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September 17, 2006


Engineering is so much harder in Madison I think. Work load is super heavy. Homeworks due every 3 days, lectures, labs, seminars, discussion.. oh my god..

Add on to the fact that, I do not have all the prerec to the courses that I am taking..
life sucks..

September 10, 2006


Officially survived one week of school here.

Well apparently, homework is something that still exists in higher education in the United States. In fact it is graded and DO contributes to your final degree. Damn, the concept of homework for me disappear long ago together with my high school years it is going to be hard to get “used” to it again.

To summarize my observation in the first week,

  1. Professors here uses the Chalkboard to teach, compare to Warwick where powerpoint slides are almost always the medium of choice. I think teaching in chalkboard is great because we can follow the lecture easier and it somehow in my opinion shows confident on the part of the professor in the material he is trying to lecture us on
  2. Homework. Homework are great tool to ensure we know what we are supposed to know. Instead of cramming everything inside 1 month before the finals (but that itself have it pros and cons)
  3. Textbooks are compulsory purchase. We are given reading assignments after each lecture . I think that is great because we get more in dept knowledge from those reading. I would love to see Warwick implement this.

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