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September 05, 2006

What Happen To Respecting Each Other?

Today is when I actually felt a little left out of the loop from my halls. I got to admit I am hopeless in socializing, I often have nothing interesting to say, and am not capable of capturing a group’s attention. I do want to get involve, I do want to be part of something but I just don’t know how.

Being a minority race group amongst a community even as small as the dorms is not easy. Especially if you are not an attractive asian girl or a good looking guy, you just don’t get much attention and is harder to be part of something. Maybe this had got something to do with racism? I don’t know, I don’t want to judge.

One of my Japanese friend actually came over to complaint to me today. She said her hall mates are not too friendly. Heck, they are often sarcastic and they are really horrible to her. Like totally ignoring her when she tries to start a conversation and writing really ugly comments on her door.

I felt sorry for her, I am glad I didn’t have to go through the same. But I couldn’t help thinking and relating what she told me to some of my own experiences. On more than one occasion, I can just tell that they are not interest to talk to me because I am of a different skin color than them.

Well, I felt that I have come a long way since 2 years ago when left home. I know that I have became more confident of myself. I believe that people can think whatever they want about our skin color. They just haven’t seen the world. They some how think that this place that they were born in are the world, and the language that they speak are the only language that ever existed. For a fact, I know that from my experience of visiting more than 14 countries, growing up from a multi cultural society, living in London, Japan and now the United States that these people are just immature. They are backward and have no idea that in this age of Globalization 3.0, is all about collaborating, you can be as arrogant and as ignorant as you want to be. Just realize one simple fact, we know so much more about you, your culture, your thinking, your way of living, your knowledge, your technology, than you do about us. Most important of all, we are racing you to the top. You wanna disrespect us fine. I don’t care, you wanna be rude to my japanese friend cause her english is not so good? fine. Just so you know, if you cannot embrace the harmonization of culture, and respect people that look different than you, you are going to fail, fall behind, and get stuck in your own Utopian world while the world move ahead.

Oh and by the way, put yourself in our shoes, try living in a foreign place and speak foreign language with ignorant people like you. How would you feel?

No doubt I am just referring to a minority of the people. Majority of them are nice and friendly. In fact my next door neighbor is a formal National Guard that served in the Iraq War. A fact that he admitted himself was that serving in the army had open up his narrow view about the world, and the really ugly things that American does. Having completed his duty, he realized that he is now more ready to accept diversity. And yes, he is a nice guy.

Erm, right.. needed to get that out of my system. The rest of the day went on fine. Play a little sand volleyball with some random people from other halls, than played Capture the Flag real life with people from 3 other halls….

Capture the flag was boring cause everything was so disorganize, and there were just too many people. The game ended with one dude breaking his arm. Ouch.

School starts tomorrow. I am so dead..

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