January 05, 2008

My essay problem

I think essay divide into narrative essay and disquisitive essay; disquisitive essay is more difficult than narrative essay, because disquisitive essay need to use formal structure to write, academic words and we should impersonal describe our own opinions.

For me, I think the academic words and structure are the most difficult in essay. In usually, I like to use the general words in the essay, because sometimes I still confuse how to distinguish the general words and academic words. Moreover, I would use some difficult words which check from dictionary, but I do not really know whether the words correct. Furthermore, structure is a big problem in my essay. Academic essay should use formal structure while narrative use informal. I used to write some simple sentences in the essay or I can not coherent every sentence. I think perhaps because I rarely use academic tone to describe my mind, so I would natural write the informal structure.

But I think the more I write, the more improved I get. There are so many chances to practice my essay in the future, so I should try my best to finish it.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    Although ‘disquisitive’ is a word it is a bit old-fashioned, we usually describe the types of essay you mean as judgemental (do you remember the handout where we compared descriptive and judgemental essays?). Academic essays are definitely more difficult than narrative essays because they require academic thinking (analysis, evaluation, reasoning etc.) rather than simple ‘story telling’. If you can think academically (by understanding when you read academic texts) then you will be able to write academically. I agree that you will improve with more practice – and with more reading! Good luck.

    06 Jan 2008, 17:46

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