April 05, 2006

Free iPods DO exist… so here comes the free Xbox360..!

Writing about web page http://xbox360s.freepay.com/?r=29167885

Those who read my post a while ago about the free iPod offer (hello to you both) will be interested to know that the offer that seemed too good to be true, was actually true.

Going against the idea that you don't get anything for nothing, my free 30Gb video iPod arrived this morning. Look:

And so I'm trying to get a free Xbox360 now. And why the hell not. :) So here's the link in case anyone wants to join the fun…


January 26, 2006

Even more free!

Turns out I only need 5 people, shouldn't be too hard surely… well… hmm.

January 25, 2006

It's free… blimey!

Hello. I normally hate this, so apologies.

A mate of mine from my previous uni tried out one of those free iPod sites a couple of months back and got his iPod through today. Weird really, I was convinced it was a con.

So anyway, I'm trying now and need some people to sign up by using this link… Click here if you fancy helping and getting one for yourself

I'm not sure how many people need to sign up to get one, but there's one offer at the mo to get a free fax number, you can sign up for free and as long as you cancel it within 30 days you don't get charged anything, that's the one I went for anyway…

So anyone fancy helping out and trying it themselves? Please? I'll buy you some peanuts or something…

December 30, 2005

First Class lost in the post?

Is it just me having problems or is FirstClass farked at the moment..? Can't get the software or the web site to respond…

September 28, 2005

That roundabout…

Is there a way into uni to avoid that crappy roundabout at the end of the road..?

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