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June 09, 2005


They say you can be assured a job as soon as you walk into an interview if you have the right handshake.

Do men know how many women judge them by their handshake (and I'm not just talking sexually – I mean in the workplace – indeed – anywhere)? I make instant judgement about a man based on how firm his shake is – wet lettuce leaves make me cringe the most. What's the point?! Other people's hands aren't fragile bits of sawdust – get a grip! Limp handshakes make me assume a non-entity.

The opposite – a bone crusher – isn't perfect either. Grip too hard and – well, ouch – arrogant. Though at least arrogance shows some sign of personality…

A nice firm grip, passing on a bit of safety, a bit of authority, confidence without the arrogance… parfait!

Seems a bit harsh doesn't it? But it's not just me gentlemen… just worth bearing in mind… us girlies have been known to walk around shaking hands for the sheer joy of judging you! Plus – could there be anything easier self-improvement than getting a good handshake?!

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