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June 21, 2005

Waiting for Results

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

English degree results are out today. So I went along at lunch time to see how things were going. I got out of the lift to see about 150 other people doing the same thing. After about half an hour, a chief professor guy came out of the myterious exam board room and said they were not going to be available for quite some time. Quite some time? Mid afternoon for the viva lists, he said, then everything else some time after that. Mid afternoon? When is that?! 2? 4? 8?! I'm not even borderline, but god it's tense. A lot of people seem to think they are fighting for their 2.1s or whatever. Maybe I am, maybe I failed my exams and it'll knock me down! Alack! The possibilites and madness. Why didn't they just say they'd be out at 5 this evening, or even 10 tomorrow morning? hmph. And what's with having to wait around for viva lists? Shouldn't they have our phone numbers on record?!!

Still, this is a lot easier than waiting for A Levels or GCSEs…

June 16, 2005

Don't let Raffles go!

I can't believe they're closing Raffles. It's a tragedy to any loyal Rafflean! I also don't see how it doesn't make enough money. It's packed at lunch time, it's often hard to get a seat. And it's never ever empty. Hmph.

June 09, 2005


They say you can be assured a job as soon as you walk into an interview if you have the right handshake.

Do men know how many women judge them by their handshake (and I'm not just talking sexually – I mean in the workplace – indeed – anywhere)? I make instant judgement about a man based on how firm his shake is – wet lettuce leaves make me cringe the most. What's the point?! Other people's hands aren't fragile bits of sawdust – get a grip! Limp handshakes make me assume a non-entity.

The opposite – a bone crusher – isn't perfect either. Grip too hard and – well, ouch – arrogant. Though at least arrogance shows some sign of personality…

A nice firm grip, passing on a bit of safety, a bit of authority, confidence without the arrogance… parfait!

Seems a bit harsh doesn't it? But it's not just me gentlemen… just worth bearing in mind… us girlies have been known to walk around shaking hands for the sheer joy of judging you! Plus – could there be anything easier self-improvement than getting a good handshake?!

June 08, 2005

Imagining Argentina

Writing about web page

This morning I'm really tired. It might be because I over exerted myself by ambitiously doing a day's work and then going swimming, followed by a mad dash home to get to my friend's house for dinner. However, I think it's the film I watched with Hannah and Christina last night that's disturbed my awakeness.

We watched 'Imagining Argentina'. We rented it thinking that the nice title would give us some other version of the Motorcycle Diaries or along those lines. In 3 weeks Christina's leaving here for good (sob sob) and going to Argentina for a year. So we thought it'd be great to see how beautiful the place is. Pah! Well, actually, yes it's really beautiful, I'd love to go there. But THIS film was based on the regime of 1976–83 when tens of thousands of people 'disappeared' and never returned. The film was quite graphic – at least in implication and quickly cut away scenes – but definitely deserving of more than its 15 rating. Emma Thompson spends most of the film being tortured, she then has to listen to her daughter being raped…. it's not nice…

Scarily – we were alive during this regime. We all learned about the Holocaust in school, yet this period of our immediate history is virtually unknown. Why? There were definite Holocaust links, even a few swastikas thrown in here and there. So why don't GCSE or A Level history courses extend to post-nazi regimes? It's not as if recent history is too late to study – I remember one bit of my GCSE history leading all the way up to the present day! Does anyone know if this stuff is covered on any curriculum? Surely it's done in some courses at university?

I'm disturbed by this film. And I'm grateful to its existence. I don't think the critics rated it much, but I think that 3 of us rating it highly competes with at least one critic (especially if you knew how damn clever Hannah and Christina are!).

Christina, by the way, still cannot wait to get to Buenos Aires! This is a story about governments – not people or places.

June 02, 2005


I've observed this strange custom since it was launched last year. I'm giving it a go because it's part of my job right now. So here I am, creating my second entry, from the office, too early in the morning.

It seems odd to just launch into some random topic, it's like some postmodernist novel that never makes sense. But then I guess blogging isn't exactly pre-modernist, so the randomness is excused.

Right. I've written a couple of sentences avoiding the actual launch into topic, but in true English student style, I've made topic my topic. Zut Alors!

June 01, 2005

I finally got a blog

Tom told me to get a blog, so I got a blog. I could well be experimenting with my blog over the next few days because I'm also learning how to make webpages.

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