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January 06, 2006

The Second He–Man Movie

Look… there were three cartoons which essentially made up my early childhood:

1) He-Man
2) Thundercats
3) Transformers

(coughs No mention of She-ra and My Little Pony Hamid?)

Now what characterised these three cartoons?

1) Great (yet not quite smoothe) animation.
2) Brilliant theme songs.
3) (Mostly) fantastic stories with those great little "and today's lesson kids, is" moral that seemed to die out with Captain Planet.

A winning combination and there were other notables like Teenage Mutant Ninja (Not in the UK they weren't ;)) Turtles, Centurions and Visionaries.


So I loved Cartoons as a kid and I could still sit down all day watching Thundercats Schnarf, Schnarf

So now I hear John Woo's picking up the reigns for the Second He-Man movie.

I have no doubt he's going to do better than the previous effort (2xWTF + (Tom Paris x Courtney Cox)) but I can't help that feel there's going to be:

1) Doves.
2) Zhou YunFa (Chow Yun-Fat)
3) Some crazy face-off scene (He-Man and Skeletor holding swords at each other?)

If he does something crazy like set it in the future, or cast Tom Cruise as He-Man I am going to go spare. It'll be difficult to cast but he HAS to get Tom Selleck to be Man At Arms.

And come on – the intro scene's gotta replicate the original cartoon right down to the plinking of the Filmation logo:

cue great music
I am Adam Prince of Eternia, Defender of the Secrets of Castle Greyskull,
This is Cringer, my faithful friend,
Fabulous Secret Powers were revealed to me, the day I held aloft my magic sword and said


Kick…. Ass…

PS I wonder if it'll be called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe…. the title always seemed a bit blasphemous to me ;).

What happens Post–Sharon?

It's clear he's going to die in the next few days (barring an Act of God(tm)) so what happens when he's finally put in the ground?

I'm not thinking of the ramifications of his death upon Israeli politics as such – Israeli politics has essentially remained unchanged since 1967 – but what happens during and after his funeral.

He's currently the Israeli PM and he'll probably die as the Israeil PM which will probably lead to fanfare a State Funeral.

Now, a lot of people will be unfamiliar with this guy's history. Many people in the UK and elsewhere see him today as "The guy who desired peace so much that he made the decision to remove a few thousand illegal settlers from the Ghaza strip" rather than the man responsible for Sabra and Shatilla, the invasion of Lebanon (and the subsequent bombing – including the use of phosporous shells – and shelling of Beirut, resulting in the deaths of at least 20,000 Lebanese/Palestinian civilians). The man who was the driving force behind the settler movement in nearly all his ministerial posts (resulting in the 300,000 Israeli settlers currently defiling international law and expanding in the West Bank and let's not forget those extra in Jerusalem). The man who was responsible for "Operation Defensive Shield", or the "Operation to Destroy all Palestinian Infrastructure".

This man, an ethnocidal/genocidal criminal (and, according to the UN definition of Genocide, he, and all other Israeli political leaders since 1948 have been Genocidal) will be given full state honours and buried with much applause within Israel, rubbing into the collective face of the Palestinians 60 years of repression, executions, torture, expulsion, imprisonment and destruction.

The Second Intifada was launched as a result of him visiting an Islamic and Jewish holy site (surrounding by thousands of soldiers and police). Imagine this criminal being treated as a hero.

Alternatively, there may simply be much furious celebration not seen in the area since the trial of Eichmann.


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