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August 24, 2007

Having troubles playing Bioshock?

bioshock.jpgLike many other users today and for the last couple of days in the US, I had a problem playing Bioshock (preloaded by Steam). I'd launch the .exe file to be faced with a black screen and then have to force close it. After ploughing through some internet sites, I found a solution that works for me.

If you're using Steam:

  • Right click on Bioshock under the "My Games" tab.
  • Select Properties. 
  • Under the General tab, select the "Set Launch Options..." button.
  • Type -dx9 in the space available. 
  • Try launching Bioshock again.

There are quite a few potential explanations for the problem, mostly centring around sloppy coding when it came to Vista and handling the Visual C++ or Direct X 10 stuff. The solution above lets you use Direct X 9 and it seemed to work for me. I'm going to try reinstalling Direct X 10 a bit later on. Other users seem to have had some success on Vista with rightclicking on the bioshock shortcut file and running as an Administrator. It's also worth a try.

It's a great game once you can start playing it. Click on the picture above to enlarge the thumbnail.


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