October 05, 2007

What's the impression of UK

I have only been to UK for a short time, since I arrived at the University of Warwick as a student . However, in this short time, it has been possible for me to observe UK. In this writing.

British house not only individual, also have individual garden and garage. . In addition, it seems that most people can live in this house.In China,people live in a high building, because there is a large population in China, so the land is limited to build individual house to people; there are only the rich people have but ability to live in the type of house like UK¡£

In British bus, if you want to get off, you have to push the button what near your seat. Otherwise, the bus will go straight without stop. Moreover, when you by bus in UK, you should remember where you need to get off, because there is nobody announce the station.

When I stayed in the beginning ofUK, I always got lost, so I wanted to ask passserby the how to come back my accomodation. But I darely saw people walk on the road, then I lost for 3 hourse. In China, you can see a large numers of people in the road, and you can ask anybody who you want to.  Sometimes I feel so quiet and comportable when I walking, but sometimes I feel a little depressed when I want to ask the help.

If I am a seller in UK, I would be happy and relax, because the shops closed early and open late. Therefore, I can enjoy my sleep and come back early, moreover, I can get a nice salary and work in a relaxing enviroment.

In conclusion, I hope I can succeed in facing the challenges and the new study environment, lifestyle and health management before I enjoy their life in abroad.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I’m sorry to hear your were lost for three hours – that must have been worrying! I hope you are getting to know your way around now! It’s frustrating that the shops close so early here – but in winter you will see one reason why – it’s dark at 4pm and so everyone just wants to get back to their cosy home, including the shopkeepers.

    08 Oct 2007, 02:37

  2. xxnn007

    nice blog, add oil~~

    12 Oct 2007, 23:05

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