January 03, 2007

660 Palestinians killed in 2006

Writing about web page http://www.btselem.org/english/Press_Releases/20061228.asp

On 28/12/2006 B’tselem published a press release tallying the number of people killed in the I/P conflict during 2006. The total figure was 683 of whom 660 were Palestinians. Of the 660 Palestinians, 141 were minors. 23 Israelis, including one minor, were killed in the same period of time.

I wonder how the Hasbarah-spouters will be spinning the fact that the Israelis killed 141 Palestinian minors, whereas one Israeli minor was killed. 141:1 doesn’t make for good propaganda.

Some suggestions include:

*Palestinians picked up their children and threw them underneath tank tracks.
*Palestinians killed their own children, then pretended Israel did it.
*Palestinians duct-taped children to themselves then charged checkpoints.

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  1. Gareth Herbert

    The percentage of civilian deaths on the Israeli side is still far higher than on the Palestinian side. As for the reason why less Israelis are getting killed these days, I would say there are two main reasons: A) That Qassam rockets are utterly inaccurate to the point that militants would do well to hit a barn door from 20 paces. B) A massive wall.

    05 Jan 2007, 06:50

  2. Gareth, the percentage matters little when there are just over a dozen Israeli civilian deaths whilst there are at least 300 Palestinian civilian deaths.

    It’s interesting that you point out the proportion of civilian:military but haven’t put out the proportion of child:adult.

    Nearly a quarter of Palestinian deaths were minors. 1/26 Israelis killed was a minor. What does that tell you? ;)

    Qassam rockets are utterly inaccurate. And also nearly utterly useless. In fact I think that 8 Israelis died as a result of Qassam rocket usage last year (I could be wrong). Which makes using them as an excuse for the murder of at least 300 Palestinian civilians tragic.

    As for the massive wall… the majority of Qassam rocket usage has been from the Gaza strip. Which has been walled off for years already. If Israel thinks the massive wall would be/has been effective, then she is more than welcome to build it on her own land and not on occupied territory where it will eventually have to be removed if Israel does want peace at some point.

    05 Jan 2007, 15:35

  3. “I would say there are two main reasons: A) That Qassam rockets are utterly inaccurate to the point that militants would do well to hit a barn door from 20 paces. B) A massive wall.” – you’ve managed to completely ignore the ceasfire that Hamas stuck to for months.

    07 Jan 2007, 23:49

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