July 05, 2006

Sprint: Nuneaton – Coventry – Kenilworth

Writing about web page http://www.sprint-there.co.uk/

I've just fould details of the plans and public consultation for this proposed new bus–based rapid transit system linking Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coventry, Warwick University and Kenilworth.

Basically, it's a new high frquency bus service, which will be operated on new, segregated sections of road (I assume guided busways will be involved), using new tram–like vehicles, like those currently operated by First Group on their 'ftr' initiative in York.

The route would run from Nuneaton to Coventry city centre via Bedworth and the Ricoh Arena, then continuing via Coventry station, Kenilworth Road and Cannon Park to the University, then optionally onto Kenilworth Town Centre and the proposed future railway station at Kenilworth.

This seems like quite an interesting scheme, which looks like it will provide a high quality link from north to south Warwickshire via Coventry, and will improve access to and from the University. One thing I'm concerned about however, is that (for one route option) – the route would be built across the University playing fields which, to be honest I'd rather it didn't do, as I'm rather a fan of the greenery around the campus, although an alternative is to use the existing Gibbet Hill Road/Kenilworth Road route.

Although I'm normally a fan of light rail over guided busways, the large capital cost of light rail would not be justified for a route such as this one, so a guided busway seems like a more viable option, at a cost of £85 million, and 5 million passengers a year are estimated to use the service.

I'm all for these plans, and they would definitely bring benefits to the University as well as the other areas it would serve. And would easily beat the 12 and its circuitous route for getting into Cov!

What does everyone else think of these plans?

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  1. Martin

    Technically, a good idea, but in reality it’s already collapsed – the protests about widening roads and building new roadways means that this thing will, ultimately, be a bus and get stuck in the same traffic as everyone else. Unless they stop listening to the bleating minority (400+ people in Kenilworth) and adopt a hardline approach (IE: “This is where it’s going, that’s it. End of discussion.”) then these projects are doomed to be watered down until they’re virtually worthless.

    22 Jan 2007, 14:46

  2. Rachel Sellers

    hi as part of my alevel economics coursework i am investigating the sprint scheme.
    i am conducting priomary research in the form of a questionnaire.
    if anybody would like to help me out i’d be very grateful.

    the questionnaire is below::


    Do you live in Coventry, Kenilworth, or Nuneaton?

    Coventry Kenilworth Nuneaton Neither

    Have you heard of Sprint the Coventry Rapid Transit Scheme?

    Yes No Not Sure

    Do you think Coventry requires such a scheme?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    Do you think such a modern transport system would further help regeneration in Coventry?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    Do you think with increased publicity of global warming, the fact that such a scheme will help reduce carbon emission will help encourage use?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    How would you describe the volume of traffic in this area?

    Very High High Moderate Low Unsure

    How do you travel into Coventry?

    Car Bus Walk Cycle Other

    Why do you not use the current public transport in the area? Order reasons 1 to 5, 1 being most important reason.

    Cost Quality Frequency Destinations Other

    Would you consider using a regular and modern bus service, running along this route?

    Yes No Possibly

    What would persuade you to switch from car to bus travel?

    Cost Quality Journey Times Other

    How often do you travel to this area?

    Daily 2/3 Days a Week Weekdays Weekends Once a week

    Do you use this area in rush hour?

    Yes No Sometimes

    Do you think the area would benefit form improved bus service??

    Yes No Possibly

    Further Comments

    15 Mar 2007, 11:33

  3. If there was road pricing there wouldn’t be need for much road widening or building.

    03 Apr 2007, 10:13

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