March 07, 2007

Poor Taste?

How many Russian journalists does it take to change a light bulb?

Nobody knows... Lightbulbs last longer than Journalists in Russia.  

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  1. Not funny.

    08 Mar 2007, 00:03

  2. anon

    in russia, lightbulbs change journalists

    08 Mar 2007, 00:10

  3. I’m deeply sorry for having offended your sensibilities Chris. Please feel free to write an angry letter to the Telegraph

    08 Mar 2007, 00:13

  4. That’s sick; I’ll have to remember that one to go with my collection of tasteless jokes about Ronald Reagan and Princess Diana. ;)

    08 Mar 2007, 02:58

  5. Hahaha Luke….. I must admit I’ve not heard any of the Reagan jokes… at the time of his death I was frequenting mostly-American parts of the interweb and if you so much as suggested that he wasn’t the second coming of Christ you’d find yourself on the receiving end of all sorts of ire and bans.

    Have any to hand? ;)

    08 Mar 2007, 14:52

  6. The best one is probably: what’s the shortest book in the world? My Memories of Office by Ronald Reagan.

    08 Mar 2007, 15:25

  7. Ha, I liked that original joke.

    08 Mar 2007, 17:48

  8. Told to me by my colleague Anthony..

    How many members of U2 does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Just Bono. He holds the lightbulb and the world revolves around him.

    09 Mar 2007, 12:50

  9. Shirl

    Places where…
    ...”the spectre of Vietnam has been buried at last” (Bush):

    The White House
    The Sun
    Margaret Thatcher’s head

    Places where the spectre of Vietnam lives


    10 Mar 2007, 15:11

  10. Nick Howes

    In soviet Russia, lightbulb changes YOU!!

    13 Mar 2007, 21:37

  11. If you’re a journo these days the lightbulb might explode you :P

    13 Mar 2007, 22:02

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