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September 02, 2008

Boycott KFC with me?

Now, I don't know the facts or figures but I'm assuming that KFC must be one of the, if not THE, biggest users of chicken meat in the world. If you ask me, as such, they have a duty to be leading the way and setting an example in animal welfare, not condoning in practices shown here.

I know I wont make much of a difference but if for no other reason than I don't want to eat meat that has come from animals treated like this I won't be eating KFC. I'm well aware that I may be eating other meat from just as bad/worse sources in other forms and I do see the hipocracy there but as I said, KFC have such a large influence they should be setting good examples.

I'm not vegetarian, I believe that the human body was designed to eat meat and that its just a natural source of food. I do believe though, that if we are going to kill animals for food they should at least have decent living conditions and be treated humanely while they are allowed. Eating meat is natural, being couped up in the dark, overfed, overbred and aggresively manhandled isn't.

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