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November 06, 2007

Reflection 3

From late this afternoon, I have not done any work. Although I feel I have been energetic during this time, I am just reluctant to do anything, although I have so much to do and I have already fallen behind my plan.

However, still…

Now, I reflected and tried to find out the reason why, I hope the same thing will not happen or at least happen less frequently in the future.

Firstly, the schdule is too full and for most task I do not leave myself enough time. Therefore, I feel too tired, frustrated and gradually give up working. Next time, when I arrange a schedule for a whole week, I should be more generous to myself and be more specific about the tasks. For example, for the reading material, I should count the numbers of pages and estimated the time. I should not just write it in the schedul: this afternoon, I should finish this reading and that reading. Then, the fact is that I just cannot do that. Then, I feel frustrated and do not have the great sense of achievements.

Secondly, when I felt I was still in a good mood, I did not go on working. Instead, I chose to rest, have food, and enjoy the music and TV series, as the time were designed to do these staff. However, when I had to do work, I felt I just did not want to do any work. In the future, I also need to do adjustment according to the my mood.

Finally, when I felt I was not in the right state of working, I just gave up. I did not make effective effort to get back my concentration again. I just checked my email, visited the spaces of my friends again and again and chatted with friends. I find that this is not good method at all. For one thing, I did not feel good and I felt that it was normal as most people felt like me; for another thing, instead of encouraging my friends, I made a bad effort on them, pulling them down. I think, maybe like me, they will think they do not need to work hard as most peopel do not do that. Next time, I will try this method: Lie on the bed, listen to some music. Then, try to think more why I should do this, the postive results of it, and if I do not do that, what the bad result is. Of course, I will think more about the positive results.

I hope, in this way, I can tidy up my life and gradually have a more efficient lifestyle.

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