July 01, 2006

Into the holidays in earnest

Ah, the holidays seem to have started in earnest now, especially now that I've completed 3 evenings at Tesco. I'm back on my old stock control job, which is novel at the moment as it's changed a little since I last did it, and I get a bit of variety as I usually end up doing something else during the course of the evening. However, I'm expecting the rest of my 3 months working there to put paid to the remaining pleasure I find in doing the job.

In other news, well, what news there is, I spent 2 days last week (Tuesday and Friday) in waiting for our Chilli Peppers tickets to arrive (I'm off seeing them in Sheffield with John next week), only for them to not turn up. On Tuesday, they attempted to send them to my Uni address (despite me being convinced that I put the delivery address as my home address), but, as they couldn't be accepted at Uni, they took them back to their depot. After ringing them about it, they said they'd be delivered on Friday, but then changed it to Monday without bothering to tell me. So now I have to stay in on Monday too. So hopefully they should be here then. The key word being 'hopefully'.

Also, I got to see my girlfriend again on Wednesday, which was lovely (I know she reads this, so Hello Lucy!) and we watched the Da Vinci Code. I thought it was pretty good, although I saw the revelation at the end coming a mile off. However, I also expected them to get it on at the emd, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Oh well, win some, lose some, I guess!

And, of course, I watched England today. It was ironic to see England play so flipping well, despite not having the supposedly essential Beckham and Rooney. I thought Rooney could've possobly got away with a Yellow if he hadn't decided to push Ronaldo out of the way (he wasn't being quite the same pillock as Beckham was in 1998). I thought Lennon and Hargreaves were particularly good. As you can see I'm not much of a football pundit!

Anyway, plans for next week include going bowling with my ex–schoolfriends, and going to Sheffield to see the Chillis, both of which should be good fun!

Bye for now!

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