February 08, 2007

Election Fever Hits Campus! Part 4!

Firstly I’ve got to start off with an apology. Due to me not feeling very well this afternoon, I went home early, so didn’t manage to find much of interest. Also, this entry will be quite brief for the same reason.

Anyway, stepping off the 12 at the Arts Centre bus stop put me fact to face with these two:


Pecker poster

First we have Peter ‘Pistachio’ Ptashko (who I’ve meant to write about before but keep forgetting), whose main campaign ploy seems to be highlighting the fact that his surname sounds a little bit like a variety of nut. Cue lots of puns along the lines of ‘You’ll go nuts for his policies’.

And underneath we have what is probably the crudest campaign slogan of the year – “If you don’t have a pecker, vote for Becca!” i.e. the condition of not having a cock is a good enough reason to vote for her apparently. Does this include men who’ve had unfortunate accidents, I wonder?

And finally, the award for most amazing lack of modesty goes to the self-titled “Great Gadsby”. Well done for completely not making yourself look like a dickhead. It’s also interesting to note the bizarre rememblace between his campaign logo and the shed plates steam locomotives used to have on them.

Anyway, that’s as far as its going to go campaign analysis-wise. Stay tuned for the results of the facebook experiment!

p.s. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading all this rubbish…

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  1. Alex the Cynic

    The condition of not having a cock is a good enough reason to vote for her apparently.

    In fact, you’ll note it’s pretty much required, since she’s standing for “Women’s Campaign Officer;” a post for which one may only vote (or presumably stand) if one is of the female persuasion.

    It should be noted that I use the term “female persuasion” entirely literally, to accord with the Union’s (bizarre) policy of allowing male students to “define” themselves as female.

    I believe it was Douglas Adams who said (in the Hitchhiker’s Guide, with reference to the post of President of the Galaxy) “anyone who wants the job is clearly entirely unsuitable to hold the position.”

    I don’t care, I’m leaving in June.

    08 Feb 2007, 21:00

  2. The Great Johnson

    I can just imagine a huge group of goons people coming to stab you repeatedly with pitchforks when they all get around to seeing this. Maybe it’ll put you out of your misery, and maybe you’ll stop brainwashing me with all your train trivia :p

    ponders the benefits of this for a moment

    Ian lives at 7…

    09 Feb 2007, 09:26

  3. The Not-Quite-So-Almighty Johnson

    Woops. These blogs don’t like HTML, eh? The word “goons” above is supposed to have a slash through it…

    09 Feb 2007, 09:28

  4. Well you can only vote for Woman’s Officer if you are a woman (or it might be, if you ‘declare’ yourself as a woman). So it basically means: If you can vote for me, vote for me. This can be simplified furthur to ‘Vote for me’. It’s factually correct if nothing else…

    Wouldn’t worry about the pitchforks. The worst I ever had was after extremely light-heartedly taking the piss out of Nicola whats-her-name last year (she used to run RAG, so it was just a bunch of stuff about ‘All union events will require compulsary drinking until you either throw up and/or get off with a random stranger’) was some bloke who clearly wanted to fuck her moaning about how I was being mean and assuring me that just because Nicola ran RAG didn’t mean it would actually result in what I wrote were she elected…

    09 Feb 2007, 16:24

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