November 06, 2007

Reflection 3

From late this afternoon, I have not done any work. Although I feel I have been energetic during this time, I am just reluctant to do anything, although I have so much to do and I have already fallen behind my plan.

However, still…

Now, I reflected and tried to find out the reason why, I hope the same thing will not happen or at least happen less frequently in the future.

Firstly, the schdule is too full and for most task I do not leave myself enough time. Therefore, I feel too tired, frustrated and gradually give up working. Next time, when I arrange a schedule for a whole week, I should be more generous to myself and be more specific about the tasks. For example, for the reading material, I should count the numbers of pages and estimated the time. I should not just write it in the schedul: this afternoon, I should finish this reading and that reading. Then, the fact is that I just cannot do that. Then, I feel frustrated and do not have the great sense of achievements.

Secondly, when I felt I was still in a good mood, I did not go on working. Instead, I chose to rest, have food, and enjoy the music and TV series, as the time were designed to do these staff. However, when I had to do work, I felt I just did not want to do any work. In the future, I also need to do adjustment according to the my mood.

Finally, when I felt I was not in the right state of working, I just gave up. I did not make effective effort to get back my concentration again. I just checked my email, visited the spaces of my friends again and again and chatted with friends. I find that this is not good method at all. For one thing, I did not feel good and I felt that it was normal as most people felt like me; for another thing, instead of encouraging my friends, I made a bad effort on them, pulling them down. I think, maybe like me, they will think they do not need to work hard as most peopel do not do that. Next time, I will try this method: Lie on the bed, listen to some music. Then, try to think more why I should do this, the postive results of it, and if I do not do that, what the bad result is. Of course, I will think more about the positive results.

I hope, in this way, I can tidy up my life and gradually have a more efficient lifestyle.

November 04, 2007

Reflection 2

Yesterday, I went to Keniworth Castle for the wonderful firework with my friends, but without my boyfriend. Maybe, I was too excited or something, I just did not give him any call.

He complained it in his blog: he felt lonely in this night full of joyous din. Although he had to review because he woould take an exam on next Monday, he just could not concentrate. He needed some encouragement or relaxation… However, I was far away…

Yes, indeed. For this love relationship, I need to devote more. Indeed, just a call or just a simpel message can help me cherish the love…

November 03, 2007

Reflection 1

On Friday, I was inspired a lot by the conversation with Red, one of my tutors, who is so brilliant. One of her important advice is Reflection. Be critical of yourself and reflect on yourself often; then, you will make progress faster.

Now, I am determinded to write reflection in English everyday. I hope, every friend will supervise me. In addition, you can help me correct my grammar mistakes and give me valuable advice.

December 16, 2006

How time flies!

It is really quick! Now, one term has past~

Frankly speaking, I really enjoying living and studying here. For one thing, I like the British lifestyle, the academic atmosphere; for another, which is more important, I love living with my cute boyfriend! Because of him, my life is so colourful.

Now, as we are all students, excepte for study, we do no need to consider for other things. I treasure the two years studying in Warwick, and I will add more flavour in it.

November 10, 2006

MY ideal room

My ideal room
My ideal room should be like this. For one thing, the room must be big and the ceiling must be high; for another, a good air conditioner must be set. Besides I would like to paint this room with the colours of cake, of sea, and of snow. I also would have two windows, one facing the east, one the west. A big, comfortable bed is what I pursue all the time. I would put a big, soft, heart-sized bed at the heart of this room. On the bed, and around the bed, various dolls I would put. In addition, a piano, with the colour of wood, I would place on the right side. Further more, on the left side, I would have a big table to place my beloved laptopper and loudspeakers. Next to the table, I would put an exquisite tea table, on which I will put many delicious dim sums. Oh! I love this room.

The ideal room for me is just to rest; I do not want to work any more in it. When I finish my work, when I enter the room, I want to get freedom, and relaxation, which could be given by such a lovely room. First, big space could make me breathe more freely and far from oppression. Air conditioner and mild hue offers me a comfortable environment. Besides, two windows could ensure me the beautiful sunshine all the day, and the wonderful sunrise and sunset. Then, with my elaborate bed, I could have a sound sleep every day. Further, with the loudspeaker and piano, I could have a delightful tour in the magic musical field. What??s more, dim sums and drinks can satisfy my mouth when I have the spiritual tour. All in all, I love this room.

November 08, 2006

CA Exhausted

I have fed up with dealing with the compensation of my baggage. It has lasted 6 weeks, and until now, I have not got a satisfactory answer. I have to give them a call almost everyday, have to discuss this thing with the lawyer…... Yesterday, I wrote another letter to them. I am exhausted.

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