October 15, 2004

Class lookalikes

Anyone else notice a certain resemblance of the Hecuba doll to someone in our class???

Anyway, any1 noticed any other (the harsher the better) lookalikes (apart from Graham and King of the Hill Dude and Hugh n Sam Weis)

And before you get there…..I DONT LOOK LIKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN

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  1. who is it?
    i think the dolls looked slightly like Paperclip

    15 Oct 2004, 10:29

  2. Well that wasnt who i was thinking of but yeh thats true too!! I was thinkin more along the lines of ego - statement - im the best

    15 Oct 2004, 11:13

  3. Me and Jules think Grace looks like Jenny Powell (formerly of Wheel of Fortune)

    19 Oct 2004, 13:02

  4. Thats quite amazingly true!

    20 Oct 2004, 21:47

  5. Ohhh got another one : Holly and Billy Kennedys from Neighbours Girlfriend!!!

    22 Oct 2004, 11:55

  6. James Rothwell looks like Billy Idol a little bit

    24 Oct 2004, 13:01

  7. One of our lecturers (the older guy – Modernism) looks like….......Brian muthafunkin Blessed!!!

    26 Oct 2004, 22:56

  8. Will – Colin from a Hundred Reasons???? Methinks so!!

    29 Oct 2004, 10:39

  9. cheers ian my boy. just looked him up on google and he is one sexy beast! big up your victory last night. i was going up to randomers and screaming "CHEER FOR THE BEARDED ONE!!"-nice that i helped in my own little way! hope reading week's awesome for you and you don't get too angry that i've got that book-hehe! no worries tho… no chance of me actually using it! alrite well happy birthday and see your sexy ass next week honey! laters

    31 Oct 2004, 23:01

  10. Ahh Will you make my day :).....in a hetrosexual way!!!

    01 Nov 2004, 10:51

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