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January 15, 2007

Desperate Housewives and Condom Use

Just finished watching Desperate Housewives 2x13. The entire episode seems to be an advert for using various forms of birth control. However one niggling problem is cropping up:

The girl keeps saying that condoms are 85% effective. Which is total bollocks. Condoms effectively reduce the transmission of HIV by about 85%. Condoms are only  85% effective when not properly used but 98% effective when properly used. Bearing in mind that they've made condoms as foolproof as possible the vast majority of that 15% of "typical-use" folk are complete smacktards. 

 This is worrying because it's difficult-enough to encourage condom-use in men these days. If you're going around giving them the impression that it's "only" 85% effective then the typical reaction might be "Oh well if they're not so effective then I may as well rely on her using the pill!". 

Silly buggers. 

 Now remember boys, if you're going to be having premarital sex (and therefore put yourself on a highway to hell) at least don't burden me and other responsible folk with the costs of your unwanted seed and/or STDs.  And girls... remember - no glove, no love... if Santa's got a present, tell him to make sure to wrap it etc. etc. 

Rome : Season 2

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Well the HBO TV Series Rome has kicked off again and it begins directly from when the last series ended. Julius Caesar's body still lies bloody on the senate floor. The several different plot threads begin to retwine.

I think much of the first episode was shot concurrently with parts of the first series.  The luxuriant sets are still aplenty. I guess it's silly to talk about plots when it comes to a drama set in Ancient Rome and at least loosely based on a series of events that have been covered in more dramas, movies, books etc than I care to remember, suffice it to say we see the reading of Caesar's will and the beginnings of tension between Octavian and Marc Antony. Verinus and Pullo aren't forgotten but I don't care so much about their plots to be honest. The Historical action is far more interesting than some Eastenders drama. 


There are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Julius Ceasar's old slave Posca is still the best actor in the show  Posca
  • Brutus still looks like a leukemia patient. 
  • Pompey's son still looks like my old English Lit. Teacher Mr. Marshall

It was a good episode and I think we're all going to enjoy the upcoming political intrigue but it'll be interesting if they try to squeeze all the events between the death of Caesar and the reign of Augustus in the next 12 episodes or so. Perhaps they'll start to set us up for a season three based on the lives of the Twelve Caesars in the vein of I, Claudius ?



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