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April 02, 2006

Owt excitin' happened lately?

Well no, not particularly. Survived (just) my four days at work last week, although for some reason by the end of my shift on Wednesday I was absolutely knackered. Thankfully, I had a day off on Thursday, without which I think I may otherwise have collapsed. I know the Deli isn't the most physically demanding of departments to work on, but I suppose all that lifting of slices of meet and cutting cheese takes its toll….

OK that was abit of sarcasm, except in the case of parmesan cheese, which IS bloody hard to cut through! I kept a customer waiting a good 5 minutes trying to get through the last centimetre of the stuff. At least it wasn't like on a previous occasion, when I pulled the wire bit clean off. Thankfully it was easy to reattach! This was also on the same day as nearly trashing the blade of the meat slicer by forgetting the lid of the tin was still stuck to the end of the block of corned beef I put in, and then proceeding to slice it…. The blade was OK (just a bent a little out of shape for a second!) Anyway, touchwood, I'm getting the hang of all this deli malarkey, particularly as last week was devoid of scrrew-ups of this nature!

In other news, my revision is starting to come along quite nicely now. I've been concentrating on Mechanics A revision, which I have during the first week back, and it's slowly starting to make a little more sense, so, touching wood once more, by the time the exam comes around, I should be OK. Not brilliant, just OK, OK? Regardless of what the eventual outcome is, I have decided it will be the first and last Physics module I take at this university!

Also, all my other (non-Warwick) friends finally get round to finishing at their Unis for Easter this weekend, so hopefully we should all be meeting up this week sometime and doing whatever. Apparently we may be going for a meal, and for a change, I'm not organising it! Plus I get to see my wonderful girlfriend again, whom I haven't seen since 1am on Christmas Day, so I can't wait to meet up with her again!

Anyway, thats all for now. Hope everyone is still enjoying their Easter holiday!

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