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June 06, 2008

Tube Talk

Travelling on the tube to Arsenal during rush hour is boring at any time of the day, particularly when you've only got notes to keep you company (exams are fun eh?) and you're missing your MP3 player because you don't want it to get stolen by some random while you're focusing on whether you should be writing about the EU's "Democratic Deficit" or Freedom of Establishment (where the hell was my Art. 234 essay you gits?).

Anyhow, some real peaches so far have included:

Two young American girls board the train and start doing their teen talk thing. My ears perk up when they talk about the case of the transsexual who bears a child

Yank 1: Oh did you know like a man gave birth to a baby?

 Yank 2: Oh really?

 Yank 1: Yah, he's having a baby! I don't know how it's biologically possible but he is.

Yank 2: That's impossible.

Yank 1: No seriously! Maybe he grew a womb.

 I couldn't help chuckling, but kept silent (the transsexual was/is a female-to-male. They hadn't performed a hysterectomy). And then there was:

British Guy: I don't know why they don't install air conditioning on the underground! There's no reason why they couldn't.  

Yes, except that installing aircon on every train that serves the tube would be prohibitively expensive, not to mention quite environmentally unfriendly. There are reasons why the underground is hot and and smelly and it's probably going to stay that way :'(.




January 31, 2008

Fun With Law I

English law is not as dry as it appears. Every so often you'll run into a case like this:

Parrott v Park [2007] EWHC 210

 A contributed £73,000 (55%) of the purchase price of the yacht "UP YAWS", which was then registered in B's sole name. There was no evidence of an intended gift.  
 Can you imagine having to sue someone to claim your share of a yacht called "UP YAWS"?

January 10, 2007


Just downloaded a BBC documentary called Building the Great Pyramid and settled down to watch it. Started off like any other documentary. Just  as the introduction got underway we are suddenly treated to the main theme of The Pirates of the Caribbean with some minor alterations in key.

 I wasn't sure whether this was the BBC just being lazy and blatently stealing music from films or they'd paid the fee to use the theme (I understand that the BBC has a library of music it's paid for either on the basis of individual pieces or with deals with various corporations to use their library). Anyone know for sure whether the Beeb's being dirty-handed or legitimately using a resource?

December 27, 2006

No Car Bombs Please…

While crossing a road on the 24th of December I came across this sign:

No Car Bombs Please

First thought was “No car bombs please.”

Couple of other suggestions were “Crashing into this signpost is forbidden!” and “Do not crash your car!”.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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