March 07, 2006

One Hectic Week

I'm now in what will undoubtedly be my busiest week I've had this term, possibly even all year. I've had practically nothing on for the last 9 weeks, but now everything seems packed into this week instead. I'll give you a bit of a run down:


Went to the workroom again with John (like last week). Then at 5 went to the aforementioned Comedy AGM, followed by helping the 'old' exec out by setting out chairs and what have you in the graduate club. Also a perfect excuse to go to Battered for my tea! Then watched the comedy, both the acts were excellent. I was just slightly irritated that I'd bought my ticket beforehand (I didn't realise we were going to help out), which, as it transpired, I didn't need as I got in for free anyway!


I went to Rootes and on to Top Banana with the rest of the new comedy exec, as a get to know each other sort of excercise. Anwyay, I had a great time, especially since it was the first time I'd been to Top B since £1 drinks were introduced, which I naturally took advantage of. And standing in a small circle, jumping up and down and singing along to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' at the top of our voices is always fun! The upshot of the evening was that I've decided I'm really going to enjoy being on the comedy exec next year, especially having got to know my exec 'colleagues', who are all great. We even toasted to the next year! Then I went home and threw up a combination of purple and pizza into my bath….


Just had a pointless trip to Earlsdon this afternoon after my Analysis class finshed and I'd had my dinner. Hopped on the bus to go to the barber number 1 (Misters) to find a big sign on his door reading 'On Holiday – Open Weds 8th March.' Then walked to barber number 2 (Sweeneys) to find he's shut in the afternoon, and doesnt reopen until 5 or so. Aaaarrrgggghhh! A good waste of £2.20 on bus fares. Mind you, the trip wasn't completely fruitless, as I happened to walk on the route we'll take next year between our new house on the nearest bus stop, so I took the opportunity to time how long the walk took. It took 4 minutes at an 'I'm cold, wet, hungover and irritated' pace.


Got the last mini probability test at 10, which is all about PGFs (Probability Generating Functions to non-mathematicians/statisticians), and I've only managed to do 2 questions on the examples sheet, one of which isn't actually about PGFs. Oh dear. Then in the afternoon, its the last of the Maths open days where I'll be helping out. Then at 9 The Apprentice is on, which, like Top Gear, I can't miss for any reason whatsoever.


Got my last assignments of term due in for Analysis and Linear Algebra. Linear Algebras so much of a doddle I've got it done and written up already. Analysis is even more of a pain in the bum than usual this week, and I'm very tempted to not hand it in, seeing the best 8 marks out of 9 are counted, and my marks for it have been pretty good this term. Mind you, I think I should still do it for the practice! Oh, and our last analysis lecture is looking like it's going to be canelled, so I only have to roll out of bed for 12 to hand in my assignments. A record term-time lie-in!


Firstly, Linear Algebra is looking like it too will be cancelled, so I only have to be up for my supervision (in which we'll do nowt) at 11. Then, its the very last lecture of term (Geometry & Motion) at 2! Then, in the evening, I've got Nikki's birthday party, which I'm really looking forward to, and it'll make a change from my usual dull Friday nights.


Going home! 10 whole weeks over already? I'm getting the 1827 train from Coventry, changing at Wigan, then arriving back home in Bolton at 2123. (There was a cheap single fare available on this journey, plus one back for the Feeder gig at the NEC on the 25th March)

Then its 5 and a half weeks of no lectures, no buying food, lie ins and washing done for me! Paradise! With the exception of the weekend that I'll be coming back to see Feeder, which should be good.

And thus, that is what this week looks like! This is an absolutely manic week for me, but I know some people have weeks like this just out of routine!

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