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October 15, 2004

What makes a good evaluation?

Sarah & I think that the direct links to particular sites make a good evaluation. As we're not extensively knowledgable, in many areas to be honest, the use of images proves to be … nice.

Responses to Blogs

Franckie B's Blog

Franckie outlines each website clearly & concisely, as well as explaining it's main features & why they're useful to us as students. Moreover, she explains how easy the sites are to use & gives reasoning behind why she thinks some websites are better than others.

Laura's Blog

Laura's blog gives ideas of how to improve the websites and she uses photo images as links. In addition, she explains why she personally finds the sites useful, for example, the foundations of the stage, which she hadn't seen pictures of before. Laura also provides links to visual tours of the wesbites directly so it's easier for students to access it from her blog.

Owen's Blog

Owen's blog uses concise language & is direct with his comments. His use of humour makes it much more interesting to read & appeals to us as students more than an extensive description would. He provides a link to a website that he personally found, which is unique because it includes lists of Greek foods & information about their clothing & home life.

Kali's Blog

Kali details the online library site, which is a useful resource for students. She also breaks down which websites are most useful to us as students. Moreover, Kali has found an additional timeline website, which helps contextualise the other information.

Students taking SST1

Amy’s blog (Amy Walker)
Anna’s blog (Anna Jones)
Beck’s blog (Rebecca Whitaker)
Cook Pass Babtridge (Julia Maynard)
Frankie B’s blog (Francesca Read)
Guido’s blog (Hannah Tovey)
Hannah’s blog (Hannah Clapham)
Helen’s blog (Helen Fearnley)
If You Like A Lot Of Chocolate On Your Biscuit (William Hill)
James’s blog (James Browning)
Kali’s blog (Kalila Butler)
Kate’s Blog (Kate Crossland)
Laura’s Blog (Laura Matthews)
Marie’s blog (Marie Fenton)
Musings of a Deviant (Richard Jephcote)
Natalie’s blog (Natalie Diddams)
Oscar Wildes Den Of Debauchery (Jack Cole)
Owen’s blog (Owen Hughes)
Porcelain Heart Promises (Ian Carter)
Sam’s blog (Samuel Brassington)
Sarah’s blog (Sarah Deeks)
The Great Midget Hunt Society (Gethin Jones)
We’re Not All British, you know. ()
Alec Guinness = Genuine Class (James Rothwell)

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