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November 23, 2006

Prison Break's 'Surprise Twists'


It’s gone from Prison Break to Treasure Hunt / Fugitive . I can appreciate that. It’s still enjoyable. Though killing off the lawyer in the first episode was a bit of a bitch, OK you’ve proved you can kill off a central character without worrying about the audience. I like that. Keeps us on our toes. But there’s a fine line between that and just hacking away at a script wondering which character you can kill this episode. It’s exciting when it fits into the script. It’s cringeworthy to the extreme when it feels artificial and is clearly just a convenient plot-device.

So imagine my “surprise” when I watch Prison Break 2×12. Here’s how it essentially played out:









That’s pretty much exactly how it happens… And I think they’ve managed to kill of a character every other episode, and since they’ve flooded the drama with more characters than Lost, they can promise at least one death every episode. Yawns

It’s taking on the X-Men III theory of celluloid development: The number of deaths in a film/series is proportional to its sequential number. It’s absolute bollocks. To keep a good series interesting, writers shouldn’t shoot it in the head and hope that the body will be able to fill in the rest. It just doesn’t work. Now Desperate Housewives is a great example of how good script-writing and good acting can keep an aging series with a more-than-slightly ridiculous plot highly-entertaining and witty. Here are some examples of dialogue from the most recent episode (3×09):

(The hired help has just discovered Susan in the bed of her latest lover, who’s in the shower)

Rupert: I am Rupert. I work for Mr. Hainesworth…. That would be the man you slept with, in case names weren’t exchanged.

Susan: Oh no, I’m your boss’s girlfriend… he must have mentioned me.

Rupert: Mmmm not that I recollect.

Mr. H pops out of shower, gets robe for Susan.

Rupert: Would you care for some breakfast? Omlette? Strawberry tart? Brioche?

Susan: Um yeah, yeah, that sounds great. You pick. giggles

Rupert: You are aware there is a Mrs. Hainesworth?

Susan: Well of course!

Rupert: Tart it is.

Later in the episode:
(Lynette’s at the Police station reporting a neighbour of hers, who saved her life, to the police, because he’s a rampant paedophile. Unfortunately she discovered this only because she was trespassing on his property. Oooht he moral dilemmas! PS Tom is by far and away the best actor in the series ;) )

Lynette: The door was open…I was bringing him a cake.

Police Officer: A cake?

Lynette: It was a thank-you cake… He sort of saved my life.

Tom: She didn’t know he was a paedophile when she baked the actual cake.


In the words of that skeezy Gonzo director with a moustache:

Now THAT’S a fuckin’ plot!


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