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November 11, 2006

Supermassively Forgetful

It’s kind of weird – I’m off to see Muse on Wednesday at the NEC, which I’m dead excited about, but I keep forgetting about it. Every now and again, it just comes back to me and I think ‘Oh yeah, I’m giong seeing Muse next week!’ I’m just worried that come Wednesday night, I’ll be sat in my room on my computer knowing that I’m forgetting something but being unable to put my finger on it, then it suddenly dawning me about 8 o’clock, promptly causing me to think ‘Oh Shit!’, followed by the fastest run to Coventry station ever. Hopefully, at least one of John and I will remember, so there’ll be no problem. In theory at least…..

Looking back at this year (and my blog), I can’t quite believe the amount of live music I’ve been to this year (which is alot by my standards, having been to almost none previously) – there was Feeder, the Chili Peppers, the Leeds Festival (inc Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand), Robbie Williams (my Mum’s birthday present) and now Muse. Quite alot really!

In other news this week, I went to the ever-excellent Reckless Moment on Monday, and an unprecedented two cinema trips in two days to see the excellent Thank You For Smoking on Thursday, and the absolutely bloody hilarious Borat on Friday. It’s very nice! Then it’s the Cooler Comedy gig again tomorrow night, with the return of Lloyd Langford as MC, which should be good. And hopefully I’ll actually remember to take the tealights for a change this week, rather than walking out of the house, then realise I’ve forgotten them and having to run back – the first time I looked like a right lazy-arse as I had to get off the bus after just 3 stops! I’ve kind of got a weird feeling something else exciting is happening this weekend, when there isn’t. Maybe it’s Muse that’s doing it…

Also, I got round to writing an e-mail to Travel Coventry complaining about there use of an Optare Solo (one of these if you’re not familiar with makes of buses) on the 0808 journey from Pool Meadow to Uni every morning. It comes past the Earlsdon Avenue stop full up every day – is it so hard to substitute a double decker off some more lightly used route, or would that be being too sensible? Curse National Express group!

I think I’ll leave this transport-related rant there before I get too worked up! And, while I’m at it, as I’ve covered just about everything interesting that’s happening in my life at the moment, I’ll leave the entry here as well.

Until next time, adieu!

p.s. The rhyming in the tags in unintentional. Honest!

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