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My First weeken In Warwick
Saturday is today. A week at warwick has gone. And I really miss my parents, but my assignment is heavy, so I have no time to stop my step on studying. I made up mind and went to the liberary with my classmate. The liberary on warwick is very big, actually it is fantastic. But there were few students, after all today was saturday. However I was fortunally found out the book which I always wanted to borrow before. So I felt excited¡­Oh.it was time for going back. When my classmate and myself went out of the liberary, we found the campus was very quite, and it was too dark to go back. So we opened the electric torch in order to illuminate. And also we were scared actually. So I¡¯d like to share my exeperience with you: That is :
please go to the liberary with one or more than one people if you are a girl in night¡­ Do not laugh tat me¡­

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