January 26, 2006



Who am I?

I'm Heather, a 4th year Maths student who's had loads of experience with student activities during my time at Warwick . As well as lots of positions which have given me a great working knowledge of the Students' Union, I also work at Warwick Arts Centre and, mostly through my role as co-ordinator of the Warwick Student Arts Festival have a good working relationship with numerous staff in key University Departments.

My experience

o Co-ordinator, Warwick Student Arts Festival 2005 and 2006 o Secretary, Societies Federation Committee 2005/06 o Impact Trainer 2005/06 o Freshers' Supervisor 2005 o Member of Union Council 2005/06 o Production Manager, WUDS 2003/04 and 2004/05 o Loads of activities and projects with societies such as Wind Orchestra, Music Theatre Warwick, Warwick University Drama Society, RAG, Warwick TV, Tech Crew and CAP


The quantity and variety of Student Activities here at Warwick is amazing. The opportunity to do something outside of your degree is one not to be missed, whether it be to enhance your C.V., gain experience for your future career or just to meet loads of new people and have some fun! I want to make sure that these opportunities are accessible to everyone, that you receive the support you need to make things happen, and that you get the recognition you deserve.

Why me?

Aside from the fact that I've got loads of relevant experience, and have come into contact with a huge range of societies and other activities, both directly and indirectly, I genuinely care about this job. I know how much work being a Sabbatical Officer is, and am prepared to give 100% commitment, and work the long hours needed. I'm practical, approachable, creative and experienced, and most importantly, I'm hard working and dedicated to your Union

What do I want to do?

Societies and other such activities should be run by students - there's not much point otherwise! However, this isn't always possible without some support - training, publicity, funding and so on. Below I outline the four main areas I want to use to do this.


*Support for exec budgeting and event planning

*Get to know societies and build on their knowledge, encouraging similar societies to get together and share ideas

*Continue work to eradicate Society debt

*Ensure that societies and student activities are catered for in the Union redevelopment plans, through consultation with members


*Updated Socs Fed website

*Clear guidelines for completing forms, packs and bookings

*IMPACT training – making it more relevant to specific societies

*Thorough Exec handover/yearly planning


*Weekly what's on guide for societies – online and in the Union

*More permanent noticeboards, saving money, and paper

*Societies Day – celebrating everyone's achievements

*Orientation and Freshers' Period – working with new changes to ensure student activities get even more coverage


*Support for One World Week and the Arts Festival

*Investigate accreditation for those involved in student activities

*Provide more information about funding and other student development opportunities within the University


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  1. Why doesn't it mention that you are always in Union North or at least whenever I go there you are, hehehe…

    26 Jan 2006, 22:01

  2. Lol, well, it does now….I guess being at home in Union North is definitely a useful quality for a Sabb Candidate….

    Why is that you and Helen were the first people to find this I wonder?
    And, why is this entry mysteriously tagged OWW? I can't get rid of it! It's not false advertising or anything :)

    26 Jan 2006, 22:07

  3. Oh, the new auto-tags, not sure how they work. Apparently (as I suspected) they work too well. Oh well…

    26 Jan 2006, 22:37

  4. Hi heather!

    Your manifesto makes loads of sense and really looks like you could pull off the SSDO role!

    best of luck in the election!!


    27 Jan 2006, 01:54

  5. Nice Slogan!

    I hope all turns all sunny for you ;)

    Heather Young for SSDO!

    27 Jan 2006, 08:23

  6. Matt Gilbert

    And of course you've got your own personal theme song as well.

    27 Jan 2006, 10:36

  7. I shall say what I said before, so that the public can recieve my genius: Like boxes, Love Heather!

    27 Jan 2006, 17:24

  8. Pete Kirwan

    Hey sweetie!

    Still seeing the posters about, best of luck!

    Pete xxx

    28 Jan 2006, 19:27

  9. I'm not sure about the catchphrase though, Heather, particularly with online voting! How about:

    "vote Heater or be tickled with a feather" ?!?!?!?!

    29 Jan 2006, 01:34

  10. Oh dear, Neil!

    29 Jan 2006, 12:40

  11. Julia Picot

    Good luck Heather!

    01 Feb 2006, 14:28

  12. Lucy Griffiths

    Hey Heather, it's a shame you didn't get in – if I was still a student I would have voted for you! (hums themetune 'Heather Young, Heather youuuung' in tuneful way)

    07 Feb 2006, 15:46

  13. hey

    so at last are you hero or zero

    31 Jul 2007, 11:32

  14. hey

    so at last are you hero or zero

    31 Jul 2007, 11:33

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  • so at last are you hero or zero by hey on this entry
  • so at last are you hero or zero by hey on this entry
  • Hey Heather, it's a shame you didn't get in – if I was still a student I would have voted for you! (… by Lucy Griffiths on this entry
  • Good luck Heather! by Julia Picot on this entry
  • Good Luck xxx by Hannah on this entry

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