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January 10, 2007

The Chinese SS ?

Came across this little sign when I was walking home from my friend's house an hour or two ago:


Chinese SS sign


The Chinese characters read  中国名牌 which more-or-less means "China Brand" and I guess the logo in the middle represents that brand... but it looks remarkably like the old Nazi SS insignia. 

December 31, 2006

Happy New Year !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Well folks, it’s already been new year in China for seven and a half hours. Celebrated it with a little party in my residence followed by a walk in the freezing cold. My roommate decided to come back about 11.30pm, having drunk God-knows how much of his Korean alcohol, taken off his trousers and flopped into his bed. So the countdown came, New Year arrived to the sound of a few dozen people of several nationalities all cheering ”三 二 一。。。新年快乐!” (San, Er, Yi… Xin Nian Kuai Le! – 3 – 2 – 1 Happy New Year!) Good fun.

The temperature at night these days has been around -6-11 degrees, sometimes colder depending on the wind strength. So I walked out in my thick, heavy jacket and started making the phone calls and writing text messages and also just appreciating the beauty of the campus. It’s as scenic as Warwick but is now decked out in snow. And watching groups of people pass, rambling in Chinese, wishing one another a Happy New Year – it was all very surreal. Gorgeous.

So while I was walking, I got to thinking about when I was younger and spending a couple of New Year Eves up in Scotland with the family. I’ve never been terribly attached to my Scottish half for one reason or another but I always used to love the Scottish New Year celebrations. It didn’t have that sort of commercial, artificial feeling to New Year I’ve always found in London. The celebrations always seemed so much more genuine.

And so we get onto Auld Lang Syne, written (or gathered!) by the Pride of Scotland™ Rabbie Burns and adopted as a New Year Hymn by most English speakers and various others (I think South Korea even had it as its National Anthem at one point, with Korean words of course). It is, of course, a beautiful tune, full of a hopeful and happy nostalgia (yes I am aware of the etymology all you classicists!). And here’s the key part for me:

And ther’s a hand, my trusty friend,
And gie’s a hand o’ thine
We’ll tak’ a right good willie-waught,,
For auld lang syne.

So Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping that this year turns out better for you all than last, انشاءالله

December 27, 2006

No Car Bombs Please…

While crossing a road on the 24th of December I came across this sign:

No Car Bombs Please

First thought was “No car bombs please.”

Couple of other suggestions were “Crashing into this signpost is forbidden!” and “Do not crash your car!”.

Anyone else have any ideas?

December 18, 2006

Ugliest Car Ever?

I think so… I was going to say something more but I think the picture says it all:

Ugly Car

December 03, 2006

Chinese Queues

You’ll have to forgive the terrible and rather obscure historical pun in the title, but this is one thing I can’t get used to in China and it’s irking me more and more as time goes by.

Without wanting to be too much of an Orientalist… Chinese people (well at least those in Beijing) just don’t queue very well. I hate it. I love China but I hate the lack of queues. I can’t think of anything that has pissed me off more here than watching fairly well-off and educated people crowding literally a milimetre in front of an elevator door without bothering to leave any room for folks who might want to get off. Then when the doors do open and people are trying to get off, they swarm in and it becomes a tussle to get out of the fricking elevator. And, naturally, this leads to stupid situations where you have a fairly full elevator where the person who’s getting out on floor three is at the back of the elevator because he/she rushed in first, while the person getting out on floor nineteen is practically up against the door because he has a modicum of politeness.

It goes for queues in shops without a ridgid till system. I was at McDonald’s for the first time in China the other day on a Friday night (we’re talking about 12.30 am here) and trying to form an orderly queue was nearly impossible. People would come in, waltz up to the front of the queue and begin edging their way in until they got to give their order. It also happens in any local shops you might go to. It drives me insane.

So I’m loving China. Not loving the lack of queues at the moment (and for some reason women seem to be the worst culprits). Next-up – I’ll be whinging about a 30:1 shop-assistant-to-customer ratio in various Chinese malls.

December 01, 2006

Chinese Music of the Week

1) 爱相随 – Ai Xiang Sui – “Love Follows Us” – This song is by 周华健 (Zhou HuaJian – Emil Chau Wakin It’s quite a nice song though, like many of his other songs, it’s very much a pop song. But, like many of his other songs, it’s also a good song.

You can download this song from Here

2) 味道 – Wei Dao – (Your) Scent – By 辛晓琪 (Xin XiaoQi). I like this song. It’s quite soft and sorrowful and at the same time shows quite a passion in the lyrics:

XiangNian Ni De Xiao – I yearn for your laughter.
XiangNian Ni de WaiHao – I yearn for your coat.
XiangNian Ni De BaiSe WaZi – I yearn for your white socks.
He Ni ShenShang De WeiDao – And your body’s scent.

Quite moving although seemingly ridiculous.

You can download the song here

March 04, 2006

China's Military Spending LEAPS 14%!

Writing about web page

I'm guessing you're probably calm at the moment. You're drinking tea. Downloading the latest episode of the UK Aprrentice. You're eating dinner. But while you're sitting there feeling safe and happy… the Chinese have increased their military spending.

It's time to panic.

Wait… they've increased by 14% to about 20bn GBP (thanks Max x 2)? Or roughly what the UK spends each year.

Wait… they've a population of about 1.4 billion people in comparison to the UK's 60,000,000?


The Evil Empire is at it again eh!


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