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December 18, 2006

Ugliest Car Ever?

I think so… I was going to say something more but I think the picture says it all:

Ugly Car

December 10, 2006

Damn I hate shaving…

The title says it all. I hate wet-shaving. I can’t stand electric razors. I hate the feeling of shaving stubble (like ripping the short hair from my face). I hate the feeling of having to shave somewhat longer hair because it takes a bloody age.

And I really hate it when you accidentally miss a spot. I rarely cut myself, thank God and I rarely get stubble/shaving rash. But the odd spots are annoying.

And to think when I was a kid I wanted to shave.


November 26, 2006

CSI: Miami and Hollywood Realism

(This rant concerns CSI Miami 5×08 . Don’t read if you’re desperate to not know what happens in that episode)

I happen to like CSI Miami. I think it’s better than CSI Las Vegas and, thankfully, not generally as cheesy. It’s always stretched plausibility, by fielding these CSI agents in generally-dangerous situations, sometimes having them apprehend and shoot criminals. You’ve got to expect a little bit of stretching reality – it makes for more excitement. So I put my disbelief aside and enjoy the show, particularly Horatio’s constant posturing and repositioning of Sunglasses. Drama, drama, drama.

Until this latest episode of CSI Miami which plunges to the Hollywood depths of Realism in celluloid. Think Bravehear was a criminal in that respect? How about The Patriot? (OK, any historical film iinvolving Mel Gibson).

Basically we have a situation where the forensic scientists have unravelled a terrorist plot to blow up a nuclear power plant. Here’s how it plays out:


OK this hasn’t quite got anything to do with the episode. It just struck me that Horatio’s constant posturin reminded me of Paula Abdul. shudders


See the text in the image.


See, the cops are there. No FBI or DHS. Good ol’ fashioned Miami Police. With handguns… against a truck full of explosives. Lead by Horatio Cane… With a sniper rifle. Yes… seriously. A Forensic Scientist… With a sniper rifle. Fantastic.


Oh what’s this? A conveniently place flammable gas tank in the front of the truck… CARRYING THE HUGE PAYLOAD OF EXPLOSIVES. These terrorists are clever enough to almost get away with a plot to bomb a nuclear power plant, but are somehow stupid enough to put a “Please shoot this” sign on the truck. Wonderful.


He takes the shot. On a moving target. And hits it. He’s a forensic scientist. With a sniper rifle. Shooting at a moving truck. ARGH


The truck explodes and, defying the laws of physics, stays exactly in place. Yes, the truck exploded as though it weren’t moving at around 70 m/p/h at the time of explosion. It exploded almost as though it were standing still. Which it most likely was. But making a huge, mobile explosive device like that explode about 20 metres away from you means that if it’s travelling in a straight line, there’s a good chance that some of the material will collide with your roadblock.


Woman clearly not wearing bulletproof vest, gets shot.

Horatio is an uber-sniping FORENSIC SCIENTIST (with a hunchback)

November 23, 2006

Prison Break's 'Surprise Twists'


It’s gone from Prison Break to Treasure Hunt / Fugitive . I can appreciate that. It’s still enjoyable. Though killing off the lawyer in the first episode was a bit of a bitch, OK you’ve proved you can kill off a central character without worrying about the audience. I like that. Keeps us on our toes. But there’s a fine line between that and just hacking away at a script wondering which character you can kill this episode. It’s exciting when it fits into the script. It’s cringeworthy to the extreme when it feels artificial and is clearly just a convenient plot-device.

So imagine my “surprise” when I watch Prison Break 2×12. Here’s how it essentially played out:









That’s pretty much exactly how it happens… And I think they’ve managed to kill of a character every other episode, and since they’ve flooded the drama with more characters than Lost, they can promise at least one death every episode. Yawns

It’s taking on the X-Men III theory of celluloid development: The number of deaths in a film/series is proportional to its sequential number. It’s absolute bollocks. To keep a good series interesting, writers shouldn’t shoot it in the head and hope that the body will be able to fill in the rest. It just doesn’t work. Now Desperate Housewives is a great example of how good script-writing and good acting can keep an aging series with a more-than-slightly ridiculous plot highly-entertaining and witty. Here are some examples of dialogue from the most recent episode (3×09):

(The hired help has just discovered Susan in the bed of her latest lover, who’s in the shower)

Rupert: I am Rupert. I work for Mr. Hainesworth…. That would be the man you slept with, in case names weren’t exchanged.

Susan: Oh no, I’m your boss’s girlfriend… he must have mentioned me.

Rupert: Mmmm not that I recollect.

Mr. H pops out of shower, gets robe for Susan.

Rupert: Would you care for some breakfast? Omlette? Strawberry tart? Brioche?

Susan: Um yeah, yeah, that sounds great. You pick. giggles

Rupert: You are aware there is a Mrs. Hainesworth?

Susan: Well of course!

Rupert: Tart it is.

Later in the episode:
(Lynette’s at the Police station reporting a neighbour of hers, who saved her life, to the police, because he’s a rampant paedophile. Unfortunately she discovered this only because she was trespassing on his property. Oooht he moral dilemmas! PS Tom is by far and away the best actor in the series ;) )

Lynette: The door was open…I was bringing him a cake.

Police Officer: A cake?

Lynette: It was a thank-you cake… He sort of saved my life.

Tom: She didn’t know he was a paedophile when she baked the actual cake.


In the words of that skeezy Gonzo director with a moustache:

Now THAT’S a fuckin’ plot!

March 04, 2006

China's Military Spending LEAPS 14%!

Writing about web page

I'm guessing you're probably calm at the moment. You're drinking tea. Downloading the latest episode of the UK Aprrentice. You're eating dinner. But while you're sitting there feeling safe and happy… the Chinese have increased their military spending.

It's time to panic.

Wait… they've increased by 14% to about 20bn GBP (thanks Max x 2)? Or roughly what the UK spends each year.

Wait… they've a population of about 1.4 billion people in comparison to the UK's 60,000,000?


The Evil Empire is at it again eh!

February 12, 2006

Seems that Sharon's finally about to pop his clogs…

Writing about web page,2933,184553,00.html

Not as undignified a death as I would have hoped, but a war criminal being kept alive while bits of him die off and get removed? That'll do, that'll do.

January 26, 2006

Michael Jackson defiling Bahrain…

Writing about web page

I remember reading a news article many months ago stating that Michael Jackson had moved to Bahrain. I joked with my friend Ramzi at the time that he went there to behave like a Saudi Prince: i.e. drive around in his limo looking for young boys with whom to perform lewd acts.

For those of you unfamiliar with the behaviour of Saudi princes abroad, let me elaborate. Firstly, I'm not going to paint them all with a broad brush. There are plenty of Saudi Emirs who give plenty to charity, who perform all their Islamic duties exactly as they should and who are generally good people. Then there are some hypocritical Saudi Princes who, while in Saudi, prayed the requisit amount, go on Hajj every year, protest women driving because it is "unislamic" and then go on holiday regularly to London, to Paris, to New York, to Bahrain and spend the most lavish sums of money on high-class whores, on shopping for their wives and, in some cases, cruising the streets of Bahrain with their Saudi plates looking for young men. And I mean young men in the Ancient Greek since: boys who are not yet ready to shave. Their behaviour makes me sick and the fact that poverty exists in Saudi is a crime against the Saudi people, against humanity and against Islam. But this rant can be continued later.

Now "Wacko" appears to be exporting his familiar brand of Weird Shit to Bahrain.

Pop star Michael Jackson took a shopping trip to a Bahrain mall Wednesday, covering himself in a black abaya robe traditionally warn by Bahraini women [sic.] and a veil hiding his face, along with three children — apparently his — with their faces covered with dark scarves.

OK everyone take a moment to digest that.

To those who don't know what an Abaya is, it's a set of robes specifically designed for woman. It is not something a man wears, short of being a transvestite. Arabic men have Djallebiyeh, Jilbaab, Dishdasha etc which can be easily manufactured by someone like Michael Jackson in a black colour (ie to better protect himself from the skin disease he claims he has) and He could wear some kind of Hutta on his head – the Arabic headdress – which could also be used to cover his mouth/face.

Nope. He chooses to dress like a woman. You know what, it's not the wierdest sort of thing Wacko's ever done outside the bedroom (allegedly).

In November, Jackson stirred a small controversy in the United Arab Emirates by entering the ladies room in a shopping mall. His publicist said Jackson, who arrived in Dubai as the guest of a champion rally driver, did not understand the Arabic sign on the door and left the bathroom as soon as he realized his mistake.
But local newspapers reported that the 47-year-old performer was spotted applying make-up in the woman's toilets in a Dubai mall.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I don't know what to think at the moment. It seems that there are three possibilities:

1) He's some kind of a transvestite.

2) He's a paedophile who, having not had much luck in the US, decided to ply his perversion in The Two Seas.

3) He's both.

Conclusion? I think he seriously needs help. And he's got to be stopped from setting up home in Bahrain. I know that he hasn't been convicted of any crime, as of yet, and that he retains his freedom of movement etc. but the Bahraini authorities, instead of inviting him to become a theme-park consultant, should be denying him a visa (alas the modern Bahrain in its drive to be self-sufficient after the oil runs out is turning its focus onto tourism and the almighty dollar). He is clearly in a better position to exploit children in Bahrain, where it will be easier to protect his potentially paedophilic privacy (:P), were that to be his aim.

And why hasn't any agency removed his children from his care? No amount of money can provide the quality of life denied by being forced to walk around with a bag over your head for the entirity of your childhood.

January 13, 2006

On Daytime Terrestrial TV…

When I'm working, often on my PC, I have to have something on in the background. I can't give my all when it comes to coursework (exams are different – they give me the "Exam adrenaline" variable), I have to multitask in order to concentrate. So while I'm typing out thoughts for an essay, I'll also be watching the latest episode of Prison Break or Friday Night with Jonothan Woss. Or if I'm going through Denning's vibrant challenge to the house of Lords in his far out Ratio Decidendi, I like to be playing World of Warcraft or Eve Online at the same time.

So what's the problem with that? Well I moved out recently into an internetless flat. BT buggered me up against a wall over the Christmas period. The BT Engineer came in, said he couldn't find a line and this was early December. They couldn't slot me in again until last week and now there's one more day until broadband activation. So I'm sitting her sponging my Sister's old Samsung X10+, Surfing the interweb and watching TV while working.

And here's where it gets worse. We have Sky+ downstairs. But the Sky + is broken. And after wasting £30+ on phoning Sky and getting the same old crap from an underpaid, undertrained (yet no doubt pretty) Scottish teleworker, they'll finally send an engineer over to have a look at the box. So I'm stuck with 1,2,3,4 and 5. Fine. As long as you avoid the daytime TV.

My experience of daytime TV has generally been one which taught me never to pretend I was ill to avoid school. Because, despite the AOL chatrooms and the 1337 56k modem (and my PII MMX!! WH00+!), I would invariably end up, in front of the television, crying my eyes out over supermarket sweep and Richard and Judy. Funnily enough I've found Richard and Judy has become more watchable now that they just interview various topical celebrities…. but you've got to remember, back when I was a kid, they focused on stuff for various Housefraus, such as how to clean stains with Valencia Lemons and what multiple uses there were for a neck massager. Aside from that, there was just a pile of pure, unmitigated crap, interrupted by the odd news reports. (And it was worse – Sunday daytime TV with Songs of Praise and that weird nun who reviewed art!)

Little has changed. Richard and Judy have disappeared and been replaced with Philip "Any Dream Will Do" Schofield and his much, much bigger Gopher. Meep I flipped onto the channel the other day and what were they talking about? The importance of wearing correct bras for women when walking, running/excercising. They had an expert brought in with simulation equipment attached to the nipples of two random (and token) hotties (I shit you not). They were set loose on a treadmill and the measurements taken from the nipples were juxtaposed with those taken from the head. Conclusion? Women should wear bras that correctly support their breasts, or by the time they'r thirty, they'll resemble South Park's Mrs. Choksondik. And the always sexually-ambiguous Schoefield is probably heterosexual. Probably

And today. Well the TV was on Channel 4 and I couldn't find the remote… Sod's Law . And, succumbing to what my friend calls the ""Couch-potatolisation"": of society, I couldn't be arsed to get up. I let it roar.

And to be honest I had mixed feelings. There was a veritable relay race of low budget semi-documentary, amateurish productions, starting off with what looked like a High School Drama lesson in comedy, replete with shitty acting, a la Harry Potter . I remember back in the Harrodian, my old foil, Rory, and I had some concept of what Comic Timing was... These kids clearly didn't. I almost got up to change the channel... but hey, What am I?

So that finally finished, thank god and then there proceeded something more interesting, if too amateurish to be more than dull. It followed a couple of amateur directors who had invested £20,000 in a play and how they play was carried out. Interesting from my perspective because I used to take part in such amateur productions, the last notable occasion being when I played a bald, wheelchair-bound, pink-bespectacled Tiresias, replete with leather jacket, in KCS's Oedipus Tyrannos. So the sympathy was there. Shame the musical play looked crap.

I was eventually compelled to rise and manually changed the channel when something which I think was called "Hurdeep does Pets" came on. A Sikh Scottish person telling really, really bad jokes about pets. Imagine the unfunniest display you have ever seen – and I'm talking Martin Lawrence unfunny – and then triple the pain. I have something against Scots anyway… and that's despite me being half-Scottish. There's nothing more unfunny than a Scots trying to be funny. Here's the math:

Scotch Accent + Shitty Jokes = (Birth-Giving Pain x 10^7)/ Jim Carrey's Cable Guy

In other words, I avoided it like the plague… ya Sasannach baastar's.

I breathed a sigh of relief until I saw what was on the telly: Antiques Hunt Ripoff No. 5 with throwaway lispy bowtie-wearing "Expert" X where contests compete for an hour to win all of five pounds by selling antique pepsi cans they find in car-boot sales in Swansea and Reading. Nothing more explefies my idea of Shite. Except a cricket/snooker/other shitty "sport" replacing my favourite reruns of Star Trek: DS9 or Buffy the Vampire Slayer on BBC2.

But the trouble is it beats the other crap that's bound to be on: Shitty Gameshow X on BBC2, Crappy House Decoration Programme Y on ITV, another antiques program on Channel 4… and hardcore porn (the ones which try to have a story) on Channel 5. Bleh.


The Crisis of British Culture

I'm bored. I'm not sleepy. And I don't fancy starting up on my new copy of Benny Morris's classic. So inbetween manically refreshing , reading Warwick blogs and playing a bit of Eve Online, I've got the TV on in the background. I look up from the laptop and hey, it's Big Brother !LIVE!

And what are they housemates doing?

They're sleeping.


Sleeping some more.

Literally 15 minutes-worth of snoring housemates before the presenter quietly says "And that's all from the housemates for tonight folks"...

WTF? Does anyone actually watch these people sleep as though something miraculous is going to happen.

Now there's a program called "Big Brother's Little Brother" which starts of with some hippy with black catterpillers glued to his eyebrows and the most annoying voice I've heard since Dawn Penn sang "No No No", insinuating that George Galloway was receiving a handjob from an actress, sounding much like a man who's had his throat slit and who I've never heard of.

January 11, 2006

What does the International Community expect Iran to do?

Iran is really in a catch-22 situation:

1) It (potentially) builds nuclear weapons. The UN levies sanctions, US eventually invades with an "international coalition".

2) It ceases everything. The US eventually invades.

What would you do if you were Iran given that:

1) The US lumped Iran along with Iraq and NK in the Axis of Evil speech. Iraq was invaded and didn't have nuclear weapons. America will clearly never invade NK despite having a strong presence on her doorstep because she has nuclear weapons.

2) Despite Syria hopping on one leg, rolling on the floor, begging at the US's command, the US is still extremely hostile towards the country. And will probably invade or use Israel as proxy.

January 08, 2006

Harry Potter and the Nonsensical Movie

Let me start this by saying that I enjoyed the previous three Harry Potter movies which were thoroughly cogent and self-contained pieces of celluloid. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is not a standalone movie and the Director fudges up the editing job so badly, half the audience (the people who never read the books) will be sitting in their seats wondering what in the hell is happening.

Spoiler Alert

It certainly doesn't help that the best of the young actors in the film are the Weasley Twins and Cedric… it doesn't help that the former don't get enough screen time whilst the latter sort of dies, probably precluding him from subsequent roles… goddamnit.

So what does the director get wrong?

1) His editing process: My problem with this is probably best summed up in this pic from Maddox's The Best Page in the Universe :

I'm not going to bother going through a scene-by-scene summary but you'll often find yourself lost amid the insane scene-jumping that goes on in the film. Go watch it and you'll see what I mean.

2) Dumbledore: Richard Harris was absolutely perfect for the role of Dumbledore in the first two films. It's a shame that death sort of robbed him of his ability to act, but his replacement, Michael Gambon – one of Britain's best actors – is clearly not well-cast. He has not been able to achieve the same perfect combination of stern headmaster, old mentor, good-humoured, intelligent friend and a sort of mischievous father figure for Harry who has the classic wink wink nudge nudge part of British culture down to a T.

Gambon isn't even able to create the same commanding presence that Harris was able to create. When aiming for Gravitas, he seems to be filled with a murderous rage. When aiming for anger, he randomly descends into an Irish accent. Please, as much as I admire Gambon, find someone to replace him!

3) Harry, Ron and Hermione: ARGH. It seems that their combined acting ability has deteriorated over the course of the four films.

Harry Potter: The actor's idea of adding fear, anger, love, hate, suffering etc. to any scene is just to breathe heavily. For about half the film he appeared to be imitating an asthamatic in desperate need of a ventilator.

Ron Weasley: Faux Cockney Whinger. "Oh 'Arry. I'm not going to turn out gay. But I'm pissed off coz you did something without telling me… and when we get married in the future and I'm in the house doing the washing-up all weekend and you're out drinking with your mates, I'll be the same whiny bitch I am now."

Hermione: Really, really overdoes the Posh Public schoolgirl bit. To the point where I just want to beat her with Harry's broomstick.

And what does the director get right?

1) Cedric and the Weasley twins: as previously mentioned these three are among the only young actors with lines who could actually act. And I'm not just saying that because I used to go to the same school as Rob.

2) Some great adult actors: I don't have to trott out the names but Snape, Draco Malfoy etc. – Keep bringing in those excellent British actors!

3) Some of the special effects are in the right place – I thought the underwater scene was pretty good, as was the dragon chase scene (where continuity allowed).

4) It's set a low bar for The Order of the Phoenix to fly over. (Ouch!)

So in the end, a seriously flawed film, but one which is enjoyable when vaguely contiguous. It was disappointing that I had to go to read the book in order to understand the movie. Probably a lot more enjoyable for fans.

January 02, 2006

Old Net Memories

Writing about web page

Crikey… I just stumbled onto a very, very old website I used to visit back when I first started using the internet.

I'm talking about the days when you had two choices for the net:


I ended up with AOL despite trying Compuserve first. Why? Because when I signed up for compuserve it had, for some reason, failed to accurately record my username and password… D'OH!

We're talking about early '90s here and I was using AOL for years (pretty much until BT started offering broadband) as a result. This is an eon before things like plusnet and an age before even some of the early alternate providers like freeserve. In fact, the first alternate provider I remember was Prodigy.

We're talking about the days when the use of the net would cost you £2.95 an hour + telephone bills (I nearly cried for joy when AOL introduced a monthly service option. I think it was initially around £25 then they reduced it… the phone calls still dug a hole in the pocket though).

What would I use the net for? Chat rooms and Ultima Online… Yes… I was a young geek. What were my AOL usernames?


And which characters did I have in UO?

Taishakutin – GM warrior turned GM mage.
Smeagol – My GM thief.
Al Mahdi – My Mule
Yasha – The Warrior to replace Taish

Can't remember the other characters.

Wow. I can't believe I still recall this stuff. I played on the Europa server, posted on Stratics (but was banned some time in 2002 for constantly arguing with insane right-wing Americans). In fact I think you can still find my posts there from just after 9–11 (oh U Hall OT - the fun we had!). I even wrote fanfic – two pieces weighing in at around 60,000 words in total.

You can tell I was the popular kid at school. I wonder if Imanewbie's still around?

checks the internet

Crikey it's still around… Imanewbie does Britannia ----> Imagine loading those comics up on a 56k modem.


Well, anyway, those were the days. And which site brought back this floodgate of nostalgia?

Thumper's Wavs

Ah me!

Check out the site and downloads "RadAol", "Gilligan", "Zits", "Staitbys" and "HiHo".
All instant classics I think you'll agree. Now let me put two of them in their context (gotta love topical net humour… man oh man I miss those days).


One of my all-time favourite classic internet tracks… Came in response to AOL going down for half a day, many years ago. To the tune of Ace of Base's I Saw the Sign

I put in my password
Unzipped my pants, Stood Left, I fucking freaked,
With nothing connected, no cyber sex for me
America Online, I'm a geek with no life
Have to sleep with my wife
They went offline
It was eighteen hours of pure agony
No kinky websites, to spend my weeknights
They went offline
And my packard-bell computer lost its mind
I'm not gonna pay my fee
Yes I'll probably switch to Prodigy
Switch to Prodigy

Like many a classic, this one is still relevent… It suits perfectly any MMORPGer who's ever experienced some downtime and gone to surf the official forums.

And finally:


This one parodies the old netlife in general, to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song (an ancient American TV Show):

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
About my virtual trip
It started from my IBM
With a simple little click
I tried to surf the internet
But things did not go well
I wound up in a chatroom
With some geeks from cyberhell
(He's trapped in cyberhell)
They won't shut up
I can't escape this AOL Nightmare.
If I signed onto Prodigy
I bet they'd find me there
Those geeks are everywhere
I'm stuck inside the World Wide Web
With Weirdos I don't know
I hit F1
Unplug the Phone
I can't click out
I can't click in
It sits in chat
Oh my God
I'm trapped on the internet!

Pure… legendary… genius.

August 16, 2005

"Jews do not expel Jews.

Variations of this phrase have now become the rallying cry of the settler movement. It is painted on the walls of their illegal buildings, sitting on occupied lied. It is shouted by the illegal settlers themselves at Israeli Soldiers issuing them with eviction notices.

Turn on the TV and switch to CNN or BBC News 24 or Sky News, Fox, Star News – whichever 24-hour news service you please and you will find regular updates on the situation in Gaza at the moment. A plethora of human interest stories about "the end of a dream", how the settlers are being forcefully evicted. You can watch interviews of settlers who complain, without a trace of irony in their voices, about how the Israeli Soldiers refuse to even listen to their arguments but instead mercilessly plough on with their evictions. You can hear Israeli soldiers pleading with the settlers "I don't want to do this, I have a Jewish heart, like yours, but I have to follow orders". You can even see a Rabbi approach an Israeli policeman and say "Turn around and march out of here."

How my heart bleeds!

8,000 illegal settlers, who have held hundreds of thousands (and now 1.3 million) Palestinians hostage since 1967 are finally being removed and the Israeli government (not to mention the settlers who accuse the IDF of being Nazis whilst they themselves go beating Palestinian teenagers) is acting as though this is the greatest act of self-sacrifice since Jesus freely entered Roman Custody.

There are hundreds of thousands of settlers in the queue of those needing to be removed. Well, removed or convinced to remain as naturalised Palestinians under Palestinian authority. The settler problem will have to be resolved. The 1967 borders will have to be reinstated and the Palestinians granted full air, sea and land sovereignty for the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip before any kind of lasting peace can be achieved.

July 07, 2005

Bloody Hell – London attacked

A friend came into my room just now and told me there were several explosions in London, including at Edgeware Road and Russell Sq., tube stations whihc are regularly used by many of my London friends and family. So naturally it was a bit of a scare even for me sitting in Cryfields watching Dirty Harry movies.

Now there are two choices. Londoners and, by extension, the rest of Britain can go the way of America and plop for alarmism, fearing a terroirst attack more than the drug-dealers and pimps next door or the car coming very close to hitting them as they ponder when the next dustbin-bomb is going to go off ooooor they can pick themselves up, brush off and accept that no form of travel is free from risk, neither accidental nor deliberate.

Commuters in Tokyo are more wary of hentai-gropers than they are of sarin gas attacks and I think that is the attitude London should take instead of disappearing down the well of fear. And it's not the first time London has suffered such an outrage – in recent memory there have been bus bombings and restaurant bombings perpetrated by non-Muslims. I guess it's going to be pointless wondering whether or not this bombing was down to Muslims for one reason or another. So as a Muslim I feel disgusted with what's just happened and ashamed of whoever has done it.

On top of that I've never understood the stupidity of some people. Don't fucking shit on your own doorstep. It's bad enough directly attacking non-Muslim civilians, but then you go and bloody target Edgeware Road and Russel Square, teeming with Muslims and non-British students. What the hell are you thinking? If you want to go and attack non-Muslims, there are plenty of justifiable targets in the American military stationed in Iraq or in half of the middle east. Why go and attack one of the best multicultural areas in the world? And why go and make the lives of Muslims in London even more difficult and open to attack.



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