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September 29, 2006

Friday, 29 September

Time, I suppose, that I submitted another proper update.

As it is, the study to which I have devoted this Blog in the last nine months is 95% finished. My five chapters, Introduction, Conclusion, Bibliography and so forth are all written and require only finishing touches before I can call it complete. These finishing touches, though, represent all the painful little jobs that I’ve postponed doing for some time now [double-checking references, finalising translations, that sort of thing] and could take up an indefinite amount of time before I submit. Who was it that said you never finish a piece of work, but rather you abandon it..?

My aim is to have everything I can corrected, polished and finalised by the time I meet with Andrew on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the work I’ve done over the summer. As the sum total of that represents over 12,000 words of my study, there could be any amount still to do after we meet before I can finally put it in to be bound. The deadline for submission is actually tomorrow [September 30] but by virtue of being a Research student I’m actually given a whole year’s grace period to play with. Still, barring any significant delays I’m hopeful I’ll be rid of all this within three or four weeks…

September 22, 2006

Friday, 22 September

Musing in the Caramellas, September 2006

September 07, 2006

Thursday, 7 September

And so with another entry, I can mark out another three-week lacuna in my blog where nothing worth recording was accomplished on my project. I can only defend myself by claiming that I was detained by other committments; moving house, visiting family, discussing and feeding back on Kate’s theories on the significance of satyrs in vase-paintings, for her now-handed-in dissertation.

Still, with my various other duties fulfilled I have returned to work this week and, virtuously, completed all 3,000 words of Dante chapter (Chapter I) in the matter of three days. Ultimately, the meagreness of source material [there’s only two Dante eclogues, and the second of those probably isn’t his] meant that it was something of a struggle; I can see now why the scholarly treatments that I found tend to be either very succinct, or padded with all sorts of peripheral information. I hope that what I’ve done falls somewhere between the two.

My thesis stands, overall, at 32,000 words now. I can go away to Catalonia next week [did I not mention that this entry would mark the beginning of another lacuna?] with only my Introduction and my Conclusion pressing on my conscience. Whether, between them, they’ll make up the shortfall of my 40,000-word requirement will be the main cause for anxiety—but then, there’s still plenty of scope for details to be sourced from Andrew’s various inspirations and added to my already-written but still-unpolished chapters before I have to hand in.

I have christened the study In the Guise of Tityrus: the Pastoral Tendency of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. There were a couple of alternatives, but that’s what I’m going with for now. Any feedback [unless it’s to tell me I’m poncy and gay] is welcome.

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