October 17, 2004


火大啊!risk assessment居然被退回来重写!谁让我的supervisor 是safety officer呢! 哎, 不幸啊!project的第一波就打个败仗!真火都不知道从哪里来!
Raj好不容易又出现在我们大家的面前了,在一个很复杂的love triangle 之后。再见他的重出江湖,觉得他少了份傲气吧,谁让他趟了混水呢。

October 13, 2004

nice quote

"dude! Grab the shell" — -finding nemo
i put that as my MSN name..mwahhhhhaaaa

"Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself" — -Yolly's Classic postcard
i used to put it as my MSN name….

"The story ended at the moment when You started miss me" — -Crystal's MSN name
triedto snatch it as my MSN again..but failed, cos she is my cousin.

"Telling the guy you fancy makes easier to let him fancy youself" — -Yolly
that's so true.

"protect me from what I want" — -Yolly's classic postcard
again, very true, esp when i am doing shopping in London!!

damn, i feel like now it's 1pm rather than 1am

September 29, 2004

not a bad day at least

i think i am still in jet lag at the moment, woke up at 8am, usually it's 11am!!
well, nothing really speical, apart from realising i am getting old, no longer a fresher..
freshers walked past me with enthusiasm which i got 2 years ago, i sighed…time will let those kids know much more~
not a bad day for me at least!

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