November 01, 2005

world cup predictions

i thought i would be the first to predict the result of next years world cup.
i believe that brazil will come close
france wont quite be good enough
england will lose on penalties
and the winner will be…...........................ivory coast
i believe this minnow of a country in their first world cup will go all the way!
i mean look at the squad, drogba, toure, erm, erm.. .. .. and other "world class" players will be enough to knock out the likes of brazil!

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  1. I think it'll be Germany. The home team with a very underated young team. If Ballack stays fit the Germany could go all the way.

    As much as we all think this could be Englands year I think there is too much ego in the squad. Our weaknesses are too well known. And as much as I am a Liverpool fan if Sven plays Crouch (or as he's now known Bambi) up front then we have no chance.

    01 Nov 2005, 17:05

  2. I can't see further than Brazil. Ronaldinho, Robinho, Ronaldo, Adriano, Kaka, Juninho (nice free-kick today), Emerson….to name just some of the talent.

    If Germany win it would truly suck.

    02 Nov 2005, 01:08

  3. I can see Greece winning it for sure…

    03 Nov 2005, 15:19

  4. Frank

    Ivory Coast is good, but I don't think they will have what it takes to go all the way. I see Italy winning it all. Although they haven't done great in the past couple tournaments, they are a strong team. If Buffon recovers from his injury soon and gets back in the mix, I could see them taking the trophie.

    30 Nov 2005, 15:46



    12 Dec 2005, 21:26

  6. Charlie

    I Think that either England France or Brazil will win the world cup but i truly hope
    that Australia do well, i think They will make it to
    the Quarter Finals.
    GO AUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18 Dec 2005, 22:28

  7. Hesham

    I think the finals this year will be Brazil Vs Argentina but Brazil will take it again. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Robinho, Adriano, Kaka and Carlos on 1 team.. it will be tough to beat that. Having all their games at their home, Germany will also have a big advantage this year, but it wont be enuff.

    05 Jan 2006, 08:22

  8. SeCharles

    Wait just a minute. No-one is mentioning Holland. Finally neither Holland and Brazil have to play each other. I do believe that this World Cup will have some surprises where lightweights (even though they have some talent and can't play as a team!) will ride the success of their emotions.

    06 Jan 2006, 20:16

  9. mavic

    You forgot Arouna Koné (PSV Eindhoven)

    10 Jan 2006, 19:51

  10. crompy

    ukraine will win

    29 Jan 2006, 14:37

  11. Joe

    First off, look at who the favorites were going into the last few World Cups: France and Argentina for 2002, Brazil for 1998, Germany for 1994, Italy for 1990, Brazil for 1986, Brazil for 1982…... I've never seen the favorite actually win a World Cup in my life. Therefore I don't see Brazil winning this… Brazil has had too much sucess in the last 3 World Cups, they have to bump into bad luck somewhere soon.

    If Italy lives up to their full potential, they are the best team in the tournament and can win the trophy. But if they put about 30% of their potential on the field (as they've been doing in recent tournaments), they'll surely be eliminated in the 1st round.

    Argentina is great now, but I doubt they'll win a World Cup on European soil. So assuming Italy doesn't live up to their potential, I'd say this either Germany or England will win this trophy.

    31 Jan 2006, 04:21

  12. christopher

    i think that portogal will e in the final and that ghana will be the surprise package!!!!!!!

    24 Mar 2006, 17:44

  13. chris

    Ofcourse France will not make it to the semifinal…........lets just wait and see and hope that ghana will win

    24 Mar 2006, 17:49

  14. rob

    i think all you guys are on some heavy duty….the final will be italy vs portugal or holand and 3rd will be argentina

    10 Apr 2006, 05:15

  15. Yo

    It doesn't matter what we think. Lets just sit down and enjoy the wild ride. I can't wait.

    19 Apr 2006, 00:57

  16. trevor

    Although their ranking is unwarranted U.S.A. has a pretty good squad. do NOT count them out like everyone did in 02' the year they almost beat germany in the quarterfinals. they have all those players back plus some fresh and fast talent up front. i hope you snicker while reading this, thats exactly the kind of ideology us underdog american SOCCER fans love…

    20 Apr 2006, 19:17

  17. Marcus

    Hector amigo
    Mexico can't even beat the United States outside of Axteca. They have been dominated in recent memory by their only competition in a weak sauce confederation. Mexico and the United States are consistently better than their African and Asian counterparts but no one can compete with the powerhouses of South America or Europe

    21 Apr 2006, 17:51

  18. Aaron

    i believe england have wot it takes this year,a very stable and solid team and a strong defense which they have liked in previous world cup(this due to the rise over the last 3 years of john terry) with gerrard and lampard centrally ,even though people say they cannot play together i think they will produce big time at the world cup.the only concern i have about england is the cpatain beckham,where will his head be in germany ? we need him bang in form for england 2 succeed.with rooney and owen up top i cannot see a lack of goals ..surely this is englands year

    25 Apr 2006, 23:30

  19. Andy

    IRAN 2 win!! come on u IRANNIES!!!! BRAZIL 2 go out 1st round!! DOWN THE BRAZILIANS!!!!!!!!

    26 Apr 2006, 09:19

  20. Marcus

    the game is FOOTBALL, not soccer
    I'm American too, but our country knows and cares about approximately nothing in the sport. Football is the name given by the inventors of the sport and predates our American version (although any such claim is blasphemous where I presently reside – at the American football capitol of the world, Notre Dame, IN).
    I do hope that the Czechs pull a Portugal and underestimate us. I don't think there is any way that we can break down that Italian defense with our relatively weak strike force.

    27 Apr 2006, 16:33

  21. ???????????????

    England will play France for 3rd place. Brazil v. Germany in Final Brazil will win. (Ronaldhino scoring a hatrick)

    04 May 2006, 18:23

  22. fred

    germany like fat juicy pies

    09 May 2006, 19:40

  23. steven

    italy will win its their year! Luca toni scored 80 goals in 3 seasons. Totti will be in full form, Buffon is undespoudetly the best goalie in the world and they have free kick ace andrea pirlo. They dont play defensivly no more…. evry one else Italy is the champ..

    10 May 2006, 13:21

  24. David

    Why is everyone writing off Mexico? Saying stupid comments like "they can't even beat USA outside of Azteca". Who cares? Have you not noticed that Mexico has Brazil's number lately? Including their most recent 1–0 win vs brazil at confederations cup, and the should–have–been win against Argentina. Mexico scored to go ahead, and they ended up losing because it was silver goal. That's stupid, all soccer overtime should be golden goal, and mexico would have been through to the finals. But i'm not saying this means mexico is better than brazil, it's just we have to be respected, and you'll all see, mexico will do well at world cup. They'll top the group (portugal is garbage, they're way overrated). Then they can easily beat argentina again in next round, if not holland. Watch guys, you'll see Mexico take it all home.

    10 May 2006, 18:45

  25. Giancarlo

    Mexico are in an easy group except for portugal if they don't top there group they should stop playing soccer now. Maybe Mexico can beat a top quality time once but they can't do it consistently. Easily beat Argentina you must be mad!!!! Trinidad and Tobago would win the world cup before Mexico.

    11 May 2006, 20:26

  26. Adooooo!

    You can count out "les bleus", France is old, and trying to live in the past, Henry can't win the cup by himself. Brazil is your safe bet, US to quarterfianls, Germany out early, Mexico could go far, as could England… but nothing stands up to Brazil.

    12 May 2006, 19:42

  27. hhkjiouh

    in my opinion south korea, brazil, argentina, and ivory coast will be in the last four

    12 May 2006, 20:43

  28. Marcus

    Semifinals without a European team? You are mad. Korea won't make it out of their group unless they manage to bring the referees from the previous cup. David, you are delusional man. I don't know why all of Mexico and those farcical FIFA world rankings think that CONCACAF teams can compete with the better squads of UEFA and CONMEBOL. The Confederations cup was an anomaly. Mexico will not beat Holland, Argentina, Brazil or even Portugal in Germany. Mark it down. And my previous comment about the U.S.–Mexico rivalry is relevant. If you can't even beat my overrated boys and dominate the inferior competition north of the equator there is no way you will hang with Argentina and Brazil when they actually give two shits. I mean Japan drew Brazil in the Confederation Cup. Stop pretending like that tourney actually mattered. I wouldn't even be that surprised to see an Iran or Angola upset. By the way, my homeboys Gooch and Cobi say hello amigo.

    15 May 2006, 17:38

  29. Ian

    I hope that isn't a serious answer with Ivory Coast, but without further ado i present to you Holland '06 Champs

    Van Nistelrooy, Seedorf, Van Persie, Robben, and much more…

    you know these douche bags will win.

    17 May 2006, 00:49

  30. Paulo

    What about Saudi Arabia, the combination of European defensive influences together with a true samba rythm and the traditional values embodied within the heart of the middle east is a sight to behold and i have no doubt whatsoever that only a series of horrrific injuries could deny these demi–gods a place in the final.

    18 May 2006, 10:17

  31. Adam

    here it is quarters—–argentina will play germany and win, england will play portugal and win(as a payback for the european cup), italy will play france and it doesn't matter who wins because neither of them will beat argentina in the semi, brazil will play spain and win. then it will be England v brazil and argentina v france or italy. as much as I'd like to say we're looking at a england argentina final, I'd have to say there will be a big party somewhere in south america on July 9th…

    18 May 2006, 21:43

  32. Rick

    world cup predictions are difficult. but i believe it will be brazil in the final. but who they will be playing against is hard to predict, and depends on who finishes 2nd etc in the group stages. so it's going to be brazil vs any of "chasing pack" (ie: italy, france, argentina, germany, england, holland, portugal, chezch, etc). i would like to see an england germany final though.

    i think brazil are hot favourites. and will win it, even though they are hot favourites and the favourites usually never win (as that guy up there said)

    23 May 2006, 23:50

  33. Marcus

    Quit smoking Pele's crack pipe.
    I don't care about the style. The Saudis are far from demi–gods. That distinction would require some talent. Lack of experience is also problematic. No way they compete with the top squads of Europe and South America.

    24 May 2006, 15:22

  34. Johnny

    "Trinidad and Tobago would win the world cup before Mexico."

    ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?? thats the biggest joke ive ever heard, ever. Mexico is so full of talent and in such a winning streak why would they stop when they vs a joke of a team Iran and Angola a team with not enough talent to make it out of the group and why do people think portugal is so good most overated team in my mind. My final 4 are

    Mexico Germany England Brasil Germany to win it all
    home teams got the advantage did you see korea and japan last year made it so far not because of talent just because they were at home

    24 May 2006, 23:17

  35. Watto

    ENGLAND will win the World Cup. Look at the spine of England's team – Robinson, Terry, Gerrard, Rooney and Owen. Throw in a bit of Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, Beckham and Lampard and you are definately looking at the next World Champions. In this team you have defensive solidity, a midfield that cannot be bettered by anyone and a strikeforce with a proven goalscorer (Owen) along with a football magician (Rooney). And on top of all of that you have character and a never say die spirit unequalled by any other footballing nation.
    Semi's will feature Brazil, Germany and Italy.

    25 May 2006, 17:43

  36. Speccy

    Let's hear it for Wayne Rooney


    29 May 2006, 14:00

  37. swedo

    sweden will win

    29 May 2006, 22:53

  38. raciere

    I also predict Argentia or Italy V Brazil, with Brazil winning.

    Teams that will beat expectations: Ukraine, Ivory Coast, USA

    Wildcard: The Czechs

    30 May 2006, 00:13

  39. Catherine

    Sorry to say, but I think all of you guys are wrong. i think Argentina is going to take it all!!! Wouldn't it be awesome if it was Argentina vs. Brazil!!?! Can't wait for the CUP! GOOOOAAAALLLLLL

    31 May 2006, 04:44

  40. Andre

    Portugal have a great chance. After brazil they have the biggest names playing for the biggest clubs in the world. Players like C. Ronaldo. Deco, Figo, Paulo Ferrirer. They will reach the final

    31 May 2006, 11:42

  41. Mainwaring

    I agree with all of you. Thanks for coming… Goodnight. (Oh, except that tosh about the USA. No chance will they get out of the first round.)

    31 May 2006, 17:32

  42. swede

    portugal wont win and have no chance cause they are bad, brazil have to many good players but sweden has a good chance and s does italy. they both have good players that can bring home the win.


    31 May 2006, 21:05

  43. tommo

    england and germany sounds good 4 the final, i think brazil and england in the final

    01 Jun 2006, 00:46

  44. Chiggs the Manc

    CUUUMMOONN ENGLAND! with or without Wazza. We will definately be there or there abouts!

    01 Jun 2006, 01:36

  45. Chiggs the Manc

    Watto – your a legend… and i shareyour thoughts. Lets hope they bring themselves to Germany…

    01 Jun 2006, 01:38

  46. forgazy!

    england al the way!
    they can beat ny1 on their day

    lets just hope crouch dont start for england!

    01 Jun 2006, 12:44

  47. CrespoNo2

    England gona face da Argies In da Final I reckon..

    Lead to Penalties… Crespo wid da winning goal..

    01 Jun 2006, 13:33

  48. Chiggs the Manc

    I watched Italy vs Switzerland. Italy looked very mediocre, nothing special, pirlo had a good game as did gattuso. but Switzerland didnt look too troubled and could deal with everything they had to throw. Typical Italians, so much potential and ability but you just never know!

    01 Jun 2006, 13:39

  49. Jonathan

    Brazil and Germany last years finals. At least one of them will be in this years finals im cetain. Germany has the home feild advantage which i'm thinking could be the deciding factor. It is my contention that Germany will make the finals. Brazil is not ambitious enough. Greeks, Brits, and Argentinians present the most solid threat.

    01 Jun 2006, 21:50

  50. watto

    Can anyone please answer this question. Whist all of the other teams in the world cup finals are playing friendlies against each other or against other countries, why did Brazil play FC Lucerne? I personally think that they are shit scared of losing a game just before the finals – so are resorting to playing the footballing minnows of Switzerland (no offence meant to any swiss fans!). This is clearly being done so that their aura of invincibility remains untouched. Me – I think they have fantastic individual players – but they dont play as a team. As soon as they come up against a decent European team they could find themselves on the next plane home to Rio.

    02 Jun 2006, 17:45

  51. Theodoros

    Serbia&Montenegro wins the World Cup! The team who plays the ugliest, ultimately defensive football in whole Europe, but has balls bigger than anyone else! Final: Serbia&Montenegro – Croatia 1:0

    04 Jun 2006, 03:13

  52. burnes

    Everyone has their favs and it is usually their fav team. I am a big Brazil fan and can easily see them winning it. But there are a couple of teams that will beat our over confident group. For one England can beat us on a bad day. But the team that scares me the most is the team wearing orange. ANd no I dont mean those overhyped Elephants from africa. I mean the dutch. For one they dominated us in the semi's at 1998 and probably would have beaten France in the final if we did not STEAL that game from them. Not only that but they are basically playing at home and play the most exciting football in the world. Yes its true brazilians they are more attractive then us. But if we can avoid the exuberant Netherlands then I think we can win it all again. Predictions 1. Holland 2. Argentina 3. Brazil 4. Czechs

    04 Jun 2006, 07:58

  53. Jon

    Guess what your all wrong hahaha the winners of this cup will be the Argentina hasn't played well in a world cup since the days of Maradonna. The Dutch are too young and the french better get their head in the game they are weak having to bring players out of retirement to secure a spot. England may be a favorite but injuries have been plauging them. Germany although strong and the home team dont have enough to make it to the final. Neither Mexico or Portugal are going to make it and the Czechs will choke. I am confident that a European team will win. Just picking one is the hardest. I am guessing Spain,Italy,Serbia.

    04 Jun 2006, 23:35

  54. italians NOT stallions

    Jon, it seems like you are big on the have nots. Imagine if Serbia won the WC. It would be the lease attractive soccer tournament EVER. THe Italians are bums and need to take a shower and wash their hair one in awhile. SPain well I think I said enough.

    05 Jun 2006, 05:23

  55. Chiggs the Manc

    SERBIA?? hahahahahahaaaa. I like optimists!

    05 Jun 2006, 15:30

  56. Plastic Spoon

    Portugal the runner up of Euro 2002, lost only to Greeks by accident, is my pick. They are young and talented and their time is now. I see Holland, Brazil, Italy and Portugal in the final four.

    05 Jun 2006, 20:12

  57. Big Cock

    Hey guys I can't wait for the word cup to start. It's gonna be great!!!!

    05 Jun 2006, 21:52

  58. Twin Cities Boy

    Mexico vs USA Holland vs Brazil
    Teams W/tallent not tradition

    06 Jun 2006, 04:57

  59. Burma Boi

    germany wont make it out

    06 Jun 2006, 04:58

  60. Gil

    Well Brazil have never won a world cup in a european country for 43 years! So im gonna go for a european team like Netherlands or Italy, France maybe seeing as zinedine zidane is gonna play for them and also having henry being an effective striker that he is!

    06 Jun 2006, 05:20

  61. Vladimir

    In my oppinion, without any doublt, Brazil is the best team in the world, and if they had an oportunity to play 2 games with any oponent, they would win for sure. World cup tournament is something completely different. This time it is Europe, and I see Italy and England both can win one mach against Brazil. Nedherlands are too young, and I can't see them going too far. Germans are not good enough this time, just like Franch. Croats have very good team, and they now how to play World Cup matches.

    06 Jun 2006, 12:31

  62. Rodney

    Brazil will be in the finals, and the rest of the field will likely be european. As for who wins it, I can see Germany as champ against Brazil and Holland winning for 3rd against the Spaniards

    06 Jun 2006, 17:24

  63. Liters

    I put down Brazil, Germany, Ukraine and Argentina in that order. But I like Electronic Arts' bold prediction of a Czech Republic–Brazil final… What I would like even more would be a Czech Republic–Ukraine final, but the would eventually meet in a knockout match and not reach the final together. What would have to happen? Ukraine would have to beat Spain in Group H, Cz. Rep. would have to beat Italy in Group G; then Ukraine would have to beat #2 of Group G and Cz. Rep. would have to beat #2 of Group F. In quarterfinals is where it gets really complicated for Ukraine as they would have to beat Brazil here, whereas Cz. Rep. only has to beat Spain to go into semifinals. This is another reason why I like the Czech Republic–Brazil final prediction… With Germany and England playing for 3rd and 4th place.

    07 Jun 2006, 17:51

  64. oreo

    Brazil— overrated
    France— old
    Egnland— injured
    Italy— unprepared
    Argentina— average
    Germany— used to be good
    Holland— consistant, but got no balls

    Watch out for the underdog win : Ukrainians, Croatians or Czechs


    07 Jun 2006, 21:27

  65. xeno

    first off the czech our what ranked third in the world how is that a surprise, and though i hate to admit its brazils to lose…........

    GO AMERICA!!!!!!

    08 Jun 2006, 00:00

  66. kp

    croatia watch out good team i like portugal and mexico

    08 Jun 2006, 02:49

  67. Chiggsthe Manc

    oreo – England are not injured anymore Roony is fit justneeds match fitness and realistically we dont need him untill the second round where he will run rings around anyone who challenges him!

    08 Jun 2006, 13:40

  68. Alex

    YEAH Australia all the way, with thier brute strenght the pussies of germany and Spain wont stand

    HAHAN , and iran wont last more than a minute, obviously, thats the biggest joke ive ever heard of lol

    08 Jun 2006, 13:48

  69. Roland

    I'm german and live in South Africa, so of course it would have been great to see South Africa in the final, but that was not to be….
    Of course my wish would be a German victory, but I doubt that they will reach the semi finals, so my money is on England….coming from a German, thats a huge vote of confidence…..for once all my English friends agree with me! Cheers!!

    08 Jun 2006, 14:05

  70. Ryan



    09 Jun 2006, 02:18

  71. Gil

    Well looking at the groups I think Nehterlands have the best bet of getting into the grand final with brazil, cause we all know brazil will be brilliant but they have never won a world cup in europe for 43 years….. But we will see, it will be a great world cup!!

    09 Jun 2006, 04:45

  72. ACID

    Some of the predictions make me wonder if the sender actually truely follows the beautiful game or is one of those type that crawl out of the closet every four years the WC comes round For e.g. Seedorf (Ian) You'll find he is polishing his clogs in Rotterdam, England (Injured) by Oreo, Well actually for the 1st time in living memory especially now that Rooney is given the Green light there are no major injuries (except Ledley King – but Eng have good cover at Centre Back/Defensive Midfield), and some of the semi & Final predictions are not possible given the draw certain teams can only meet at certain stages e.g Eng v Brazil can only be a Semi (Shame actually as it wud make a great Final)......OK so Brazil are everyones Fav's but I cud not help look at their 11 v Eng in the QTR finals in Japan / Korea 02. They beat Eng 2–1 with 2 goals in 5 minutes thanks to that 'freekick' by Ronaldiniho….Eng were without Gerrard, Neville & Becks & Owen were certainly not 100% fit…Given it was 90% humidity in the day time in a Time zone +7hrs, Today they have Rooney, Lampard, and the two Coles on European soil with only 1 hr time difference & cooler conditions…..Much improved England over the 2002 squad….Interestingly Brazil have more or less the same 11 with I think an older & weaker defence having lost Roque Junior & Edmilison with the Brilliant Kaka & Adriano replacing the then awesome Rivaldo….My point it's gona be pretty close….Dont Rule out The Argie Bargies or Italians with The Dutch, French, Spanish, Portugese, Czechs & Ivory Coast very capable sides….My Last 4 = Brazil, England, Argentina & Italy

    09 Jun 2006, 04:49

  73. pete

    I like chips. Too much tomatoe sauce can ruin them so be careful!

    09 Jun 2006, 12:33

  74. caramba

    Germans? In the final??
    Japan–Germany pre–WC friendly match 2–2.. i watched the 90 minutes of this match in complete awe of how suprisingly well the Japanese were playing and in my opinion the Germans managed a tie thanks to pushing and shoving. If Germany didnt manage to beat them, i honestly do not see them winning the world cup, unless some money is involved. What do you guys think?

    09 Jun 2006, 20:10

  75. maurice

    well, dear english friends… let's be a little realistic to face the fact the England,despite good players always choke in world cups… last victory, 1966, anyone cares to remember? my vote goes to a dutch/brazilian final… victory to the yellow jerseys… again…

    09 Jun 2006, 20:23

  76. Pete

    Holland all the way, every other team out there is shit so go eat a dick all u other fans.

    09 Jun 2006, 23:40

  77. dick

    Pete you have a very good point. THe orange are beautiful to watch and everyone slse should eat me.

    10 Jun 2006, 01:44

  78. prince charles

    I love the english team. oh hold up I need to take a sip of tea….............................Ahhhhhhh I feel better now. Well the english team looks promising I must say this year BUT my throat feels a little congested. How long til I CHOKE. Okay I will choke in the 2nd round. AH wait some tea might clear my throat. NO I choked so bad I will have to make excuses and act all Italian.

    10 Jun 2006, 01:53

  79. ronaldinho's dentist

    That ROnaldinho has really attractive teeth. Like no wonder no one can tackle him, they dont want to take the chaance of being stabbed by sabretooth. WHy are all brazilian woman hot and brazilian men look like trash. Well this year they will play like they look.

    10 Jun 2006, 01:56

  80. brazil sucks

    I dont think those are his real teeth dentist!. and if they are "ouch" that is one ugly specimen. BRAZIL SUCKS> who cares about South America. Why do we even invite them. They can have their own tournament with the argies and CHILE and Peru. KAKA it sounds like he has to take a dump. From now on his first name is poop. Poopy KAKA. He looks like sh*t.

    10 Jun 2006, 02:18

  81. Alexia

    ok who ever said italians dont wash there hair ??? excuse me but ur confusing italians with whatever the fuck u are. anyways we all know that italys gonna win and if u think those stupid other contries are,,well think again. peace out

    10 Jun 2006, 04:29

  82. orange

    i honestly dont think that the clockwork orange team will even get to the semi finals, despite my wishes. in the friendly match last week against australia they didnt manage to win (1–1), no offence aussies.

    10 Jun 2006, 11:20

  83. howitis

    Brazil: for– the ferrari of football teams || against– ronaldinho looks like a horse || overall– best chance at the finals

    France: for– Henry, Zidane || against– the rest of the team || overall– ole' snobs

    England: for– Rooney, coles, beckham || against– oh dear, its tea time || overall– not a bad chance for 3rd or 4th

    Italy: for– defence || against– primadonnas || overall– nobody wants to see tears in the finals

    Argentina: for– italian without the tears || against: the netherlands || overall– litlle less talk, lilttle more do

    Germany: for– hosts || against– winning will cost || overall– the possiblity exists

    Netherlands: for– clockwork orange || against– isnt what it once was || overall– diserve to win, finally

    10 Jun 2006, 11:53

  84. nemesis

    why do teams play like fucking pussies?? make goals and play defence, for instance (cough cough, italians).. make a player change the last minutes to waste time (hint hint argentinians)?? these teams have got no balls!

    10 Jun 2006, 22:17

  85. Buffon


    WE suck and stink. C'mon fellow italians, its time to give it up and stop being so darn ignorant and pathetic.

    10 Jun 2006, 23:32

  86. Play beautiful

    Im with you nemesis. Teams need to stop playing so relaxed and stingy. Thanks Italians for your style of play. You are runing the game of soccer. You should be disgraced. The less games they play this tournament the better for the game.

    Imagine a Serbia/Italy matchup….............I dont think there would be a shot all game….Penalties for sure.

    10 Jun 2006, 23:36

  87. italian stallions

    HAHA, calm down Alexis. Dont start acting all Italian and get too excited. I wasnt referring to italian woman.

    By the way I am Italian. Us Italian men cant help it we just smell, its because we get too passionate about EVERYTHING so we sweat alot.

    10 Jun 2006, 23:42

  88. safe bets

    Well hopefully today's game involving Ivory COast will settle down some of the IVory COast predictions. Sure they played tough but are not quite formidable enough to suceed to round 2. SO no more Elephant talk until they win a game. NOw if you were a wagering man then the teams you would bet on for the quarters would be. Germany England Holland Argentina Brazil Czech France and Ukraine. NOtice the only upset would be Ukraine but thats because they will win their group ahead of SPain(we all know why) and will play the Swiss in the 2nd. Those are logical not predicting with my heart. Semis well HOlland Argentina Brazil and Czechs. NO prepared to predict those matchups though. By the way I am a Spanish fan and am not predictin ghtem past the 2nd unlike most of these people above betting of course their fav team. Know your teams limits before you get carried away.

    10 Jun 2006, 23:52

  89. rafi & wack waki dod

    Saudi Arabia will beat argentina in the final

    if not the world cup will SUCK

    11 Jun 2006, 12:02

  90. Rafi

    Argentina and Po

    11 Jun 2006, 12:03

  91. Akeel

    Your all Gay! I love basketball, so i will win the world cup, p.

    11 Jun 2006, 12:05

  92. Frank

    if brazil will win i'll go and fuck each and everyone of them. go Saudi

    11 Jun 2006, 12:06

  93. f

    i think Saudi arabia will win, if not ill rape everyone inthe world (fuck america)

    11 Jun 2006, 12:07

  94. George Bush

    i think BECKHAM sucks and he can suck my black dick, go IRAQ I LOVE IRAQ

    11 Jun 2006, 12:10

  95. otman

    i think however made this sit has no BALLS, AND thats a fact

    11 Jun 2006, 12:11

  96. Dicky


    11 Jun 2006, 12:11

  97. SDF


    11 Jun 2006, 12:13

  98. saudi

    2002: Germany 8 Saudi Arabia 0

    I like their chances this time around.

    11 Jun 2006, 21:29

  99. saudi

    WHO is Saudi best player?...........DO they have a best player?..........DO they have a team?.......Im saudi, im saudi , im saudi, im saudi…..........Hey on the 24th you better meet me at the motel so I can be raped. BE prepared cause I will be. : )

    11 Jun 2006, 21:36

  100. Argintina

    So here I am still celebrating the Argentina win today when I see this player named Robben rip apart the Serbia mighty defence time and time again. How did he do that?..........Is he human?.....Anyways my relaxed attitude towards winning the group has been flushed down the toilet. I dont think we will be able to contain that Dutch attack especially if Ruud plays better. That other winger is pretty good I think his name is Van Piersie or something. Why is the Holland team not more highly predicted, I heard its because they have young players but that is bullsh*t since the young players are amazing. I hope Argentina can still finish 2nd. FIngers crossed.

    11 Jun 2006, 22:28

  101. rafi & wack waki dod

    Sorry everyone about me prediciton earlier….......I have been sniffing way too much gasoline and oil.

    Saudi will not win a game and the tournament will be better when they are eliminated. Sorry about my mumbling earlier, I have serious problems. DOes anyone know how to reduce the itching of genital warts?

    11 Jun 2006, 22:31

  102. saudi rowdy

    Is every1 blind?...isnt it so obvious that suadi arabia will win it all. they have the physique, strategy and individual brilliance to clinch victory from the jaws of defeat. any1 who cant se this should be ashamed. Its inevitable…laugh is u must..u will all see when they thrash spain 4–1 and destroy and kill and obliterate ukrain 1–0. GO SAUDI ARABIA (les greens)

    12 Jun 2006, 12:52

  103. The Manc is back!


    12 Jun 2006, 16:25

  104. safe bets

    Like I said before know your teams limits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess we wont be hearing from Saudi after their first game. HA

    12 Jun 2006, 20:44

  105. Tiscur

    i think togo could go all the way!!

    13 Jun 2006, 00:19

  106. iop

    Isant it great how football brings the world together…......When the games are being played there is not conflict and no worries….....

    I hope the terrorist are enjoying it…...........or are they too miserable of people to have fun…....Bad attitudes….....NO one likes miserable people.

    13 Jun 2006, 00:29

  107. omar bin Faisal

    I am sure that Saudi Arabia will win it all!!!

    13 Jun 2006, 23:03

  108. soccer or football?

    SO we are almost through the 1st set of games. Sure we have not seen Spain or Ukraine yet but neither should contend at the end anyways. Rating so far.

    Germany – Impressive offence. who knew…..Looked sloopy against a bad team (B–)
    England – Played in the heat, Looks like the England we have grown to see in the WC (B)
    Argentina – Looked good in spurts, will always be overhyped (B)
    Holland – Surprisingly pressed the tough S and M defence, look like they will be in Germany for awhile (A–)
    Portugal – 1–0 against ANgola, need I say more (C–)
    Italy – Showing signs of character, and Totti kept his spit in his mouth (B–)
    Czech – Looked creative and energized, Pavels knees still healthy (A–)
    Brazil – Croatia brought the play for at least 50% of the game, Look beatable. (C+)
    France – Maybe should of lost, 4 games without a goal and counting.

    Other then those giants the only other team that lost competitive with them is Mexico but they will fall in the 2nd round as usual. THe nest set of games look for US to rebound with a solid game aginst the Italians. Italy will play down to their level and lose. Brazil will escape with another close vicotry and Ivory COast will be officially eliminated from the competition.

    13 Jun 2006, 23:09

  109. soccer or football

    Oh yeah and Saudi Arabia will win their opening match 3–0. ANd will win their 2nd match 4–0. and their 3rd match the will win….psych

    13 Jun 2006, 23:13

  110. saudi rowdy

    LES GREENS…hail the mighty saudis, u think im kidding?...wit n see…behold the latest tactics, Terrorising the worlds defences is sumthin they know all about. they will come back from 2–0 down to beat mexico 1–0 in the second

    then they will face czech rep. in the quarters, nedved will get sent off for retaliating to sexual assault. then they will take advantage of this and break the stalemate scoring twice in the last 5 mins…final score 2–0.

    then they will face holland in the semis. they will take the lead after just 2 minutes due to a defence error by kromkamp. the resultand low cross will be met by a superb header leaving van der saar standing. holland will take charge of the game by controlling possession making the saudis frustrated. they will stray out of possession to win the ball and van nistelrooy will punish them. the game will go into xtra time. both teams will score 1 own goal. score is 2–2. penalty shoot–out, cocu misses his penalty, saudis win!

    Into the final against england(who just beat brazil 4–2)(bekcham wit a hat–trick…two goals direct from corner kicks and one blistering voley from 1 yard out)

    it will be the most intense game in world cup history…with both sides highly talented, going 4 the kill.
    lampard will hit the woodwork 4 times b4 crouh finds the net after taking on 5 saudi players and rounding the keeper(yes…jus like maradona in 86…but with 9 more step–overs)

    all will seem lost until veteran striker sami al–jaber is brought on in the 74th min. he urges his countrymen(and women) to lift their game and they launch a series of attacks on the english goal. EVERY saudi player is now in the english half of the field(including the keeper). the only player on the other side is walcott.

    twice, the english knock it long to walcott who has no one to beat but misses.
    then suddenly the saudi attacking midfielder temiyat curls one into the near post and evryone(including sepp blatter and pele) are on their feet applauding the effort. the score is 1–1.

    In xtra time, the saudis are fatigued, the just manage to stay level after the first half of xtra time. in the second half of xtra time, they decide to play 6 up front with nothing to lose. everytime they get possesion, the bombard the english penalty area with long lobs. one of these very lobs beats everyone including the keeper to find its way into the net.

    the english are broken. they have no energy to launch further attacks so they just walk off the field, LES GREENS take home the FIFA WORLD CUP for the 7th time in history

    14 Jun 2006, 17:39

  111. yo momma

    its incredible how much bulsh*t ppl can write…

    15 Jun 2006, 05:59

  112. Bombardier

    The vatican is the smallest independant state in the world – I wonder if they have a soccer squad?? Perhaps the Vatican will beat the new world champs Czech Republic in South Africa 2010!!

    My prediction: world cup South Africa champs – The Vatican!!

    15 Jun 2006, 11:10

  113. yo momma

    bombardier, sorry man i dont mean to offend you but your full of shit….. n so is a couple of ppl in here.. these are the countries i know will have the best chance to appear in the final:

    Brazil, England, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico… no im not including Germany.. everyon knows Germany is not a good team.. period!!!

    15 Jun 2006, 14:56

  114. Lorena

    Argentina vs. Brazil in the finals

    16 Jun 2006, 16:05

  115. dee

    I agree with Lorena, I believe Argentina vs. Brazil in the finals.

    16 Jun 2006, 16:12

  116. RC

    Well this year's World Cup is full of surprises. For one thing, Senegal and Turkey (who made it to the Quarterfinals in 2002) hadn't qualified this year, and countries like Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Australia, Ecuador, and Ukraine did. I believe that the Quarter finals will be composed of Italy, Brazil, England, Holland, Argentina, France, Germany, and Czech Republic. Then Czech will advance, in my opinion to the Semis, then maybe to the final. But the team I would bet on is Germany because since they have the home support this year, and they made it to Runners–up last cup, they will take it this time. But I still say watch out for Buffon, cuz he is the BEST goalkeeper EVER!!!!! If not Germany, then Czech, because they have a truly outstanding team. Ecuador will make it quite far aswell, after seeing their tremendous defense. But, all round, it will probably be Brazil…..again…...for the sixth time…......where they can keep the trophy again….....bastards…...

    16 Jun 2006, 18:04

  117. op hollanda

    Go holland!!! ur face ivory coast…go home on the next plane or wateva…n whoeva sed ivory coast will go a long way can go back with them….yeh baby!

    16 Jun 2006, 19:19

  118. me

    message for op hollanda:
    dude.. first: it wasnt a very nice victory.. second: holland is playing shit.. third: argentina scored 6 to 0 against serbia.. and fourth: dont get too happy cuz next wednesday holland is playing argentina..

    dont get me wrong, i am half dutch myself, but seeing how we played today.. it worries me how bad the dutch team is doing.. honestly they cant beat argentina who playing decent football.. its a pitty because they really have the potential to do SO well.. peace

    16 Jun 2006, 20:57

  119. op hollanda

    message for "me"

    man i totally agree with ya…we were pissing ourselves in that second half…the same midfield unit thats known to keep possesion so well couldnt hang on to the ball when pressured.

    BUT, ive come across a lotta ppl tellin me "u wait n see..the dutch r gonna be knocked out coz drogba this n drogba that…n theyve been studying the dutch game"...feck him!...i mean…how stupid is it to think that holland wont be studying ivory coasts game. everyone does it.

    so jus a meesage 4 all "those" ppl..u knoe who u r…..UP YOURS!!!...look wat happened. could sure go 4 sum ivory toast now. feck yeh!

    17 Jun 2006, 22:08

  120. Cid2k

    Spain or Netherlands will win it Argentinians have peaked to early bad news for English Fans You probably have the best Squad in the Tourney but u dont gel together Brazil looks to casual and dont really care Italy nah boring… Cechs could be a wildcard still but only bring two forwards?? nah Portugal like England maybe next time…. Sweden will fall 2nd round… SPAIN or Netherlands…. 3rd place going to Argies or Portugal

    17 Jun 2006, 23:30

  121. france rules

    I think france is gonna go all the way. They've got Barthez, Zidane, Henry just to name a few. I'd like to see Ivory Coast in the finals though.

    18 Jun 2006, 14:23

  122. charlie

    What World Cup are you fools watching? Spain will take down Brasil this year and will go on to the final to play Argentina in the final. SPAIN wins their first world cup. Mark it down, because that's what's going to happen boys and girls!

    19 Jun 2006, 06:33

  123. Osama Bin Laden

    Fuck America! Oh yeah, GO KSA, Saudi will wip ass! We're gonna beat Ukraine! Lets play ball homie

    19 Jun 2006, 10:18

  124. Hassan Zarqauwi


    19 Jun 2006, 10:22

  125. pff

    football is football.. politics is politics.. they have nothing to do with each other… btw just because president Bush did something many ppl criticize doesnt mean that everyone in USA is the same… one can just see how envious ppl are… sometimes i think it isnt about the Iraqi war rather than the envy ppl have towards the USA.. besides we can tell that messages 123 and 124 were written by the same person.. only 4 minutes in difference.. grow up, let go of ur momies' tities..

    19 Jun 2006, 19:01


    USA takes it and proves to europe it can play!!!!

    ^^horseshit haha

    21 Jun 2006, 04:28

  127. tripode

    There is an inmense lack of professionality in the referreing, and today's match is a clear example of this.. There was suppposed to be a penalty given to the dutch, oh yeah and everyone who saw the match knows what i am talking about.. a ninja high kick on Robben yet the referee didn't see that.. hmm.. interesting.. BULLSHIT! this would have meant a completely different ending…
    message to the portuguese: if you dont, at least and you should if there is any bit of dignity in you, admit your team played like shit and didnt really diserve to win then i guess your al the same… if i were portuguese id be ashamed..
    thats all i gotta say for now..

    25 Jun 2006, 22:20

  128. duke55

    england have not looked good so far… but they have still made it through. I say they will now start playing like they can and they are going ALL THE WAY BABYYYY!!!

    beckham and rooney will take us there!

    27 Jun 2006, 04:22

  129. Gils

    Australia vs Italy 0–1
    We were robbed!!!!!! That was clearly a dive, it takes 32yrs for aus to get in the world cup and a crappy decision from the ref cost us going ne further!!!!! It wasnt lucas Neils folt he was a great player in the world cup and he stopped many goals from being scored…. God bless Australia!!! Four years from now ill be in the next world cup and ill watch Aus take revenge on italy

    28 Jun 2006, 02:07

  130. portuguese disgrace

    Two teams that you have to feel for are Holland and Australia. FIrst Holland gets screwed ten times over and then Australia gets screwed by a dive in the box. Why are we not surprised that the two teams at the other end are Portugal and Italy. Portugul are a disgrace to their home country, their fans and themselves. Figo has thrown away his whole reputation. and Deco is he not Brazilian. IT is not surprising that Italy plkayed that card to win the game. THe had nothing going all game and sunk to a new low. Was that their gameplan, it would not surprise me.

    The bottom line is different countries have diferrent manners and class. The Portuguese would play every game like that if it meant winning the world cup. ITs funny cause I live around alot of Pork chops and every one thinks they played a great game. They even thouhgt they were unlucky to get two red cards. From what I saw as a neutral fan Portugal could of had 4 or 5. The figo headbutt that went mysterically unoticed and what about Maniche running out of play after the goal(automatic red). and also the kick in the chest on RObben that should have been a red and a penalty kick.

    All I can say is good luck pork chops and keep up the fair play. I was being sarcastic buit then again for you portuguese I should talk slow and slobber when I talk.

    30 Jun 2006, 05:22

  131. Nah Nah Nah Nah

    Saudi, Saudi, Saudi, Saudi…............Where did you go. A man of many names, I guess one for each wife.

    well your Saudi Prediction almost came through. When Ukraine were up 3–0 and Saudi almost had a shot on goal I was thinking comeback but then Ukaraine scored the fourth goal and PUNISHED the saudis. At least they did not let in 8 like last WC. whY do we even let them in the WC. THey SUCK. SO my friend with many names I wish you luck with your derogatory views and your bloiled anger towards life. Just remember a suicide bomber is just a piece of meat. The leaders use them and dont care whatsoever.

    Nah Nah Nah Nah
    Nah Nah Nah Nah
    Hey Hey Hey

    30 Jun 2006, 05:35

  132. fair play

    I know no one wants to see Brazil win the World CUp. ANd at the beginnning of the tournament those were my sentiments exactly. BUt now you look at the remaining teams and Brazil does not look so bad. First you have the Portugese, and the way they cheat and embarass teh game you cant cheer for them. England is respectable but thier media and constant hyping of average players turns the normal fan against them. THen there is the Italians(need I say more). Ukraine is a darkhorse and would be a option but do we really want another Greece. France is old and predictable and Argentina is good but who isant tired of seeing the overweight Maradone on TV 59 times a game. SO If I had to choose right now it would be Germany.

    30 Jun 2006, 11:15

  133. the last hour

    Well just wanted to reach out to all you Portugal fans. Never have I cheered for England before and I never thought I would. BUT after the last performance from your team it will be a first. Enjoy tonight for it will be your last in the competition. And the WC will be better without you all. Leave now quietly for you have caused enough shame and pity to the beautiful game. FORCA all the way out of Germany

    01 Jul 2006, 05:08

  134. tripode





    01 Jul 2006, 22:13

  135. yep

    Germany already has it wrapped up. As much as it sucks that a team with little talent will win because they are host it still souds a hell of alot better then Italy or Portugal winning the whole thing. 3rrd place game (ITaly vs Portugal) It will be a disgraceful game of theatrics and whinning. It will go down in history as the LOSER GAME.

    02 Jul 2006, 05:09

  136. upset

    What a crappy final four. You know it is bad when Germany and France are the teams easiest to cheer for. Usually they are teams to cheer against but with Portugal and ITaly in there France sounds pretty darn good at this point.

    Italy v Port in the 3rd place game….There will be no winner in that one.

    03 Jul 2006, 05:35

  137. sg g4s


    03 Jul 2006, 09:52

  138. sg g4s


    03 Jul 2006, 09:52

  139. Bryn

    You idiots! How the f*** can Germany 'buy' the world cup?! Regardless of who they buy, where they play etc, they still have to beat the other teams!! I watched them play too and they were simply better than their opposition. The best team won.

    Stop being sour losers and just admit your team got its ass kicked.

    04 Jul 2006, 19:20

  140. Tripode


    04 Jul 2006, 22:35


    I guess most of you were wrong…

    05 Jul 2006, 20:34

  142. indeed. i'm enjoying reading chris' comment that "ofcourse" france won't make it to semis and this too from
    "What World Cup are you fools watching? Spain will take down Brasil this year and will go on to the final to play Argentina in the final. SPAIN wins their first world cup. Mark it down, because that's what's going to happen boys and girls!"

    it's like a time capsule.

    06 Jul 2006, 18:06

  143. mick

    so boys n girls! the tourneys nearly over. theyve been sum very interesting comments and predictions but im sure youll all agree:

    1. the outstanding feature of WC 2006 has been the pure incompetence of the refs.

    2. "fair play" has been a rare phenomenon in a tournament full of diving, winging, play acting, unsporting behaviour.

    3. no one predicted an italy vs france final

    so, kudos to the asian and african sides for putting on a good show. football is now truly the world game.

    (americans, pleez grow up n give ur pussy sport a different name so we dont have to call ours "soccer". after all, how often do u actually kick the ball in a game of "american football")


    06 Jul 2006, 18:35

  144. i have to say i've been pleasantly surprised by the australians, they're a great team, and very watchable indeed, seems a shame they've gone out so early.

    07 Jul 2006, 16:02

  145. finals

    SO here are the top 5 points of this WOrld CUP

    1) Australia and Swtizerland surprise all.
    2) Portugal dusgraces their team, fans and nation with their dirty and shamful play.
    3) Brazil chokes and Argentina swallows
    4) Too many shootouts and reffing mistakes
    5) France win title with 2–0 win in Final.

    08 Jul 2006, 01:17

  146. Olle

    The 2nd point is right on the nose. Portugal played very dirty and shameful. There is no room for their team in FIFA. THey should be suspended for the next WC but hopefully they jsut wont qualify.

    08 Jul 2006, 23:26

  147. prok chops

    Portugal sucks.

    11 Jul 2006, 02:39

  148. The pork was barbecued

    the portuguese team did play very shameful but they have always been known for these types of circus acts. DIsgace and no honour is two ways to describe thise football nation.

    12 Jul 2006, 01:18

  149. Hello all.

    Predictions for next world cup. (2010)

    1) Brazil, England, Holland and Argentina will make final four.
    2) Portugal, Czech Rep and Poland will be absent due to bad qualifiers.
    3) An african country will make it back to the quarters. My guess is Cameroon. Africa will be thrilled
    4) No asian or middle east countries will make it to second round. Big surprise.
    5) Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Robinho, Klass Jan Huntelaar and Joe Cole will be the stars of the tournament with Huntelaar winning the golden boot.

    29 Jul 2006, 06:46

  150. forca Portugal

    I am a big Portugal fan but I have to agree with your assessments. Portugal will fade off in the next few years. THey will make it back to the final four in 40 years.

    05 Aug 2006, 01:57

  151. saudi

    I am back to apologize for all of my previous blogs. I was unreasonable not only by my prediction of Saudi winning the cup but with my language and religious beliefs. I apologize since I have recently seen my errors in life. Saudi was pathetic and so has been my attitude. Im sorry and hopefully we can win this war against terrorism. AGainst the evil side of humanity.

    09 Sep 2006, 17:29

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