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August 16, 2005

"Jews do not expel Jews.

Variations of this phrase have now become the rallying cry of the settler movement. It is painted on the walls of their illegal buildings, sitting on occupied lied. It is shouted by the illegal settlers themselves at Israeli Soldiers issuing them with eviction notices.

Turn on the TV and switch to CNN or BBC News 24 or Sky News, Fox, Star News – whichever 24-hour news service you please and you will find regular updates on the situation in Gaza at the moment. A plethora of human interest stories about "the end of a dream", how the settlers are being forcefully evicted. You can watch interviews of settlers who complain, without a trace of irony in their voices, about how the Israeli Soldiers refuse to even listen to their arguments but instead mercilessly plough on with their evictions. You can hear Israeli soldiers pleading with the settlers "I don't want to do this, I have a Jewish heart, like yours, but I have to follow orders". You can even see a Rabbi approach an Israeli policeman and say "Turn around and march out of here."

How my heart bleeds!

8,000 illegal settlers, who have held hundreds of thousands (and now 1.3 million) Palestinians hostage since 1967 are finally being removed and the Israeli government (not to mention the settlers who accuse the IDF of being Nazis whilst they themselves go beating Palestinian teenagers) is acting as though this is the greatest act of self-sacrifice since Jesus freely entered Roman Custody.

There are hundreds of thousands of settlers in the queue of those needing to be removed. Well, removed or convinced to remain as naturalised Palestinians under Palestinian authority. The settler problem will have to be resolved. The 1967 borders will have to be reinstated and the Palestinians granted full air, sea and land sovereignty for the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip before any kind of lasting peace can be achieved.


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