August 16, 2005

The traffic light game

How to maintain/regain childhood rebellious instincts (or make up for missed childhood rebellious stage) and annoy arrogant drivers at the same time… the traffic light game! I can't tell you the fun of this. It's good for the soul, good exercise too because you can't help laughing. Here's how to play…

Walk to Asda along St Helen's Road in South Leamington (or any other participating roads*). Stand at traffic lights and wait for arrogant-looking car/driver to draw near. Press button and watch immediate** change of traffic lights to red. Walk across and stifle giggles. Take a quick look at angry driver (occasionally they're oblivious, now and then they're amused). Drivers with chav exhaust pipes, double decker buses, and expensive sports cars are particularly recommended.

If you don't feel 12 years old again you haven't played right and must repeat experiment with shopping in hand on return from supermarket. (Shopping is a penalty and adds between 5–10 years onto final age outcome).

Simple pleasures. Never fails. Very immature.

Message – a bit of insanity is very necessary to make us largely sane. This game is best played by non-drivers or drivers who do not think they own the road and drive considerately.

*Participating roads must include ultra quick reactive traffic lights

**No one is hurt – lights do not change fast enough to cause collision.

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  1. Hmph, I knew some people were doing it on purpose… :)

    16 Aug 2005, 12:22

  2. Better still press the button and don't walk across.

    16 Aug 2005, 12:37

  3. Eleanor Lovell

    I don't think there are suitable ultra quick reactive traffic lights in Castle Bromwich – it would just look like I wanted to cross the road….. I will seek out suitable traffic lights…

    16 Aug 2005, 16:22

  4. They will exist somewhere… you must search, it's good for the health!

    Casey – yes that would be fun just to stand there, but I would never get my chocolate from Asda if I didn't cross the road.

    Edward – mwah ha ha

    16 Aug 2005, 16:24

  5. Of course, you can get away with running red lights 99.9% of the time (assuming nobody's crossing, of course). A few have cameras, but most don't…

    The trouble with the British is we're so law-abiding.

    16 Aug 2005, 17:25

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