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December 03, 2004

How much you rule

Yes it is true , you guys are the most brilliant bunch if people, i love you all

Me , Holly & Ricardo were discussing how we need a TS social every now and again – would you guys be up for it? Would be brilliant coz we we only really see most peeps in drunken passing at the union and we all get on so well its a bit of a waste reallly!

Anyway – all of you take care and have yourselves a bluddy fantastic Christmas, will miss you all loads :'(

Will maybe see you all on the wednsday lecture depending on what time my flight gets in – but regardless i will be missing you on my hols where i shall return bronzed and shiney mwah mwah haaaaa

Welll i am a bit tired now at 03:20 – goodnight you crazee kids , would be wiked if i could get you guys on msn so add me dammit (

Looooooooooooooads o love

Ian, Beardy, Evil Guy from Beauty & the Beast, Optimus Prime, That Guy, and whatever else i get called behind my back that im not aware of!!


November 29, 2004

They Stole Christmas!!!

Being fans of all things cheesey and ridiculous, good old Cryfield 2 Kitchen 4 put up some xmas decorations to bring some festivity to the prison in which we live.

Brilliant!! I hear you cry…...not so, let me explian:

Our cleaner, Patsy says they look great and she doesnt mind them being up as long as we tidy ti up before we go "no probs" say we collectivley.

Friday – bout a week since they went up ,our warden comes in and says hes been told that we have to take them down! But not all of them…..just the snow spray on the windows. We ask why and he quite politely says its not him (he quite likes it) but a cleaning supervisor from Rootes came over and went mental – apprently ITS A FIRE RISK!!! Now i may not be a scientist but i think that 1) if a flame could travel the 12 feet from the oven to the window we'd all be a bit buggered anyway…....and 2) even more buggered if the fire was so bad that the windows caught alight!!!

We kindly ignore what we'd been told ( Our warden not really careing what we did) but today weve been told if we dont get it off by tomorrow we will ALL be fined £20… £20×25 peopl in the kitchen…is thate enough money to hire a supervisor with more than one GCSE and some common sense?

October 31, 2004

Halloween Ball – Optimis Prime, Transformers and Lots of photos

Just a big shout out to everyone i met/hugged/high fived/had photos taken with last night – Yes i was Optimus Prime!!!

Its amazing what you can do with 6 hours , 8 boxes, 2 rolls of selotape, 4 rolls of wrapping paper, some blue tack and a load of string /patience.

If anyone has any pictures can you blog them so i can steal them ? I know there was a lot (i started counting mid way through the night and i got to 20)


btw heres a pic if u missed out!!

October 25, 2004

My Frogs Related hangover

Well i did get drunk….but reading the Frogs didnt really happen…..but holly threw up, i walked people home ….my gf called + was a bit angry that i couldnt create sentences…..then i threw up and im cleaning it up right now and it REAAAAAAAAAAAKS!!!!!!!

So all in all a good nite – shame on you who didnt cum to james'!!!

Hmmmmm lecture in half an hour and then one this afternoon AND a trip to bristol on a coach isnt seeming very appealing right now!!!


October 15, 2004

Class lookalikes

Anyone else notice a certain resemblance of the Hecuba doll to someone in our class???

Anyway, any1 noticed any other (the harsher the better) lookalikes (apart from Graham and King of the Hill Dude and Hugh n Sam Weis)

And before you get there…..I DONT LOOK LIKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN

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