November 29, 2006

Leadership and excellence? Day 2 & 3


Activities:Winning Strategy (SWOT analysis of SurfWave Inc.)
  • Learnt:
  1. If the task is quite impossible to finish,why not try to negotiate for more time.
  2. Is there could be good to have a leader in your group to finish your task on time?
  3. The leader do not only mean that someone have to control everything.He maybe the guy who keeps on time plan,the process and most important of all is that make sure everyone are all participating and their ideas are also all included.
  4. A good leadership also needs followers.
  5. Strategy should be convinced that it will work.
  6. As this is a module of leadership and excellence,everyone should try to practice to be a role as a leader.
  • Presentation Qs.
  1. If you are required to do five minutes presentation to the BOAD,it sometimes takes about 5-6 minutes. Be sure to do the time management.
  2. Keep an eye contact to your audience not only for the board members.
  3. If you show your flip chart to your audience,be make sure that the FONT size is large enough for them to read it clearly.
  4. It is also important to defend the questions well,for that will show how deeply do you know about this topic.
  5. Be sure to show up automatically at the right time even the time is up.


The analysis of matrix.(20 different definations of Leadership.)
Brainstorming of our group(TEAM 1) to come out our defination of Leadership.
The leadership is the art of gaining commitment to achieve shared goals by guiding, interacting, and motivating individual or groups.

TEAM2-The leadership is the framework used to influence people towards the achievement of a shared goal and vision by creating cohesis and supporting environment.

TEAM3-The leadership is the ability to control the system in the right direction to accomplish the shared vision and mission.

PAUL-The leadership is the process of influsing the thoughts or activities of followers toward achievement of shared goals.

  • Key elements of the leadership:
  1. Achievement of Shared goals
  2. Commitment
  3. Communication
  4. Motivation
  5. Guidance

Activities:Lifeboat (choose a good leader)
1.Under the emergent environment,the leader will sometimes automatically emerge.For example,Paul’s wife about the halt in the train station and someone show up and help direct the people.
2.Under the emergent situation such as sinking,we should have to think about the most effective one instead of trying to think about the backup one.There are so many changes there that we can not make sure.

My opinions about the qualities of being a good leader.
  1. Be capable of haveing enough Knowledge that can convince people.
  2. An easy-going people and kind to person.
  3. Have a clear goal and direction in mind to lead the follower.
  4. Be good at communication and also a good listener as well.
  5. EQ must be high that he /she can deal with the emergent things in a proper ways.
  6. One has a well-experienced skills in handling everything that is on the right path.

At first sometimes people will choose the leader according to their position power and experiecnes as the leadership.But we should try to look back to the defination of leadership and then choose who is good at leadership not only judged for their position power or something else.
Quote from a very successful CEOWhat is the secrect to be successful? He replies he hires the people who are better than me
The last part of EFQM system,”The result is the effect.”.It means that when CEO wants to achieve the goal of saling numbers of Financial department,he would like to add more manpower from the other department but this would lead the failure to the comoany.Thus the result is the effect.
Unfinished :Have to look up the “Policy deployment.

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