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October 16, 2006

Things that irritate me about students on buses…

Right, after having put up with all of these annoying things on the 12/U1 for over a year, I feel its about time I vented all my frustration via a blog entry. I know some of these things are probably fairly trivial, but here we go anyway…

  • Queue-jumping. This is particularly bad at the Arts Centre, Sports Centre and Train Station bus stops. People who arrive last at the bus stop, then just waltz straight onto the bus in front of everyone else as if they are somehow more important. Just yesterday for example, when waiting for the bus in Earlsdon, I arrived with two girls there before me, and another arrived after me. Lo and behold, the person who was last to arrive decides to get on first, and I (being polite and all) let the two people who were there before me get on, which did seem to confuse them slightly, as clearly someone being polite in such a way is a rare occurence on the number 12.
  • People who press the bell for a bus stop when it’s already been pressed. Once I counted 5 seperate presses for one stop. It’s unnecessary and, well, I just find it irritating.
  • People who are sat at the back of the top deck and only get up for their stop when the bus stops, then wonder why the driver drives off before they can get off.
  • People who clearly have never had to regularly use buses in the past, and haven’t a clue about general politeness, such as giving up seats for the elderly/pregnant, playing music at an unnecessary volume (admittedly more of a chav-realted problem), being patronising towards bus drivers, and never saying thank-you etc to drivers. Politeness doesn’t cost much.
  • People who, when standing, don’t move down the bus. Use a bit of bloody common sense, please!
  • People who get on before everyone has got off, getting in their way in the process. More common sense, please!
  • People who shout abuse at bus drivers for driving off when they themselves haven’t got to the stop in time. Drivers are only permitted to pick up/drop off at the designated stops for the service for insurance reasons. They would be in the shit if you were to have an accident (and would probably lose their jobs).

Rant over.

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