January 02, 2008

Tryl the shill.

Writing about web page http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article2951490.ece

You're all probably aware of the recent controversy over the Oxford Union inviting Nick Griffin (renowned racist) and David Irving (convicted Holocaust-denier) to come speak at the venerable institution. You are probably also aware of the attention-seeking President of that society, Luke Tryl, who has been waffling on and on about free speech and loathing what they say but it being necessary to hear it and all that tripe.

Tripe? Yes, when it's coming from his hypocritical mouth or hands. 

Why hypocritical? The man is defending the invitation of two of the most disgusting men in the country, and giving them a platform to publicise their hate. In the ensuing (expected) media furore and protests, they've garnered even more publicity. Luke is revelling in it. Does he give a damn about free speech?

Let's see what Luke Tryl had to say when he was disinviting Norman Finkelstein (author of The Holocaust Industry), the Jewish son of concentration camp survivors.

From: Luke.Tryl[at]magd.ox.ac.uk
To: normangf[at]hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Debate
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 20:38:31 +0100

Dear Dr Finkelstein,

I hope that you are well, I'm so sorry for the confusion about the debate. There was an organisational difficulty at my end and my secretary hadn't seen your emails.

I would appreciate it if you could keep this bit between you and I. Many people expressed concern that the debate as it stood was imbalanced and people felt that as someone who had apparently expressed anti-zionist sentiments that you might not be appropriate for this debate. I tried to convince them otherwise but was accused of putting forward an imbalanced debate and various groups put pressure on me. I received numerous emails attacking the debate and Alan Dershowitz threatened to write an Oped attacking the Union. What is more he apparently attacked me personally in a televised lecture to Yale.

I hope that you understand my position, this is not ideal and I would be happy to welcome you as an individual speaker to the Union in a forthcoming term. I know that the President-Elect Emily Partington would be keen to host you in Hilary. I just did not want to see the debate compromised and given the Irving Griffin Controversy I couldn't fight a battle on all fronts.

Best wishes



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  1. The words ‘moral cowardice’ spring to mind.

    02 Jan 2008, 23:42

  2. He’s readying himself for a career in politics?

    03 Jan 2008, 13:50

  3. What’s with everyone being called Luke? :P

    ‘Moral cowardice’ perfectly describes it and the way he’s using the media to his advantage is probably going to be helpful if he ever embarks on a political career with the Conservatives.

    03 Jan 2008, 14:18

  4. What’s with everyone being called Luke? :P

    We’re gradually taking over the world. ;)

    03 Jan 2008, 19:16

  5. I’ve worked with this particular member of the worldwide Luke conspiracy. I have to say, he’s not as good as his predecessor, but for god’s sake – the guy’s a student whose name was a teatime name for a few weeks, not the proprietor of a national newspaper. If half the BBC and print media hadn’t gone to the Union debates as students, nobody would notice. Tryl exists in an atmosphere of melodrama and self-importance, but at the heart of it, he’s trying to put arses on seats for his events. The Union always runs controversial motions, even when rented by others (like the Doha Debates) and I’d love to hear any suggestions for somebody more qualified and suited to propose this motion. Ultimately, the various Jewish/Israeli societies at Oxford went mad when they saw the debate was gonna be Racists vs Anti-Zionist Jew, y’see? He disinvites the guy because with him there it looks like he’s pushing anti-Israel by selective use of speakers and people go mad.

    16 Jan 2008, 14:12

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