opposite side that then get the wind blowing in thier face, which is really fucking annoying.

    “I don’t think saying thanks to the driver is a necessity. It’s a rural thing.”
    I’ve lived in the midlands all my life and have always thanked the driver. Infact I found it rather disconcerting when up in Edinburgh over the summer that most buses have an ‘exit’ halfway down the bus which is different to the entrance, so you can’t thank the driver even if you want to.

    And yes, what Holly said. Stagecoach’s reaction to the buses being overcroweded a few years ago was to paint them all pink, put radios in, and reduce the frequency from 6 per hour to 5 per hour, in the hope of discouraging non-students from getting on them.

    The other thing that annoys me is fat people. Sorry, but if you’re going to be taking up more than your half of the 2-seater couch then you should be paying for two tickets. I shouldn’t be squeezed between a window and a lardy arse just because you’re overly fond of pies. And I have no particular objection to fat people in general – you can eat whatever you want and treat your body however you like, but on a bus you buy one ticket and get half a seat and if you can’t fit in it that’s your problem and not mine.

    19 Oct 2006, 02:08

  22. Robert

    Hi John,

    Sorry but that is chaffing rubbish – I have been on busees where the driver actually SAYS If I hurry up I can get to the Uni for a fag, when they could drive to timetable, they often choose not to so that they can have an extended fag, toilet, shop break.
    It is this that causes the speed past 20 minutes early, and this that causes the extended stop. Because there is not an agreed time for each stop (coincidentally as there is every three or so stops in Edinburgh) the only times they need to hit are sydenham, Parish Church, top of parade. At this end it is the Arts centre only, so they can zoom from Kenilworth and have an extended break by going past intermediate stops as early as possible.

    Between Parish Church and top of parade there is not much in it, but before this you can be screwed.  I was talking about over ten minutes (it happened last night - bus was at the arts centre 8.32 and didn't leave until 8.46 - Due to leave at 8.40 - if I had used the Humanities stop I would have missed the 8.40 (artss centre time)  even if I had got to the stop at 8.30.

    As for dean, I think that what Jakki was referring to is the arm shoved across your face and the window slammed shut right by your ear just because some social inept can’t say ‘excuse me’, and the window open in the slow morning crawl shouldn’t disturb you no matter how sensitive and girly you are.

    Fat people annoy me too, but not as much as people who have a patheological need to keep their legs open.

    19 Oct 2006, 09:03

  23. Hero

    For the record, you can thank the driver in Edinburgh – my favorite way is to put on a really ‘landed’ sounding english accent, and thank him as though he were a chauffeur “THANK-YOU DRIVER!!” ... much fun!

    19 Oct 2006, 09:04

  24. James Lees-Milne

    We always say thank you to the driver in my part of the world and it’s not rural at all. A few weeks ago I went on a train to Leicester with my mother and we walked the length of the train to leave the station, as she passed the driver she shouted “Thank you driver, lovely smooth ride!” He looked really chuffed.

    19 Oct 2006, 13:47

  25. Michael Jones

    The worst person to have on a bus is the Boar columnist gathering ammunition for his whinge in the next edition – if he was attempting to give the impression of being a curmudgeonly old fogey, he did it superbly. The most amusing is the one who, despite being on crutches, insists on sitting upstairs.

    Incidentally, I think bus drivers in general aren’t paid enough, given that they’re controlling several tonnes of potentially lethal weapon. A few weeks into the academic year after I left school, the bus which the previous year I’d have been on was involved in an accident, in which, thanks to the quick thinking of the driver, the limit of the damage was three broken legs. He was off work for several weeks, but, despite his actions most probably having saved several lives, he didn’t get a penny, solely because he hadn’t been with the company long enough.

    22 Oct 2006, 14:56

  26. William

    And this is why when I was living in Cov, I walked in (only 40 mins)

    25 Oct 2006, 00:15

  27. David Wood

    The BEST thing about students on busses is that they haven’t got cars and so I can park mine on campus without having to search for a space! :)

    26 Oct 2006, 13:32

  28. Some excelent points. Although I am probably guilty of a few, so I would like a teeny rebutle…

    Que-jumping: I do this in a way. What I actually do is slip past people who insist on all forming one big line on one side of the doors, and invariably get stuck behind some nonce who is paying for 3 tickets with enough change to bludgeon a man to death with. I have a Unirider, so I take the other side of the door, show it to the driver, and walk on. Its amazing how many people then follow me up the stairs. Why can’t they see that it goes much faster if people with passes go in either a separate que or first.

    Loud Music: I listen to my iPod everywhere. I love it to bits, and life should be set to music. Because of this, I am practicaally deaf to it. And i hate when people keep giving me evil looks and then automatically assume I am some punk kid who is scum. If it is too loud, then smart people decide to tap me and ask me to turn it down. I consider this politness, I don’t mind turning it down, I don’t want to annoy you. I just can’t hear what you can.*

    *Although, if there are a large group of sporty and/or drunk people (which I HATE on busses – they should be thrown out, preferably at 6omph along the A46) then I will listen to it as loud as possible. With an amp!

    Double seats: I have a backpack and a holdall. Its only a little one, but it is fairly cumbersome on a bus. So I hate when I find a seat, stick it under the seat and stack the bacpack on top of it, and then people either insist on kicking it all the time (and sports stuff is actually quite expensive if you get decent kit) or worse moan and glare at me for compressing myself on it as much as I can so they can sit down. I am sorry I take up about 3inches of your half of the seat, but where do you expect me to go?! I know its awkward, but at least I have tried happily to accomodate you. Some people just seam determined to be miserable!

    One other thing, I hate when you are queing at one side of the stop with everone else and the bus stops on the other side of it, so everyone at the back gets on first. There is no pattern either! Gyarrr!!

    27 Oct 2006, 15:40

  29. I don’t understand how you expect people to ask u to turn music down. I wouldn’t do such a thing myself. It’s YOUR job to know what is acceptable and sensical in public places. I always assume that people know exactly what they are doing, and they don’t need advice. If you can take advice well, that’s appreciable; but that’s not necessarily the case with everyone. I can’t predict the response of everybody.

    28 Oct 2006, 00:16

  30. Michael Jones

    “I always assume that people know exactly what they are doing”

    That’s potentially quite dangerous…

    28 Oct 2006, 13:50

  31. “I am sorry I take up about 3inches of your half of the seat, but where do you expect me to go?!”

    Err, the luggage rack?

    28 Oct 2006, 18:24

  32. Charlotte

    Once, on the way to school on the bus, there were quite a few school pupils sitting on the back seat all together and banging on windows to their friends! Almost everyone on the bus was staring at them!

    29 Oct 2006, 19:41

  33. Bader Kurdali: It’s not a case of knowing whats acceptable or not, its a case of hearing. If I am sitting behind someone playing music at a certain level, it may not annoy me. However, someone sitting behind me with my music at the same level may be annoyed. In that case, I wouldn’t turn it down because I don’t know its annoying anyone, unless someone gives me a poke and asks me. (Not tells me – then I turn it up! Telling is rude, I’m not a dog)

    Dean Love: The luggage rack is one tiny place at the front, I normally sit upstairs. Have you seen some of the people that get on these busses?! Would you put a big gym holdall that is obviously full of stuff down on a crowded bus and then go upstairs for about 10 stops? I do put it in the luggage rack if I can, but normally the seats next to it are taken. Or, and I always wonder at this, people decide to sit in it?...

    30 Oct 2006, 17:07

  34. Moritz


    it’s the same eveywhere in europe. I know that doesn’t make it better, but perhaps it becalms you…


    30 Oct 2006, 21:55

  35. Greg

    No, I’m afraid it does very little to make it better or becalm me Moritz. Thanks for trying though.

    30 Oct 2006, 22:08

  36. Charlotte

    Yeah, that was pretty thoughtful of you, Mortiz

    31 Oct 2006, 16:41

  37. “The luggage rack is one tiny place at the front, I normally sit upstairs. Have you seen some of the people that get on these busses?! Would you put a big gym holdall that is obviously full of stuff down on a crowded bus and then go upstairs for about 10 stops?”

    Personally in such situations I’d put the luggage in the rack and stand next to it if all the seats with an eyeline to the luggage rack were taken. Especially if the bus was crowded. I don’t get people who sit in the luggage rack either. They scare me.

    31 Oct 2006, 22:33

  38. Charlotte

    Well, if the bus was packed they would have to sit in the luggage rack, wouldnt they?

    01 Nov 2006, 08:38

  39. Why would they have to? If you do, some drivers will actually tell you to get out of it (I’ve seen this happen), on the grounds it’s quite dangerous and possibly also illegal.

    If the bus gets this full, the driver should have stopped letting passengers on by then.

    01 Nov 2006, 11:01

  40. Charlotte

    Yeah, but what if the bus drivers don’t notice?

    01 Nov 2006, 13:31

  41. True, but unless people actually choose to go in the luggage rack, they don’t have to and can continue to stand in the aisle until no more people can get on.

    01 Nov 2006, 14:02

  42. Charlotte

    Yeah, but what if the passengers are outside the bus, and the bus is packed, and hardly any people are getting off at the bus stop, and the passengers don’t notice that the bus is packed and get on it anyway, AND the bus driver hasnt noticed it either and let them on anyway, there wouldnt really be time to get off when the bus has started moving, would there?

    01 Nov 2006, 20:04

  43. No, what I’m saying is if people don’t get into the luggage rack out of choice then fewer people can physically get on the bus in the first place!

    01 Nov 2006, 22:22

  44. Charlotte

    Yeah, but if most people squash up in the luggage rack then there would be more people to sit and stand up, wouldnt there?!

    02 Nov 2006, 07:22

  45. No, because there would still be the maximum number of people on the bus – its just some of them decide that ‘Standing’ includes sitting in the luggage rack. I was on a bus the otherday where we were all standing and crammed in. If you look at the sign there is a maximum of 5 people standing. This was most definately not 5. So I know its annoying when busses say they are full, but the drivers are cool enoughto break the rules as much as they can.

    What is really annoying is when you see a bus go past that is totally empty and saying its Not in Service. I hate that! Especially since it always seems to happen when you are already late for something!

    02 Nov 2006, 10:14

  46. Charlotte

    Well, most people wouldve recognised their stop and wouldve got off the bus, wouldnt they? And if they were travelling far they could just grab a bus with a bit more space for them to stand/sit in, right?

    02 Nov 2006, 15:51

  47. Jess

    Not necaseraly.

    02 Nov 2006, 17:12

  48. Charlotte

    That’s “necessarily ”!

    02 Nov 2006, 18:46

  49. Jess

    I know, I just didn’t have my glasses on when I wrote it.

    02 Nov 2006, 19:25

  50. Charlotte

    i like people who where glasses

    02 Nov 2006, 20:30

  51. Jess

    I like you two.

    02 Nov 2006, 22:31

  52. Right, this has gone a little off topic. Could we leave it here please? Thanks for all your contributions!

    02 Nov 2006, 23:34

  53. charlotte

    sorry, ian

    03 Nov 2006, 07:22

  54. Jess

    Yes, I’m sorry too Ian, thanks for your contribution as well it was interesting.

    03 Nov 2006, 08:39

  55. charlotte

    Yeah the contribution was fantastic!

    03 Nov 2006, 15:51

  56. Jess

    love the blog Ian it’s just sooo fascinating

    09 Nov 2006, 17:28

  57. charlotte

    How did you come up with the idea?

    10 Nov 2006, 17:48

  58. Charlotte: Are you referring to this entry, or the blog in general? And are you talking to me as well?!

    10 Nov 2006, 18:41

  59. charlotte

    Ian: Sorry! Yeah, I am talking to you. And yeah, I am referring to the blog entry

    10 Nov 2006, 20:40

  60. Sorry, wasn’t sure! Basically, I was sat on the bus to/from uni one day when I just suddenly realised the number of things that people on the bus do that really annoy me, so I decided to compile a list of what are, in my view, the worst offences. I’ve kind of been compiling a list in my head for some time, but just recently I finalised a list which was substantial enough to blog about. That’s basically it really!

    10 Nov 2006, 22:58

  61. charlotte

    It’s OK, Ian, there’s no need to be sorry xx

    11 Nov 2006, 12:06

  62. clare

    people never give up seats on buses for me, probably because I am young, but I am disabled and use two crutches and I cant drive because I have epilepsy. I dont think anyone cares for anyone anymore :(

    09 Sep 2007, 13:52

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