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October 11, 2010

11th october – schemes of whatnow?

So, the schemes of work are in this week. And the core assignment. And we just had a lecture on the first masters assignment. And we got our first placements. And my eye won't stop twitching. And i can't sleep without dreaming about resource lists and learning objectives, and activities, and tasks, and....

All work and no play make iain go crazy.

But it's all good. I feel like i've turned the proverbial corner with schemes of work this past few days. There might be a metaphorical mugger waiting around it to alleviate me of my metaphorical mobile and wallet, but the jokes on them because HSBC rang yesterday to tell me some fraudsters got access to my card, so HA.... Oh oh. My eye's twitching again.....

I think the lack of sleep has got to my poor stressed out brain.

I'm really looking forward to going to my first placement now, and i'm even excited about starting my masters. Is excited the right word? And I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some BTEC's and diploma's now, i feel like its starting to make a bit of sense. Things are moving forward. I had a great lesson about the diploma on friday, and i really enjoyed the differentiation lesson on thursday too. So, all good. 

Now, back to the schemes of work. Oh oh. Why won't my mac start? 

Watch this space for more secondary PGCE themed mental breakdown.

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