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December 11, 2006

LE Module review: Part I Coaching

During the game of coaching,what do you learn from it?

  1. It is diffcult not to tell them the answer,for the content should be there,not yours.
  2. Understanding is very important.(Walk and Listen.)
  3. Should stay neutral/centre on coachee.
  4. Sould be stick to the example.
  5. No judgement-you do not have to like them.”Everyone is doing the best”
  6. Coach needs to understand the coachee’s side.
  7. Be ready to challenge.

I think coaching is a good way to listen to your employee¡¦s problems if the tasks allocated to them are quite unclear. Through the coaching, it will help you find what do they think and realize where the problem is and then follow their problems to give them some guidelines or tips to figure out the problems. During the coaching, it is the same way like two-ways communication. It is very important especially for the deployment of policy. For you have to make sure that each employee is involved and let them realize that their contribution to the company is also quite crucial. In the end through the coaching I think it is positive way with respect to deployment of policy management.

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