February 06, 2007

Election Fever Hits Campus! Part 2!

Something really weird happened at 9 o’clock yesterday morning. Walked into R0.21 for PDEs to find two bored-looking people sat on the platform-y thing (you know, the bit that looks like it should spin through 360° (or 2π radians for you mathematicians) half way through every lecture à la Numberwang, with the lecturer declaring ‘Let’s Rotate the Boards!’, to reveal Frankenstein or something on the other side), and I thought ‘Sigh, more officer wannabes’. As it turned out, they were Olley Hambrey, running for president, and Andy McEwan, running for FDSO. I didn’t like Olley, as he came across as being a little overconfident (although it may actually be because I was jealous of his muscles), but I was impressed by Mr McEwan, as his speech seemed to imply that he is actually looking to give students what they actually want – cheaper drinks, cheaper (and more) food and actually going back to running the Union (I apologise profusely for the cliché) ‘by students for students’, rather than being a business designed to extort as much money from us as possible, thus putting people off from visiting. Let’s just hope the Union isn’t stuck too deeply in its rut to get itself out again! So he’s my only potential vote so far. I’ve decided not to vote for Joe Shepard, as, upon reading his manifesto he wants to “engage with Warwick Accommodation as regards its draconian policies on cannabis…”. I’m sorry, but I don’t see why Cannibis use should be tolerated, as it is an illegal drug, so any known use should be punishable, particularly as other hall residents don’t want to have to put up with other people smoking it, and any punishment would, ultimately, be for the students own good. So I ain’t votin’ for him no more!

Anyway, on to today, and the first thing of note was the noticeboard outside L3. The highlights were Katt’s (I think) 30/40-odd A4 flyers posted along the wall above the noticeboard, barely legible to anyone from any angle. Oh, and Joe Shephard’s title of most unprofessional looking poster campaign has been stolen by Kate Bennet (Sports Officer) who had ‘Vote Kate for Sports Officer’ written in black marker on a torn-off piece of cardboard. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if I’d turned it over to find ‘The Midlands’ written on the other side. Full marks for recycling, nil points for presentation.

Then it was on into L3, where the blackboards kindly greeted us with possibly the daftest policy of all the candidates:

L3 Boards

It’s Pam Stallard and her proposed banning of 9am lectures. I admit they’re not exactly the most fun things in the world, but surely if we were to start an hour later, we’d more than likely just finish an hour later instead. Which I’d rather not do (and would play havoc with extra-curricular stuff like sports fixtures and stuff). Plus, if lectures were made to start at 10 instead people would just get up an hour later instead, and, before long, people would start saying ‘ban 10am lectures’. Let’s also not forget that the ‘real world’ starts at 9, if not earlier. Plus the ability to go to bed an hour later would be cancelled out by finishing an hour later, so we’d be back to square one anyway. In short, please don’t vote for this frankly ridiculous, poorly thought through policy. Also don’t vote for her on the grounds she wrote ‘vote Pam 4 Education officer’. Writing ‘4’ is just sheer laziness, completely unprofessional and some vain attempt to sound cool. Also (out of picture) she drew a heart. ‘Nuff said.

That’s my ranting over with for this episode. Watch this space for the results of my Facebook experiment and maybe some more reaction to the whole elactions saga.

p.s. Can anyone explain why the Boar used a picture of Spiderman on the cover of the Manifesto Booklet? What relevence does it have (if any at all)?

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  1. The Union’s theme for elections this year has been to advertise it using superheroes. Don’t ask why, it is a mystery known only unto them.

    06 Feb 2007, 23:17

  2. And I’m fairly sure Pam’s policy was ending 9am lectures for 2nd and 3rd years only cos it’s such a nightmare getting in from Leam and Cov in the mornings. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had a 9am.

    06 Feb 2007, 23:21

  3. I used to be able to make it in for 9am in the morning from Leamington – and that was from North Leamington as well when the buses were often full. It meant getting my arse out of bed 15 minutes earlier than previously, that was all.

    When I walk into a lecture theatre, I don’t want to see semi-legible scribble like that all over the boards. If I was a lecturer I’d be pissed off at having to clean all that off the boards before starting my lecture. I’d also refuse to let people give election speeches and take up my lecture time – they can spout their nonsense on their own time. I got sick to the back teeth last year of having the bloody elections shoved in my face for ages. Unless you looked vertically upwards, you’d be constantly looking at some sort of propaganda. I’m surprised nobody has got a banner-towing aircraft flying over campus or an aerobatic one writing “VOTE [X]” in smoke in the sky.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only one who believes that the university’s policy on cannabis use is absolutely correct. The position regarding it is quite clear when you sign your accommodation contract and it should not be changed. It’s an illegal drug and people caught using it should be chucked out. End of. I really don’t understand why there is such resentment against it.

    07 Feb 2007, 05:46

  4. I’m surprised nobody has got a banner-towing aircraft flying over campus or an aerobatic one writing “VOTE [X]” in smoke in the sky.

    Come on, that would be so cool :P

    07 Feb 2007, 10:12

  5. Al Stuart

    Ian -

    The Boar had nothing to do with the manifesto booklet, the Union produced the entire thing, we just had a deal to insert it into the paper.

    Al Stuart, Boar Production Editor

    07 Feb 2007, 13:01

  6. My only problem with the cannabis issue is that it’s just a blanket “you get caught, you’re out” issue with no consideration given to circumstances at all. And it’s the only illiegal activity treated this way. File-sharing is illiegal but you don’t get instantly evicted if you’re caught doing that on the residential network. Assualt is illiegal, but if you get into a fight in halls you don’t get chucked out without the accommodation board first investigating the circumstances and making a decision.

    Yes it’s illiegal, yes it’s against the rules, but so are a lot of things, and Warwick Accomodation are selectively enforcing this one rule over any others.

    Also interesting to see that “No more lectures at 9am” implies “Pam 4 Education”. Is it her nickname or something? And yes it’s a blood stupid policy for all the reasons you gave. Keep up the good work.

    08 Feb 2007, 03:52

  7. Holly: But surely it would just shift the ‘nightmare’ an hour later? Although I suppose we’d then have staff and students arriving at different times.

    08 Feb 2007, 10:13

  8. Not entirely sure. I’ve never had to be on campus for 9am (either 10am in term or 8am in holidays) but I guess there’s a lot of non-uni related traffic around, people just going to work. In any case loads of people didn’t get in today cos of the snow! Snow! What are the candidates gonna do about snow?

    08 Feb 2007, 15:13

  9. Pierre Schramm

    I got to uni on time for my 9am lecture this morning, in spite of the snow (which my 10am lecturer did not manage to do…) only to see some random candidate handing out fliers at the bus stop asking “Tired of 9am lectures?” I guess it was Pam. I didn’t even take the flier and answered her a “I like 9am lectures” which left her speechless.
    In my home University (France) lectures start at 8am and are in blocks of two hours, often finishing at 6pm (and more rarely but it happens at 8pm). So surely 9am is not too bad. I’d rather have 9am lectures and fewer clashes than the contrary.

    08 Feb 2007, 17:33

  10. Patrick Telford

    In the words of the inimitable Prof. Colin Rourke: “I’d suggest cancelling 9am lectures, but then you’d have to cancel 10am ones too, by induction…”

    08 Feb 2007, 18:17

  11. I think if the uni did ever concede to cancelling 9am lectures (which although I used to bitch about them really aren’t that hard to get to) I’m sure they’d just end up putting lectures on wednesday afternoons as they aren’t going to be as willing to make their staff work late.
    Lecture “shout outs” are now really starting to annoy me as well, got hit for the second time today by andy mcewan, sam woolvan and alex duthie, I doubt anyone in the room is more likely to vote for them after a second chat from them. I think engineers and other big courses tend to get these more often than anyone else and get tired of them very quickly. There are better ways to get your message across without delaying nearly all our lectures. (sorry to bitch but its been a long day)

    08 Feb 2007, 20:47

  12. mick

    So, why not have 8am lectures??

    09 Feb 2007, 08:37

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