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May 11, 2006

My Life at the Moment

Hello all!

Haven't blogged for a little while, so I'd best do some catching up!
Sadly, my Great Auntie died yesterday morning. I'm probably closer to her than most people are to their Great Aunties/Uncles, because throughout my life she has in a way (maybe not intentionally, but this is how I saw it) acted as my surrogate Grandma, as all my actual grandparents died before I was born. I'm coping pretty well, but I'm sure I'm going to miss her. I'm going to go home for her funeral whenever it's arranged, within the next couple of weeks.

Apart from this blip, I've been feeling pretty great recently. Part of this is probably down to the nice weather and not having to get up for 9 o' clock lectures every morning, but I'm starting to really enjoy being at Uni. I don't know what exactly it is, but I just seem happier now than possibly I've ever been since I started all those months ago in September. I'm not saying this to show off or to try and get in peoples' good books, but I think having really great friends is also helping. I know they look out for me, which I'm grateful for, and, in turn, I look out for them too. All–in–all, I've been in a pretty awesome mood of late!

My revision's not going too badly, and I think I've categorised my set of exams into the following subsets:

I just about understand most bits and shouldn't have too much of a problem with
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Geometry and Motion
Number Theory (what I've done so far, at least!)

Bits I get, bits I don't get
Analysis II
Introduction to Geomety

Still don't have much of a chuffing clue how the solutions come about
Probability A/B

I could aid my revision by finding which of these sets/subsets form groups/subgroups, but I don't think it would work. For instance, I don't know what the inverse of Analysis II is….

Oh, and our Kitchen's TV (i.e. my TV) is broke, so that's more expense. It's worked perfectly for over a decade, then decides to end it all 2 hours before the final of the Apprentice. I mean, come on, of all the times it could have broke, why then? Aaaaarrrgggghhhh! Thankfully Matt came to the rescue with his TV which we were (read: I was) panic tuning in at 9 last night. Thankfully we found BB2 on it just as the opening credits were playing. There was kitchen–wide relief at that moment in time. I won't write who won in the end, as some people complained when I did that last time!

I think that'll be all for now. Adios!

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