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July 07, 2005

Bloody Hell – London attacked

A friend came into my room just now and told me there were several explosions in London, including at Edgeware Road and Russell Sq., tube stations whihc are regularly used by many of my London friends and family. So naturally it was a bit of a scare even for me sitting in Cryfields watching Dirty Harry movies.

Now there are two choices. Londoners and, by extension, the rest of Britain can go the way of America and plop for alarmism, fearing a terroirst attack more than the drug-dealers and pimps next door or the car coming very close to hitting them as they ponder when the next dustbin-bomb is going to go off ooooor they can pick themselves up, brush off and accept that no form of travel is free from risk, neither accidental nor deliberate.

Commuters in Tokyo are more wary of hentai-gropers than they are of sarin gas attacks and I think that is the attitude London should take instead of disappearing down the well of fear. And it's not the first time London has suffered such an outrage – in recent memory there have been bus bombings and restaurant bombings perpetrated by non-Muslims. I guess it's going to be pointless wondering whether or not this bombing was down to Muslims for one reason or another. So as a Muslim I feel disgusted with what's just happened and ashamed of whoever has done it.

On top of that I've never understood the stupidity of some people. Don't fucking shit on your own doorstep. It's bad enough directly attacking non-Muslim civilians, but then you go and bloody target Edgeware Road and Russel Square, teeming with Muslims and non-British students. What the hell are you thinking? If you want to go and attack non-Muslims, there are plenty of justifiable targets in the American military stationed in Iraq or in half of the middle east. Why go and attack one of the best multicultural areas in the world? And why go and make the lives of Muslims in London even more difficult and open to attack.



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